Week 9 of Your Pregnancy

8 weeks pregnant


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Pregnancy Symptoms

Few of the symptoms which you may notice at 9 weeks are:

Increasing Waistline

You have crossed 2-month mark of your pregnancy!! Congratulations!! Your uterus and your waist are ever-growing and your waist line is obviously going to expand. This is a healthy sign of pregnancy and you can be confident that your little bean is growing the way it is supposed to.

Hunger Pangs

Feeling hungry all the time? As with every other pregnancy symptom, fluctuating hormones are largely responsible for your growing appetite. The progesterone and oestrogen levels are constantly changing which are the culprits behind your seemingly constant hunger.

Frequent Urination

Multiple bathroom trips are common during pregnancy and happen due to the increasing blood volume in your blood, your ever-expanding uterus which puts pressure on your bladder, as well as hormonal disturbances. Make sure that you stay well hydrated during pregnancy, especially when you experience frequent urination

Feeling Moody

Feeling down in the dumps one moment and happy the next? Dont worry, blame it on all the hormones playing havoc with your mind. While mood swings are common during pregnancy, meditation and breathing and relaxation exercises will help you cope with your ever-changing moods.

Baby's Development

How big is your baby?

Baby’s Length: 2.3 cm. Baby’s Weight: 2 g.

Your Baby’s Heart

With the baby’s heart well developed and grown large enough that you’ll probably be able to hear your baby’s heartbeat for the first time around this week or next week of pregnancy with a handheld ultrasound device(Doppler) that will amplifies the heartbeat sound that the heart makes. It will be about 170 beats per minutes by this time, a rate that will slow from here on out

Baby’s Head:

Your baby’s head is more straight now, ears are growing, making baby look more human.


Your baby now looks more human with the tail like ending near Spinal cord has disappeared completely. The tiny muscles are now starting to form. So foetus begins to move spontaneously in your womb although it will take a few more weeks for you to feel those kicks. Once you hear your baby’s heartbeat, be sure to check about prenatal screening tests that need to be done next week to rule out chromosomal and genetic defects.

Your changing body

If you are not yet nauseous, consider yourself lucky! Brace yourself, because morning sickness can occur at typically any time of the day, not just in the morning. According to medical experts, 50 to 70% of pregnant women get morning sickness in one form or other, for example vomiting, nausea. Morning sickness is usually at its peak at week 9 and gradually decreases by week 12.

You must be feeling extremely tired and sleepy all the time. Getting up from the bed may feel like a chore. But remember, this is not laziness. Your hormones are all haywire and your body is working extra hard to nourish the little bean within you. Eating healthy, staying hydrated, taking quick power naps, and doing small exercises can help deal with this symptoms


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