Modern Hindu Baby Boy Names Starting With Dha

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Baby Boy Names Starting With Dha

The baby’s arrival is a turning point in the life of any parent. The whole life changes and they are excited , elated and want to celebrate every single event. Naming the baby is a very significant aspect in Hindu Mythology and there are different traditions followed  in different parts of the country. While some  decide on names following the meanings, others base the naming on the time and day of birth and the letter given by the purohits.

Naming on the basis of  auspicious letters given by the priests and purohits is also considered sacred. Parents are always in search of a name that is unique and has a strong meaning for it to reflect on the baby’s personality. In this Article, we are going to look for baby boy names starting with dha, the dha name list for boys.

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120 Hindu Baby Boy Names Starting With Dha

Here is a list of names starting with dha for baby boy with respective meanings making it easier for parents to understand and decide. The comprehensive list will cover names that can be cute, popular, easy to pronounce, modern, with a religious bent and modern as well.

SL No Name Meaning
1 Dhanam It denotes wealth and money
2 Dhayansh It refers to attention
3 Dhaaniesh It means the Lord of Wealth
4 Dhaanveer It means the one who has won wealth
5 Dhairyash It means success and patience
6 Dhananjay It is another name for Lord Vishnu
7 Dhanapati Lord of Wealth
8 Dhanaraja King of Wealth
9 Dhanarjan It refers to money Earner
10 Dhanayush The one with a Rich Life
11 Dhanendra It refers to the wealthy and rich
12 Dhanan It means wealthy
13 Dhaneswar It refers to the king of wealth
14 Dharaansh It means the talented one
15 Dharamvir One who gets victory on religion
16 Dharanesh It refers to God of earth
17 Dharanija One who is born of earth
18 Dharapati It refers to the king of earth
19 Dharitree It refers to the earth
20 Dharnipal It means the one who rules
21 Dharshana- It means the religious one
22 Dhavaneet It denotes Lord Shiva and also the white colour
23 Dhanik It means virtuous and excellent
24 Dhadheechi It refers to a sage
25 Dhanin It means wealthy and rich
26 Dhanit It means richness and wealth
27 Dhanna It refers to Lord Kubera
28 Dhannu It refers to sun
29 Dhanuj It means the awesome one
30 Dhanur It means the bow
31 Dhanva It means the wealthy one
32 Dhanwi It refers to the warrior
33 Dhanya It means the blessed one
34 Dharak It is the one who holds
35 Dharam It refers to the righteous and religious person
36 Dharan It means preserving and sustaining
37 Dharen It means bearing
38 Dharya It means waiting; Patient
39 Dhatri It refers to  the son of Lord Vishnu
40 Dhavak It refers to the runner
41 Dhaval It means the fair Complexioned one
42 Dhavan It means the sound
43 Dhavit It means the white
44 Dhawal_ It means white
45 Dhawan It denotes Lord Shiva
46 Dhaya_ It means the intellectual one
47 Dhaibat It refers to the melody
48 Dhairya It refers to patience and courage
49 Dhaivat It means the sound of Alankar Sa Re Ga Ma
50 Dhaivik It means good strength
51 Dhamesh It denotes the lord of religion
52 Dhamyan It means abode
53 Dhanaji It means rich
54 Dhanesh It denotes lord of wealth
55 Dhanikh It refers to the rich one
56 Dhanish It refers to God
57 Dhanith It refers to kindness
58 Dhanjay It refers to the Son of Kunti
59 Dhanjit It means the winner of Wealth
60 Dhanmay It denotes one who is full of Wealth
61 Dhansuk It refers to the wealthy and rich
62 Dhanush It denotes the arrow and bow
63 Dhanvik It refers to a king and prince
64 Dhanvin It refers to Lord Shiva
65 Dhanvir It means richness
66 Dhanvit It means the king of money
67 Dhanwin It is the name of Lord Shiva
68 Dharaja It is the name of Lord Shiva
69 Dharama It refers to religion
70 Dharash It means gold
71 Dharesh It refers to a king
72 Dharish It refers to the king of charity
73 Dharmil It refers to the one who believes in God
74 Dharmit It refers to a friend
75 Dharuch It means the patient one
76 Dharuna It refers to a rishi
77 Dharvik It means confident and intelligent
78 Dharvin It refers to the smart one
79 Dhatrim It refers to the son of Earth
80 Dhavita It means the purified one
81 Dhaanish It refers to the lord of Wealth
82 Dhairayt It signifies patience
83 Dhairyan It denotes courage and patience
84 Dhakshan Is another name for Lord Ganesha/Murugan/Krishna
85 Dhamavat It denotes the strong one
86 Dhanajit It signifies wealth
87 Dhananad It means the one who has the pleasure of having wealth
88 Dhanaraj Is the one who wins wealth
89 Dhanasth It denotes the rich one
90 Dhaneesh It refers to a good little boy
91 Dhanesha It signifies the lord of Wealth
92 Dhaksh It means alert
93 Dhaniesh It means full of wealth
94 Dhaniram Is the one who is deeply religious
95 Dhanpati It signifies the lord of wealth
96 Dhanshri It means the rich one
97 Dhanshuk It means full of wealth
98 Dharansh It refers to a part of earth
99 Dharmaja It means the son of Dharma
100 Dharmang It means the hero
101 Dharmesa It refers to the lord of dharma
102 Dharmvir It means the defender
103 Dhaman It denotes ray and glory
104 Dharnesh It denotes the earth
105 Dharnish It refers to the earth
106 Dharshan It signifies the vision and the look
107 Dharshik It denotes Lord Ganesha
108 Dharvesh It means the satisfied one
109 Dhashith It denotes Lord Shiva
110 Dhatrish It refers to the lord of the Earth
111 Dhavlesh It is another name for Lord Siva
112 Dhavneet It is another name for Lord Shiva
113 Dhayalan It means generous and the spontaneous one
114 Dham It refers to the name of moon
115 Dhamu It refers to Lord Krishna
116 Dhann It denotes the blessed One
117 Dhanu It refers to the man of wealth
118 Dhar It denotes earth
119 Dharv It denotes a blessing
120 Dhaya It denotes kindness and compassion

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Top Hindi Baby Boy Names Starting With Dha

If you belong to a Hindi speaking family and are looking for baby boy names starting with Dha in Hindi, we have the list for you. There are many names to choose from, with each name having its own meaning. Whether you choose to name your boy after a God or are looking for something unique and special, our list has options for every type.

SL No Name Meaning
1 Dhaaran Keeping or protecting
2 Dhaavak It means the swift one
3 Dhaavit Cleaned, Purified
4 Dhadhichi Well known sage
5 Dhaerye Patience, Patient, Courage
6 Dhairya Patience
7 Dhairyashil Statue of courage and patience
8 Dhairyya Patience and courage
9 Dhanaji Rich
10 Dhanajit Wealth
11 Dhananad The pleasure of having a wealth
12 Dhananjay One who wins wealth
13 Dhanapati Lord of wealth
14 Dhanarjan Money earner
15 Dhaneesh Lord of wealth, Star or name of a Nakshatra, Good little boy
16 Dhanish Lord of wealth, Star or name of a Nakshatra, Good little boy
17 Dhanisth Dhanvan
18 Dhanshree It refers to Goddess Lakshmi, and also the name of a raag
19 Dhansith Wealth
20 Dhansukh Wealthy, Happy
21 Dhanu Name of a Hindu Rashi Sagittarius
22 Dhanunjay One of the Names of Arjuna
23 Dhanvine Lord Shiva, A name of Lord Rama
24 Dharmaketu Who upholds the right way
25 Dharmakirti Fame of religion
26 Dharun Supporting, Another name for Brahma, Upholding
27 Dharv Satisfaction
28 Dharvesh Lord of truth, Holy Man
29 Dharvik King
30 Dhaval Fair complexioned, Pure, Dazzling, White, Handsome
31 Dhavalachandra White Moon

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Telugu Baby Boy Names Starting With Dha

cute baby boy

For the benefit of Telugu speaking people, we have a comprehensive list of baby boy names starting with Dha in Telugu. Our list covers are sorts of names ranging from the names of Gods, to various virtues that can make your boy imbibe the best qualities as he grows up.

SL No Name Meaning
1 Dhanaraj It means wealthy
2 Dhaaniwick It refers to wealth
3 Dhviyan It means the prince of peace
4 Dhasharath The father of Lord Rama
5 Dhama It refers to a ray
6 Dhana It refers to money
7 Dhanu It signifies a man of wealth
8 Dhaya It refers to kindness and compassion
9 Dheer It means gentle and calm
10 Dhiya It means splendour and light
11 Dhyey It refers to a goal
12 Dhanan It refers to the wealthy one
13 Dhanik It means excellent and virtuous
14 Dhannu It means like the sun
15 Dhanuj It refers to awesome
16 Dhanya It means blessed
17 Dharan It means preserving and sustaining
18 Dharsh It refers to Lord Krishna
19 Dharun It denotes God
20 Dharmi It means the religious one

Thus, it can be seen that there is a plethora of names that can be kept with Dha and most of them have very beautiful meanings and even signify a god or two. Names are significant for the baby as it affects the personality and also helps to shape the character so the parents should do a thorough research and then keep it.

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