Week 19 of Your Pregnancy

18 weeks pregnant


Days to go


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Pregnancy Symptoms


If you are experiencing dizzy spells during pregnancy, this happens due to the hormone progesterone. This hormone causes more blood flow to the uterus to support your growing bean. As a result, the blood flow to your brain reduces, your blood pressure reduces, and you will experience dizziness and this is normal during pregnancy.

Pain in pelvic region & Lower back

For most pregnant women, lower back pain starts around this time. Your growing uterus puts pressure on your lower back. Along with this, the hormonal changes will cause you to experience this pain. You can ask you gynaecologist for advice on effective ways to manage pain and stay comfortable through this phase.


The human body is a wonderful creation. Did you know the main reason behind constipation during pregnancy? Your digestive system moves slowly to ensure maximum absorption of nutrients from your food so that your baby can have the best nutrition possible. This slow movement, of course, causes you inconvenience, and the best way to combat it is by staying hydrated and eating fiber-rich foods.

Nasal Congestion

Your pregnancy results in an increased blood flow to various parts of your body including your nasal cavity. The nasal cavity recieving a sudden onflow of blood can often result in congestion and a stuffy nose. Also pregnant women with allergies find that their allergies increase. The gerenal term gives to all these conditions is pregnancy rhinitis.

Baby's Development

How big is your baby?

Baby’s Length: 7 inches(17.5 cm
Baby’s Weight: 0.22kgs

Baby’s Movements

This week your baby’s movement is prominently noticeable due to an increase in weight. You may be quite bewildered with reduced kicks from your baby as compared with the previous week. Your baby kicks you at regular intervals from now because it’s sleeping and waking at regular intervals. Your sleeping and floating baby can change positions and can kick your stomach in different areas. Feel it & enjoy it!

Baby’s Skin

A second layer of skin is being developed with a slightly shiny (waxy) coating termed as ‘Vernix Caseosa’. This skin is layered from oil secretion by the skin and expired cells. Vernix coating is important to the baby because it protects the baby from amniotic fluids. This will, however, disappear before the baby’s birth. It is also observed that some premature babies have vernix coating.

Baby’s Reproductive System:

Reproductive system is established now. Fully developed uterus, vagina and fallopian tubes if it’s a baby girl and fully developed testicles if it’s a baby boy.


Baby would develop a consistent sleeping and awake pattern.

Baby can hear sounds, regularization can be impacted. Try to be away from unwanted noise and sleep well.

Nails are now slowly growing, don’t worry they won’t poke you!

Your changing body

Headaches at this stage can be due to multiple factors. Increasing blood volume in your body, changes in blood pressure, hormonal spikes, can all play a role. In addition, the stress and excitement of pregnancy can add to the existing headaches. Some women have cold and blocked nose as pregnancy symptoms. This can also trigger a sinus-like headache. Taking rest, short power naps is possible, avoiding headache triggers such as caffeine, and relaxing with the help of meditation and relaxation exercises can provide some relief.

Many pregnant women start dealing with pregnancy gingivitis around this time during their pregnancy. Constant acidity and throwing up lead to the acumulation of the acid in their mouth which may damage the gums leading to acidity. Hormone upheveals also often leads to this condition. In addition, pregnant ladies who crave sweets and junk may increase their intake damaging their teeth and gums. While some women may struggle with increased saliva production, others can experienced reduced saliva which can also can oral damage. Saliva can also turn acidic for some which can erode the enamel and gums resulting in sore and sensitive gums.

By this period in pregnancy, you may notice the formation of red or purplish streaks on your stomach and breasts, in some cases on your bums and thighs also. This happens because when your body parts stretch faster than normal. These stretch marks gradually disappear post-delivery.

The increasing blood flow during pregnancy put extra pressure on your blood vessels result in varicose veins. While they can strike at any time, they bulge and grow as the pregnancy progresses. In some pregnant women, they subside within a few days. In most cases, varicose veins are not a concern. But if they get troublesome, you can always consult your gynecologist.


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