Week 20 of Your Pregnancy

19 weeks pregnant


Days to go


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Pregnancy Symptoms

Vaginal Gush

Experiencing loads of vaginal discharge and worried if it is safe? Your hormones are growing by leaps and bounds to support yout growing bean. For this reason, huge vaginal discharge is common during the 20th week of pregnancy. This will more or less continue till your delivery.


Experiencing acidity along with constipation? Don’t be surprised. When your digestive system is working slowly, heartburn is a common consequence. Most to-be-mothers go through both these symptoms. Staying hydrated and having fiber-rich foods will help combat acidity too. Along with this, you can avoid foods that trigger heartburn such as coffee and tea, spices, and deep-fried foods. Your aim should be to eat foods that are nutrient-rich and at the same time easy to digest.


Thrombosis or blood clotting in the blood vessels of your body is a common complication during pregnancy. You can experience redness, warmth, and swelling in the affected areas, usually legs. When the clot dislodges and moves towards the heart, it can create possible complications. Pregnant women who have diabetes, heart disease, are overweight, or carrying twins or multiples are at a higher risk of developing thrombosis, which is also known as Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT).

Increase hair growth

While increasing hormones can be troublesome in some ways, they are surely a boon for pregnant women. How you may ask? Noticed that your hair is growing soft and lustrous and the growth rate has increased. It is all due to the hormones. So enjoy your lustrous tresses during this period!!

Baby's Development

How big is your baby?

Baby’s Length: 8 inches(20 cm)
Baby’s Weight: 0.28 kgs

Baby’s Face

Facial attributes such as nose shape, cheeks and forehead are evident now along with a fully-developed reproductive system.

Baby’s Digestive System

‘Meconium’ , a sticky viscous dark greenish substance is produced by your baby’s digestive system starts accumulating in bowels. This will be discharged after the baby is born. You can observe this in the first few stools.


Brain growth is meteoric and stimulates sensory neurons.

Wake-sleep cycles are further regularized.

Thick layer of vernix protecting your baby’s skin is fully developed.

Baby moves more rapidly now, baby can suck fingers as well.

Your's Changing Body

If you are experiencing dizzy spells during pregnancy, this happens due to the hormone progesterone. This hormone causes more blood flow to the uterus to support your growing bean. As a result, the blood flow to your brain reduces, your blood pressure reduces, and you will experience dizziness and this is normal during pregnancy.

The human body is a wonderful creation. Did you know the main reason behind constipation during pregnancy? Your digestive system moves slowly to ensure maximum absorption of nutrients from your food so that your baby can have the best nutrition possible. This slow movement, of course, causes you inconvenience, and the best way to combat it is by staying hydrated and eating fiber-rich foods.

Your pregnancy results in an increased blood flow to various parts of your body including your nasal cavity. The nasal cavity receiving a sudden onflow of blood can often result in congestion and a stuffy nose. Also pregnant women with allergies find that their allergies increase. The general term gives to all these conditions is pregnancy rhinitis.

Feeling tired all the time? Needing to sleep more than normal? Blame it on the hormone progesterone. In addition, your body is trying to supply more blood to the developing embryo. As a result, your heart pumps faster. The hormones and the increasing metabolism both contribute to you feeling tired all the time. Don’t worry. Use this extra time to pamper yourself and take the much-needed rest


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