Week 35 of Your Pregnancy

34 weeks pregnant


Days to go


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Pregnancy Symptoms

Few of the symptoms which you may notice at 35 weeks are:

Pelvic Numbness

Relaxin, an important hormone released by the placenta during pregnancy in preperation for delivery can cause pelvic numbness. This symptom is common during pregnancy and not a cause for concern.

Persistent Urination

Don't seem to find a break from bathroom breaks? Well, this will continue till delivery. Your uterus is conintuining to expand and your baby is continuing to grow, putting pressure on your urinary bladder which doesn't have place to store urine anymore. Added to that, your hormones also cause you to have to visit the restroom with alarming frequency.

Digestion Problems

Gas, indigestion, consipation and acidity will continue for some pregnant women for the remaining weeks of their pregnancy, fuelled by pregnancy hormones and pressure on the stomach and intestines owing to the growing fetus and uterus.

Braxton Hicks contractions

Not to be confused with labour pains, these contractions occur with limited frequency such as once or twice a day or once in every few hours. Some women do not experiece these contractions too. Typically you will feel the tightening of your abdmoninal muscles and hardening of your belly. These contractions will disappear once you change your position or activity.

Baby's Development

How big is your baby?

Baby’s Length: 19 inches(47 cm)
Baby’s Weight: 2.5 kgs

Baby’s Sleep

Baby is sleeping for more than 20 hours a day; 4 movements in 20 hours approximately. The movement will be lesser than before.

Baby’s Head

Baby has taken more space in the womb and amniotic fluid is rapidly dwindling. Now the baby is preparing to descend to see the world!!! Baby’s head is slowly turning toward the cervix area.


Baby will respond to cacophony by kicking legs and may stretch arms.

Baby’s skull at this week is still pulpy/ soft.

Your's Changing Body

Rashes can happen due to multiple reasons, some you can ignore, while the others, you may require treatment. Hormones are mostly responsible for causing rashes at this stage. You can always consult your doctor who will do an examination and guide you accordingly.

Though not very common, some pregnant women seem to experience memory loss, reduced cognitive abilities, fogginess, and loss of attention. The exact reason behind this phenomenon is not known and experts the pregnancy results in reduction in grey matter in the brain to help bond with the baby and prepare for the stressful period post childbirth.

The increasing blood flow during pregnancy put extra pressure on your blood vessels result in varicose veins. While they can strike at any time, they bulge and grow as the pregnancy progresses. In some pregnant women, they subside within a few days. In most cases, varicose veins are not a concern. But if they get troublesome, you can always consult your gynecologist.

Many pregnant women start dealing with pregnancy gingivitis around this time during their pregnancy. Constant acidity and throwing up lead to the acumulation of the acid in their mouth which may damage the gums leading to acidity. Hormone upheveals also often leads to this condition. In addition, pregnant ladies who crave sweets and junk may increase their intake damaging their teeth and gums. While some women may struggle with increased saliva production, others can experieced reduced saliva which can also can oral damage. Saliva can also turn acidic for some which can erode the enamel and gums resulting in sore and sensitive gums.


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