Popular Top 200 Libra or Tula Rashi Born Baby Names For Boys and Girls

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Naming a baby is the ultimate pleasure for parents. Much before the baby is born, lists are compiled for the selected names of the boys as well as the girls. The basis of the names can be the meanings, ancestral heritage, uniqueness, trend, and sometimes the zodiac or sun signs. In a few cases, the zodiac sign, or the time, nakshatra are taken into consideration to name the baby. An alphabet is chosen which helps to decide what the baby should be named. The names of various zodiac signs are different. The sounds also differ and are seen and selected from the astrological point of view. Hindu parents are always in search of new and exciting names. Are you in search of Libra or Tula rashi baby names for your baby girl or baby boy?

Tula Rashi or Libra from Western astrology has baby names that take inspiration from Hindu Mythology, Sanskrit names, and names that have relation to music, some are names of Gods and Goddesses, some are characteristics or avatars of Gods and goddesses, few are related to beauty, etc. Given below are a few names with the respective sounds as per the nakshatras. The list has a compilation of 200 names for girls as well as boy babies that have Libra as their sun sign.  pregnancy pillow

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The Starting Letters Of Tula Rashi Or Libra Baby Names

The names of the children in the Tula Rashi start with “Ta” or “Ra.” As per the astrological significance, these sounds fall in the seventh place of the zodiac signs as per the Vedic astrologers. These are also related to the Libra sign of Western astrologers. The Tula Rashi or Libra comprises three stars or nakshatras, Swathi, Chitra, and Visakha. 

Given below are the letters or syllables for the three nakshatras covered by Tula Rashi and they are:

Ra; Ri- Chitra

Ru, Ro, Re, Roo, TA – Swathi

To, Te, Tu, Tae- Visakha

List of  Top 85 Libra or Tula Rashi Baby Names For Your Baby Boy

Baby boy Libra

Selecting a name that resonates with the energies of Tula Rashi may enhance the individual’s ability to navigate relationships, make fair decisions, and maintain harmony in their interactions with others. Choosing an appropriate name for a Tula Rashi boy is considered important as it is believed to influence various aspects of his life, including his character, behavior, and destiny.

Here are some traditional Indian boy names associated with the Tula Rashi (Libra zodiac sign):

SL No Name Meaning
1 Rachit  Invention
2 Raghav  Lord Rama 
3 Rahul Conqueror of all miseries, son of Lord Buddha
4 Rajasi  One who is worthy of a king
5 Rajat Bright and courageous
6 Rajdeep Light of the kingdom
7 Rajesh Lord of Kings
8 Rajnish Lord of night and another name for moon
9 Raju Prosperity, king
10 Rajvardhan Super king or king of kings
11 Rajveer Hero of a kingdom, courageous and brave
12 Rakshit One who protects or a saviour
13 Ram Beautiful and pleasing, refers to Lord Rama
14 Ramesh Another name for Lord Vishnu, one who protects against danger
15 Randhir A brave person, light that illuminates
16 Ranesh Greatest of all warriors
17 Ranjit Victory
18 Ranveer Hero of a battle
19 Ranvit Happy and Pleasant 
20 Ratan Something priceless
21 Ravij Born of sun, refers to Karna, Kunti’s son from Mahabharata
22 Ravindra Bright and radiant like sun
23 Raviraj Refers to the sun
24 Redan Person who has a loving heart
25 Reet Tradition or a custom
26 Reeyansh First rays of the sun
27 Ribhav  It refers to the intensely growing ray of the sun
28 Ridan It refers to the fighter
29 Riday Refers to heart
30 Ridhesh Another name for Lord Ganesha
31 Ridwaan A good, willed person
32 Rihaan  Another name for Lord Vishniu, one chosen  by God
33 Ripan  First light on the horizon
34 Rishaank A devotee of Lord Shiva
35 Rishabh It means the superior one
36 Rishav Superior or excellent, refers to a muscial note
37 Rishik Another name for Lord Shiva, ascetic
38 Rishil Saint
39 Rishit One who is best at all he does, a learned person
40 Rishiv A name for Lord Shiva and Krishna
41 Ritvaan Refers to Happiness
42 Ritvik It refers to the priest 
43 Riyaarth Another name for Lord Brahma
44 Rochit It means delightful and glorious
45 Rohan Another name for Lord Vishnu and means ascending
46 Rohesh Another name for Lord Vishnu
47 Ronav Full of grace and charm
48 Ronit  One who gives joy and happiness
49 Rounav  The unconquerable one
50 Rudr It refers to a form of Lord Shiva
51 Rudraneel  It refers to Lord Shiva
52 Ruheel It means grown or mounted
53 Rujul Refers to one who is honest and simple
54 Rushit Refers to prosperity
55 Ruthra  It refers to the mightiest of the mighty
56 Rutvij It refers to a saint 
57 Taarush It means conqueror 
58 Taimur It refers to the one who is self-made 
59 Taksh It refers to King Bharat’s son
60 Taksheel A person with strong character
61 Tamoghna Another name for Lord Shiva and Vishnu
62 Tanas One who is humble 
63 Tanish One who is ambitious
64 Tanmay It refers to the one who is focussed
65 Tanshu One who is calm by nature
66 Tapas Means Sun and austerity
67 Taran Means paradise, is also another name for Lord Vishnu
68 Taruneesh One with energy and youthfulness
69 Tavish It means heaven
70 Teerth A holy place
71 Tejas It means lustrous and brilliance
72 Tohit  One who is beautiful inside out 
73 Toshit It means satisfied and pleasant
74 Trambak It refers to Lord Shiva and it is also the name of a mountain
75 Trigya Another name for Lord Buddha and the one who knows everything
76 Trijal Another name for Lord Shiva
77 Trilok It refers to the three worlds
78 Trinabh Another name for Lord Vishnu and the one who supports the three worlds
79 Trinesh Refers to three eyed Lord Shiva and also means blade of grass
80 Trishan Name of a king who rules over the Surya Dynasty
81 Trishona  It refers to desire
82 Trivendra It refers to the head of three superpowers
83 Tushar It refers to purity
84 Tusya Another name for Lord Shiva and means satisfaction
85 Tuviksh  It refers to the powerful blow of Lord Indra

Baby girl tula rashi

When it comes to Libra or Tula Rashi baby girl names, there is a belief that selecting a name that aligns with the characteristics associated with this zodiac sign can enhance the positive attributes of the individual and bring about balance in their life.

Here are some traditional Indian girl names associated with the Tula Rashi (Libra zodiac sign):

SL No Name Meaning
1 Raaga It means melody 
2 Rabita  It refers to a bond 
3 Rachna It refers to creation
4 Ragini It refers to melody
5 Raima One who is charming and pleasant 
6 Raiya It refers to the one who is blessed by God 
7 Rajdeep Light of the kingdom
8 Rajnish Lord of night and another name for moon
9 Rajveer Hero of a kingdom, courageous and brave
10 Rakshana It means to protect
11 Rakshita It means saviour or protection
12 Ramila It means one who is loved 
13 Ramola One who has interest in everything
14 Ranita It means melody or lovely tune
15 Rashi It means pious
16 Rashika One who is a protector 
17 Rashitha It refers to peaceful and graceful
18 Rashmika It refers to small beam of moon or sunlight
19 Ratnali It means jewelled
20 Ratri It refers to night
21 Ravee It refers to the sun
22 Ravija It means one who is born of the sun
23 Ravina It means beauty of the sun
24 Rechal It means innocent and responsible 
25 Reet Tradition or a custom
26 Reeva ` It refers to a river
27 Reneesha  Refers to the one who is reborn 
28 Renu It refers to atom
29 Reshma It refers to golden silk
30 Revati It refers to a wealthy one 
31 Reyna It means advice 
32 Rhea It means  flow,stream, earth etc
33 Riana It refers to the goddess
34 Rianshi It means cheerful
35 Richa It refers to hymn or the writing of the vedas
36 Riddhi It refers to prosperity
37 Ridhika It refers to the successful one
38 Ridhima It refers to the one full of love
39 Ridnya It means going on
40 Rihav  It refers to the god’s gift
41 Rimi It means the pretty, loving and caring one
42 Rimsha It refers to a bunch of flowers
43 Rinita It means gift of God 
44 Riona It means regal
45 Rishika The saintly one
46 Rishvika  Female Saint
47 Rita It means pearl
48 Rithanya An individual with immense capabilities
49 Rithika It means flow of water
50 Rithisha  It refers to the goddess of Truth
51 Ritu It means season
52 Ritvi It means the right guidance
53 Rivika  It refers to the binding one
54 Riya It refers to the singer
55 Riyanka It means beautiful and lovely 
56 Riyanshi Cheerfulness
57 Riyansika  It refers to the goddess
58 Riyashri  It refers to Goddess Saraswati 
59 Rochana It means brilliant and bright 
60 Rohini It means the red one
61 Roshika One who is never forgotten by people
62 Roshita It means illuminated 
63 Roshni It refers to light
64 Ruchi It refers to interest
65 Rudrakshi  Another name for Goddess Parvati
66 Rudrapiya Another name for Goddess Durga 
67 Ruhaani It means spiritual and divine 
68 Ruhi It refers to the spiritual one
69 Ruhika It means desire
70 Rujuta It refers to the honest and sincere one
71 Rukmani It means radiant and bright
72 Runjhun It refers to a pleasing musical sound
73 Rupali It refers to the beautiful one
74 Rupika It refers to a gold coin
75 Rusha It refers to the peaceful one
76 Rushita It refers to an intelligent and bright
77 Rutvi It means love 
78 Taani It means encouragement 
79 Taara It refers to the apple of the eyes, goddess of the sea
80 Takshika It means blissful 
81 Tanaya It means daughter 
82 Taneesha It means fairy queen 
83 Tanima It means beautiful
84 Tanishi Another name for Goddess Durga
85 Tanishka It means goddess of gold 
86 Tanmaysri It refers to be engrossed
87 Tanvi It means delicate and beautiful 
88 Tanya It refers to a fairy or a queen 
89 Tapani It means victorious and is another name for Godavari River
90 Tapasi female ascetic who is in pursuit of spiritual goals
91 Tarana It refers to a musical composition
92 Tarasha It means star and something intricately carved
93 Tarini It means a saviour and another name for Goddess Parvati and Durga
94 Tarita Another name for Goddess Durga
95 Tarunika It refers to a young maiden
96 Tashi It means prosperity
97 Tashvi It refers to a charming person
98 Tashya It means resurrection and bonding
99 Tejal It means bright
100 Tesha It means happiness
101 Tiana It refers to one born in a royal family
102 Tisca  It means joy 
103 Tishya It means a star and a sense of happiness and joy 
104 Tista It refers to a tributary of Ganga 
105 Tiya It means a gift of God 
106 Toshani Another name of Goddess Durga and also means appeasing
107 Toshika It means alert and clever
108 Trinayani It refers to the three eyed goddess
109 Trisha It means thirst
110 Trishala It refers to the mother of Lord Mahavir 
111 Triti It refers to a moment in time
112 Tuhina It refers to the dew drop 
113 Tulaja It means goddess of mercy
114 Tushika It refers to a snowfall
115 Washma It refers to the cultured one

There are many different names that can be chosen if the child is born under the Tula Rashi. Babies born under this Rashi are happy-go-lucky and have a lot of positivity. They are more friendly and have a good team spirit as well. Depending on choices and priorities, one can select names from a wide range available in this article. 


1. What is the Other Name Of Tula Rashi?

Tula Rashi is even known as Libra as per the western Astrologers. Tula is a Hindi name and represents the balance for weighing. 

2. What is the Speciality of Tula Rashi?

As per Hindu astrology, Tula Rashi also known as Libra is seventh representing balance. As Tula represents two sides, so there are two sides to the personality of the ones born under this sign. Appearance wise they are cool with a charming and compassionate personality and are sensitive, mixing, curious, balanced by nature.

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