Week 20 of Your Pregnancy


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Pregnancy Symptoms

Vaginal Gush

Experiencing loads of vaginal discharge and worried if it is safe? Your hormones are growing by leaps and bounds to support yout growing bean. For this reason, huge vaginal discharge is common during the 20th week of pregnancy. This will more or less continue till your delivery.


Experiencing acidity along with constipation? Don’t be surprised. When your digestive system is working slowly, heartburn is a common consequence. Most to-be-mothers go through both these symptoms. Staying hydrated and having fiber-rich foods will help combat acidity too. Along with this, you can avoid foods that trigger heartburn such as coffee and tea, spices, and deep-fried foods. Your aim should be to eat foods that are nutrient-rich and at the same time easy to digest.


Thrombosis or blood clotting in the blood vessels of your body is a common complication during pregnancy. You can experience redness, warmth, and swelling in the affected areas, usually legs. When the clot dislodges and moves towards the heart, it can create possible complications. Pregnant women who have diabetes, heart disease, are overweight, or carrying twins or multiples are at a higher risk of developing thrombosis, which is also known as Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT).

Increase hair growth

While increasing hormones can be troublesome in some ways, they are surely a boon for pregnant women. How you may ask? Noticed that your hair is growing soft and lustrous and the growth rate has increased. It is all due to the hormones. So enjoy your lustrous tresses during this period!!

Baby's Development

How big is your baby?

Baby’s Length: 8 inches(20 cm)
Baby’s Weight: 0.28 kgs

At 20 weeks you are halfway in your pregnancy journey! Your baby is now the size of a Sweet Potato. Following are the development of your fetus this week.

By this week the doctor knows if you are having a girl or a boy. But obviously they are not going to tell you! If it’s a girl, it has a fully formed uterus and 7 million primitive eggs in her ovaries. Her vaginal canal also begins to develop now. If it’s a boy, the testicles have started to descend from the abdomen.

Baby moves more rapidly now and by this week you may begin to feel it too. In case those movements are not evident yet there is no need to panic. For many first time moms, it may take some more time to finally feel theri little one doing athletics inside.

The baby is also busy practicing the sucking reflex. And thanks to the constant, daily practice sessions, they can now even suck their thumb as well.

Surprise!! Baby’s taste buds are working now. They can taste whatever you are eating. Now you know where your cravings are coming from.


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