Week 29 of Your Pregnancy

28 weeks pregnant


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Pregnancy Symptoms

Few of the symptoms which you may notice at 29 weeks are:

Varicose Veins

The increasing blood flow during pregnancy put extra pressure on your blood vessels result in varicose veins. While they can strike at any time, they bulge and grow as the pregnancy progresses. In some pregnant women, they subside within a few days. In most cases, varicose veins are not a concern. But if they get troublesome, you can always consult your gynecologist.


Feeling tired all the time? Needing to sleep more than normal? Blame it on the hormone progesterone. In addition, your body is trying to supply more blood to the developing embryo. As a result, your heart pumps faster. The hormones and the increasing metabolism both contribute to you feeling tired all the time. Don’t worry. Use this extra time to pamper yourself and take the much-needed rest

Back pain

Again, growing uterus is responsible for causing back pain in some pregnant women. As your uterus grows and stretches, the centre of gravity shifts causing pain on your lower back. In addition, the expanding uterus can also sometimes put pressure on a nerve resulting in back pain.


Insomnia can happen during any stage of pregnancy but is more pronouced during the second and third trimester. Hormonal imbalances, acidity and indigestion, growing belly, baby movements, all contribute to your sleeplessness.

Baby's Development

How big is your baby?

Baby’s Length: 15.2 inches(38.6cms)
Baby’s Weight: 1.1 kgs

Baby’s Brain

Baby’s brain is fast developing now and half of your food consumed goes now to your baby’s brain development. At the time of birth, your baby’s brain will have billions of neurons.

Baby’s Bones

Baby’s bones are getting harder and stronger. About 200mg of calcium is required by your baby now. So concentrate on increasing your calcium intake. Start by drinking a glass of milk every day and take some calcium supplements too.

Baby’s Kicks

As usual monitor your baby’s kicks and inform your doctor if you feel there has been a considerable amount of decrease in the number of kicks you have felt on a particular day.

Baby’s Hiccups

Baby’s hiccups can be felt by you as a light movement. These aren’t uncomfortable for your baby.


Baby can smile in his/her sleep now.

Your's Changing Body

By this period in pregnancy, you may notice the formation of red or purplish streaks on your stomach and breasts, in some cases on your bums and thighs also. This happens because when your body parts stretch faster than normal. These stretch marks gradually disappear post-delivery.

If you are experiencing dizzy spells during pregnancy, this happens due to the hormone progesterone. This hormone causes more blood flow to the uterus to support your growing bean. As a result, the blood flow to your brain reduces, your blood pressure reduces, and you will experience dizziness and this is normal during pregnancy.

Experiencing acidity along with constipation? Don’t be surprised. When your digestive system is working slowly, heartburn is a common consequence. Most to-be-mothers go through both these symptoms. Staying hydrated and having fiber-rich foods will help combat acidity too. Along with this, you can avoid foods that trigger heartburn such as coffee and tea, spices, and deep-fried foods. Your aim should be to eat foods that are nutrient-rich and at the same time easy to digest.

The human body is a wonderful creation. Did you know the main reason behind constipation during pregnancy? Your digestive system moves slowly to ensure maximum absorption of nutrients from your food so that your baby can have the best nutrition possible. This slow movement, of course, causes you inconvenience, and the best way to combat it is by staying hydrated and eating fiber-rich foods.


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