Week 13 of Your Pregnancy


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Pregnancy Symptoms

Reduced fatigue

The first trimester has come to an end, and you step into the safe zone. You will bid goodbye to some annoying symptoms, especially fatigue and exhaustion. The hormonal rush will settle down, and your body will slowly adjust to the changes.

Increased Vaginal Discharge (leukorrhea)

Vaginal discharge is a normal thing during pregnancy. It begins during early pregnancy and continues throughout. Normal leukorrhea or vaginal discharge looks thin, odorless, or mildly odored and milky white. It usually stays and will be at its peak during the third trimester. Vaginal discharge protects you from contracting various infections during pregnancy. But be watchful about the color and consistency, and contact your doctor if you notice anything abnormal.

Visible veins

You may notice your veins visible through the skin during pregnancy. Now that your body is pumping more blood to accommodate a new life inside, blood vessels tend to enlarge, making them visible through the skin.


Sleepiness or being tired is a symptom that your body is working extra hard during pregnancy. You might want an extra hour in the morning because you felt sluggish the other day. Take ample rest, drink plenty of water, eat healthy and nutritious foods, meditate and do yoga to feel better.


Constipation during pregnancy is due to changes in the process of digestion. However, constipation does not harm the baby, but it is an unpleasant experience for you. If you have extreme discomfort in passing stools, contact your doctor, they can prescribe medications accordingly.

Food cravings and aversions

Food cravings and aversions are the strong symptoms of pregnancy that many women go through. While there is no scientific explanation for why cravings occur during pregnancy, some claim that it is your body's way of expressing nutrition deficiency. Aversions are mainly because of the hormonal rush that can increase smell sensitivity. With this, you will hate foods and liquids you loved before.


Sudden standing and getting up from the bed can make your head spin, especially during pregnancy. Dizziness during pregnancy is because the brain is not receiving enough blood flow.


Heartburn is one of the constant and annoying pregnancy symptoms that can occur due to a hormone called progesterone. Try to break down your meals, keep sipping water, avoid caffeine, and avoid oily, spicy foods to control acidity or heartburn during pregnancy.


Slight squeamishness during pregnancy is part of the game. As you enter the second trimester, this should come to an end. But for some women, nausea will stay till they get into labor. However, do not ignore it if you have extreme nausea called hyperemesis gravidarum, as it can be dangerous and leaves you dehydrated. Ensure to inform your doctor they will take appropriate steps to avoid dehydration.

Baby's Development

How big is your baby?

Baby’s Length: 5.4 cm.
Baby’s Weight: 14 g.

This week marks the end of your first trimester!! Your baby is now about the size of a Lemon
Following are the development of your fetus this week.

This week your baby’s intestines move into the abdomen from the umbilical cord. There’s enough room to accommodate them now in the abdomen.

The placenta is expanding to provide nourishment to baby’s tummy and other systems which are growing rapidly.

Fingernails and soft hair are making their appearance on the baby’s body.
Tiny bones are forming in the baby’s arms and legs. The baby can now move them in a jerky manner and may soon be able to get their thumb in their mouth, a habit which will come in handy once they are born. The muscles of the chest wall are also starting to develop.

Baby’s eyes have formed but they will not open yet. They are covered by eyelids which are fused shut to protect them while they continue to develop underneath.

Another exciting development is the formation of baby’s vocal cords. Does that mean they can start making noises now? Well the answer is no. But that laughter, cries, and the first words are just round the corner and all about to get real.


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