Week 16 of Your Pregnancy

15 weeks pregnant


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Pregnancy Symptoms

Few of the symptoms which you may notice at sixteen weeks are:

Heavy Breasts

Your breasts continue to grow as the get ready to feed your little one in the future. Enlargement of breasts results on streching of the skin and related itchiness which can cause discomfort to the pregnant woman.

Pregnancy Brain

Though not very common, some pregnant women seem to experience memory loss, reduced cognitive abilities, fogginess, and loss of attention. The exact reason behind this phenomenon is not known and experts the pregnancy results in reduction in grey matter in the brain to help bond with the baby and prepare for the stressful period post childbirth.

Skin Radiance

Through pregnancy, increase in various hormone levels can cause increased blood flow to the skin beneath your face resulting in pregnancy glow. In addition, the oil glands under the skin work more actively which adds to the glow factor.


Many pregnant women develop tooth problems during pregnancy. Fators such as acidity and morning sickness result in the damage of tooth enamel and gum problems. Women craving sweets and junk foods during pregnancy also develop tooth-related issues. Pregnancy gingivitis is the common medical term that refers to these problems

Baby's Development

How big is your baby?

Baby’s Length: 4.5 inches(11.5 cm)
Baby’s Weight: 114 gms.

Baby’s Eyes:

Your baby’s eyes are moving, and eye aperture is drastically increasing and can sense some light too. Your baby now is practically translucent. Though your baby can sense light, the eyelids are still fused.

Baby’s Heartbeat:

Heartbeat is gradually increased now; 120 to 140 beats per minute is expected.

Baby’s Heart:

This week, your baby’s heart develops into a complex four-chambered pumping organ and starts to beat at 160 beats per minute.

Baby’s Face:

Baby’s facial muscles are developing and is now capable of making a few frowns and squints.


Backbone/Spine is gaining strength gradually.
Baby can hear your voice now and can move its petite lips.
Your little one’s head is erect now and it can do coordinated hands and leg movements, beginning now.
Functioning of blood vessels can be seen since the skin layer wouldn’t have completed developed.

Your changing body

Many pregnant women start dealing with pregnancy gingivitis around this time during their pregnancy. Constant acidity and throwing up lead to the acumulation of the acid in their mouth which may damage the gums leading to acidity. Hormone upheveals also often leads to this condition. In addition, pregnant ladies who crave sweets and junk may increase their intake damaging their teeth and gums. While some women may struggle with increased saliva production, others can experienced reduced saliva which can also can oral damage. Saliva can also turn acidic for some which can erode the enamel and gums resulting in sore and sensitive gums.

Stretch marks appear in the form of depressed stripes and can be seen in the belly, hips, breasts, and lower back of the pregnant woman. Stretch marks are a common occurrence and they can appear at any point during pregnancy.
As the pregnancy advances, the skin starts expanding due to the immense weight increase.

The human body is a wonderful creation. Did you know the main reason behind constipation during pregnancy? Your digestive system moves slowly to ensure maximum absorption of nutrients from your food so that your baby can have the best nutrition possible. This slow movement, of course, causes you inconvenience, and the best way to combat it is by staying hydrated and eating fiber-rich foods.

Headaches at this stage can be due to multiple factors. Increasing blood volume in your body, changes in blood pressure, hormonal spikes, can all play a role. In addition, the stress and excitement of pregnancy can add to the existing headaches. Some women have cold and blocked nose as pregnancy symptoms. This can also trigger a sinus-like headache. Taking rest, short power naps is possible, avoiding headache triggers such as caffeine, and relaxing with the help of meditation and relaxation exercises can provide some relief.


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