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50 Exclusive Baby Names For Twin Boys

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“Two cute little faces, with matching grins. Nothing could be any sweeter than twins” There is nothing to match the joy of the wonderful news of your pregnancy. Just imagine how this joy gets doubled when you happen to know you are expecting twins. Once your doctor tells you the gender of your twins, you can start buying everything in doubles, which is quite exciting and enjoyable too. One big job that now awaits you is choosing twin baby names for your precious darlings. If you discover you are having twin boys, go through the below mentioned 50 Exclusive Baby Names For Twin Boys
Since twins will surely have a lot of similarities in not only in nature and looks, finding names that sound similar or even mean the same are quite a good option for your boys. You can also find baby names for twin girls here.
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50 Exclusive Baby Names For Twin Boys

  1. Harsh and Sparsh: Lovely similar sounding Indian baby boy names. Harsh means “happiness” while Sparsh means “touch”. The boy will surely add a happy touch to your life
  2. Vishant and Nishant: Vishant is another name for the Hindu God “Vishnu” while Nishant means “dawn”
  3. Isaac and Isaiah: This pair of name is among the most popular names of last year. Isaiah means “Lord is generous” and Isaac means “Laughter”. Both these names are of Hebrew origin
  4. Vimal and Kamal: While Vimal means “pure” Kamal has the meaning “lotus”
  5. Michael and Mathew: An all-time favorite pair of names for your twin princes. Mathew means “Gift of God” and Michael means “who is like God”
  6. Ahil and Rahil: Ahil has the meaning “guide” while Rahil means “traveler”
  7. Abhinav and Manav: While Abhinav has the meaning “novel”, Manav means “man”
  8. Chetan and Ketan: The first name means “life” while the second one means “home”
  9. Sushant and Prashant: Sushant has the meaning “quiet” while Prashant means “calm”
  10. Nathaniel and Daniel: Daniel means “God is my judge” and Nathaniel has the meaning “gift of God”
  11. Jasper and Casper: The former name means “keeper of treasure” while the latter means “treasurer”
  12. O thello and Carmello:
    Othello has the meaning “prosperous” while Carmello means “fruitful orchard”
  13. Barrett and Jarrett: Jarrett means “spear strong” and Barrett has the meaning “brave as a bear”
  14. Ian and Ryan: Ian has the meaning “gift from God” and Ryan has the meaning “Little King”
  15. Julian and Aaron: The first name means “youthful” and Aaron has the meaning “exalted”
  16. Caden and Aidan: Yet another pair of rhyming names for the little darlings.Aidan means “Little fire” and Caden has the meaning “Spirit of battle”
  17. Weston and Preston: This pair is also quite a nice pick for your twin boys.Preston means “Priest’s estate” and Weston means “from the Western tower”
  18. Anuj and Tanuj: Anuj denotes “younger brother” while Tanuj has the meaning “rising sun”, a perfect pair of Sanskrit names for your little boys
  19. Mukul and Mridul: Mridul means “soft” while Mukul is “blossom”
  20. Sankalp and Sanket: Yet another pair of Indian names that may be a good pick for your twin boys. Sankalp mean ” Will or determination” while Sanket means “Signal”
  21. Hemal and Heman: Both these Indian names are associated with gold
  22. Calvin and Carl: Two unique names that start with the same letter and may be suitable for your twins . Calvin means “hairless” and Carl means “famous bearer”
  23. Sachit and Rachit: These are rhyming Indian names for your little boys. Sachit means “consciousness” and Rachit has the meaning “invention”
  24. Tapas and Tapan: Tapas means “heat” and Tapan is “sun”, another interesting name for your little guys
  25. Lohith and Lalith: Simple names for your baby boys that sound lilting to the ears. Lohith means “red, made of copper” while Lalith means “elegant”twin boys
  26. Rohan and Mohan: Another pair of rhyming Hindu names. Rohan means “ascending” and Mohan means “someone who is charming”
  27. Piyush and Pinank: Piyush has the meaning “milk” while Pinank is “Lord Shiva”
  28. Girish and Harish: One more pair of Hindu names those are pleasing to the ear. Harish is “Lord Shiva” and Girish is “Lord of mountain”
  29. Brett and Rhett: Simple names those are perfect for your little boys. Rhett means “Ardent” and Brett has the meaning “a native of Brittany”
  30. Leonard and Leon: Leon means “Lion” and Leonard has the meaning “as brave as a lion”. These names that are associated with nature are perfect for your twin boys
  31. Colm and Colin: While Colm means “dove”, Colin has the meaning “cub”, another pair of twin baby boy names inspired by nature
  32. Wildon and Walden: Wildon has the meaning “from the woods” and Walden means “woods”
  33. Christopher and Christian: Lovely Christian names for your twin boys. Christian means “follower of Christ” and Christopher means “Christ-bearer”
  34. Noah and Noel: Noah means “comfort” and Noel has the meaning “Christmas”, spiritual names for your twin boys
  35. Joshua and Jacob: They rank among the top names for twin boys in the recent times. Jacob means “holder of the heel” and Joshua means “Jehovah is generous”
  36. Evan and Ethan: Yet another of names that have risen to popularity. Ethan means “Strong” while Evan has the meaning “the Lord is gracious”
  37. Nicholas and Nathan: Really a sweet pair of names ideal for your two boys. Nathan means “Gift from God” and Nicholas has the meaning “people of victory”
  38. David and Daniel: Seems like an ideal choice for your little darlings. David means “beloved” and Daniel means “god is my judge”
  39. Chance and Chase: Another pair that has risen to the top. Chance means “good luck” and Chase means “hunter”
  40. Justin and Jason: One more pair of enchanting names for your twin boys. Jason means “healer” and Justin means “righteous”
  41. Brandon and Bryan: This pair also tops the list of popular twin names for boys. Brandon means “Broom covered hill” and Bryan means “Strong and honorable”
  42. Felix and Asher: Both these name mean “fortunate” and are perfect for your little ones
  43. Gale and Gaye: While Gale has the meaning “cheerful”, Gaye means “merry”, a pair of happy names for your twin boys
  44. Gilon and Gil: These simple names have the meaning “joy”, another pair of happy names
  45. Milo and Frederick: These twin names have the meaning “peace”
  46. Samson and Cyrus: Both these names mean “sun” and are perfects for your sons
  47. Walter and Louis: These regal names have meaning “warrior”, nice pair of name for your little guys
  48. Osher and Oron: Osher means “happiness” while Oron has the meaning “joy”
  49. Orlando and Rodrigo: Both of them have the meaning “famous”
  50. Ramona and Alden: Another pair of names with the same meaning “wise”

Hope these 50 Exclusive Baby Names For Twin Boys is helpful. So go ahead and choose a perfect pair of names for the little princes that are soon to enter your world.More on baby names in our sectionhere

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