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pradhan mantri matru vandana yojana

Motherhood is the most wonderful experience for any woman in the world. Despite her condition, a mom never fails to nourish her child. But sometimes financial conditions can be a big hurdle. Now that’s not an issue anymore because the government of India is offering a pregnancy support scheme.

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What is the PMMVY Pregnancy Support Scheme?

A government maternity scheme is a benefit provided to pregnant women and lactating mothers. This benefit is availed in the form of a cash incentive in the Pradhan Mantri Matru Vandana Yojana (PMMVY).  When a woman delivers a child, the little one must receive enough nourishment. In 2019, the child mortality rate in India was 28.3 per 1000 live births according to Statista. Pradhan Mantri Matru Vandana Yojana helps a mother by giving her child good nutrition. Also, if the baby goes through any health conditions that can be taken care of by this Rs 5000 cash incentive.

Which Documents Are Needed to Apply for PMMVY Pregnancy Support Scheme?

Here are some documents that are needed to apply for the PMMVY pregnancy support scheme:

  • Filled Application Form 1A (more details below)
  • MCP Card Copy
  • Identity proof copy
  • An approval form duly signed by the beneficiary and her husband
  • Bank/Post office account passbook copy

How to Register for Pradhan Mantri Matru Vandana Yojana?

Pradhan Mantri Matru Vandana Yojana’s online registration procedure is simple. Follow the easy steps below for completing the PMMVY scheme details.

Step 1

Go to Simply fill out the PMMVY form with the login details that are present in the scheme facilitator(AWC/approved health facility).

Step 2

Click or tap on the ‘New Beneficiary’ tab. Then you’ll be able to register under this scheme. You can use the Beneficiary Registration Form (Application Form 1A) to fill in the details. Utilize PMMVY CAS User Manual for completing all the details.

Step 3

Wait until you’ve completed 6 months of pregnancy. Login into the PMMVY CAS software as you had done before. This time make sure that you click on the ‘Second installment’ tab. After that, you’ll be given Form 1B to fill out. Again, take the help of instructions from the user manual.

Step 4

After giving birth to your little one, wait for the completion of your baby’s first cycle of immunization of BCG, OPV, DPT, and Hepatitis B. Click on the ‘Third Instalment’ tab after logging in to the same software. They’ll ask you to fill in the details – same procedure, follow the instructions from the user manual.

You should note that a beneficiary can only apply for this scheme within 730 days from her last menstrual period (MP). This scheme treats the LMP registered in the MCP card as the pregnancy date.

Who are the Targeted Beneficiaries of the PMMVY Pregnancy Support Scheme?

PMMVY pregnancy support scheme targets giving maternity benefits to all pregnant women and lactating mothers. But those who are working under the State/Central Government are not eligible for this maternity scheme. Also, women who are employed by the PSUs(Public Sector Undertakings) cannot register.

You’re eligible for the PMMVY pregnancy support scheme if you delivered your first child on or after January 01, 2017.

What If Someone Goes Through a Miscarriage or Still Birth?

If a mother faces tough situations like miscarriage or stillbirth, she can benefit from the pregnancy support scheme and still claim the installments. This is essential in case of a future pregnancy. For example, if after receiving the 1st installment, a miscarriage happens, the mother can still claim the 2nd and 3rd installments for pregnancy in the future.

What About Infant Mortality?

A mother will not be eligible for claiming more benefits. This scheme applies only if she had claimed all the cash incentives under the PMMVY pregnancy support scheme.

PMMVY Helpline Number

Mothers who are a bit confused about this scheme or have any queries can feel free to call 011-23382393 and clear all their doubts.

Malnutrition in pregnant women can lead to huge negative effects during pregnancy and childbirth and this scheme aims to address this problem.

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