Week 8 of Your Pregnancy


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Pregnancy Symptoms

Few of the symptoms which you may notice at eight week are:

Cope with fluctuation in pregnancy symptoms

Pregnancy hormones have their own mind, and sometimes they may give you a break. Don't worry, this is common and your baby is safe inside you. But it is always better to be vigilant about the gap. If you see a sudden disappearance of your symptoms for a very long time and observe bleeding and back pain, consult your gynecologist.

Bleeding or spotting

Pregnancy is not the same for all. Symptoms may linger throughout the pregnancy for some women, while some don't have any. Some women never go through morning sickness, while some experience hyperemesis gravidarum. Light bleeding or spotting is also one of the symptoms during the first trimester. Don't panic if you see some spots of blood during your bathroom trips. Do not ignore such concerning symptoms. Talk to your doctor, as this can reassure the safety of you and the baby.

Vaginal discharge

The typical vaginal discharge you notice before and after your menstrual cycle becomes a regular thing during pregnancy. Do not wear pads, and be watchful about the color and odor of the discharge. It usually looks white or clear and odorless. If you see anything other than this, like, a discharge with a foul smell and yellow, contact your gynecologist. It may indicate an infection.

One sided pain in abdomen

Among many physical changes, one-sided abdominal pain is another symptom that indicates a progressing pregnancy. It occurs as the ligaments in the pelvic area relax to accommodate space for the uterus. It feels like a dull ache and is generally harmless. However, if the pain accompanies bleeding, dizziness, and other symptoms, you must consult your gynecologist immediately.

Mood swings

A word to husbands! She carries a whole new life inside her, and the complete phase of pregnancy is full of hormonal games. Mood swings are common, so help her cope and reassure her about her safety.


Mild cramping is normal during pregnancy. The uterus is expanding to accommodate enough space for your little one, which results in uneasiness and cramping. Contact your doctor if cramping is making you feel uncomfortable.

Frequent urination

Are you worried about so many bathroom trips? Keep that aside and relax because frequent urination will stay throughout the pregnancy. It is your body's way of working during pregnancy to ensure maximum nutrition for your growing baby. Do not cut down on water and fluids. Staying hydrated is very important throughout the pregnancy.


No, you are not a sleepy head because your body is working hard to help your little one grow. It can make you feel so exhausted all the time.


This feeling of nausea will pass, you are just four more weeks away and the first trimester will end. If you are lucky, you get to enjoy the complete second trimester full of energy. Meanwhile, try to cope by staying away from foods and smells that can trigger nausea.

Baby's Development

How big is your baby?

Baby’s Length: 1.6 cm.
Baby’s Weight: 1 g.

In week 8, the baby is doing a lot of growing inside your womb. The most significant growth is seen in the baby’s head which is taking up the bulk of your baby’s growing body. That’s because a lot of brain building activity is happening up there presently. The beginning of the neural network has started. The nerve cells are multiplying and connecting with each other. These will later transmit messages from the brain to the body.

This week an upper lip is forming and a cute button nose along with tiny eyelids are taking form as well. The retinas are also forming but you can’t see what color the baby’s eyes are till they are born. Genitals start developing too. Your fetus looks more like a human baby now.

Baby’s limbs are getting longer and stronger because of the growing bones and cartilage. Joints may also form this week and shoulders, elbows and knees will take shape soon. Fingers and toes are also developing.

Apart from the external features that are developing, the internal organs are also making progress. The umbilical cord is visible now and it’s playing host to the baby’s intestines which are growing inside it. This happens because there isn’t enough space in your baby’s abdomen yet to accommodate the intestines. But don’t worry as it’s not permanent. Soon the intestines will move out of the umbilical cord and back into the abdomen when there is enough space in your baby’s belly.


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