Week 17 of Your Pregnancy


Days to go




Few of the symptoms which you may notice at seventeen weeks are:

Stretch marks

By this period in pregnancy, you may notice the formation of red or purplish streaks on your stomach and breasts, in some cases on your bums and thighs also. It happens because when your body parts stretch more than normal. These stretch marks gradually disappear post-delivery.

Weird dreams

Many pregnant women have weird and vivid dreams during pregnancy. Though the exact reasons behind this symptom are not well-understood, some believe that hidden joys, insecurities, fears, and expectations manifest in the form of dreams. Most women dream about their baby, delivery, and holding their little one in their arms.

Increase in appetite

You are in the second trimester, and hunger pangs will hit you hard because your body needs more food than before. You may feel empty often because your body's metabolism is high and it is sourcing energies for two. With this, your appetite will increase, so try to eat healthy, small, and frequent meals. It will keep you from unhealthy weight gain.

Weight gain

Weight gain is inevitable during pregnancy, and a healthy weight gain is vital to ensure a healthy pregnancy. Depending upon your situation, your calorie intake will either increase or decrease according to the pregnancy nutrition chart. Don't worry, you will shed those extra pounds after the delivery.

Pregnancy brain/forgetfulness

Pregnancy brain comes as a surprise to many women. You may experience memory and attention loss. Study reveals that women who are pregnant for the first time tend to experience brain fog more than those with second or third pregnancies.


Increasing blood volume and hormonal changes could be the reasons for headaches during pregnancy. Some women have a cold and blocked nose as pregnancy symptoms. Taking rest and short power naps can avoid headaches. Avoid triggers such as caffeine, and relax with the help of meditation and breathing exercises.


Still, feeling dull and dizzy? Now that your uterus has started to grow, it will press the blood vessels that carry blood back to your heart. Low blood pressure can also be a reason for dizziness during pregnancy. Get up slowly if you are sitting or lying down. Pregnancy is stressful, so try to meditate and stay calm, as meditation leaves a positive impact on your unborn baby. In case you experience dizziness combined with other symptoms like blurred vision and difficulty breathing, consult your doctor.

Back pain

For most pregnant women, lower back pain starts around this time. Your growing uterus puts pressure on your lower back. You can ask your gynecologist for advice on effective ways to manage pain and stay comfortable through this phase.

Heartburn and acidity

Heartburn and acidity are the most common problems that most women experience. As your pregnancy continues, the uterus expands and occupies more space by pushing the abdominal organs up. You can ease acidity by making a few changes in your diet. Consult your doctor if your heartburn and acidity trouble you, they will recommend medications based on your condition.

Baby's Development

How big is your baby?

Baby’s Length: 5.5 inches(14 cm)
Baby’s Weight: 167gms.

Your baby is now the size of a Pomegranate. Following are the development of your fetus this week.

Major milestone this week is your baby is mastering the art of sucking and swallowing- a skill which will come in handy once it’s born.

Fat stores are building under the baby’s skin, which is still translucent. These fat stores will help provide energy and keep the baby warm once they are born.

Baby’s cardiac activity is more regulated by now and their heartbeat is considerably increased to around 140-150 beats per minute.

Baby’s fingerprints, the one thing which will set them apart from others, are also under development and very soon they will be fully formed.

There is a lot of progress this week in baby’s hearing as well. Their ears are getting close to being fully formed and they have started to listen to your voice, although it maybe a bit muffled.


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