Week 37 of Your Pregnancy

36 weeks pregnant


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Pregnancy Symptoms

Few of the symptoms which you may notice at 37 weeks are:


Insomnia can happen during any stage of pregnancy but is more pronouced during the second and third trimester. Hormonal imbalances, acidity and indigestion, growing belly, baby movements, all contribute to your sleeplessness.

Pelvic Numbness

Relaxin, an important hormone released by the placenta during pregnancy in preperation for delivery can cause pelvic numbness. This symptom is common during pregnancy and not a cause for concern.

Vaginal Gush

Congrats!! You are now very close to delivery a baby. You will experience body changes accordingly too. You will be observe an increase in vaginal discharge at this stage and you may need to be watchful and talk to your doctor about the signs of a water break when your may need to rush to the hospital

Breathing trouble

In between your growing uterus, your increasing body weight, your fatigue, and inability to move, you will find it increasingly difficult to catch your breath. Your expanding uterus will put pressure on your diaphragm which will put pressure on your lungs, thus making breathing labourious. Difficulty in breathing is not a complication but just a routine preganancy symptoms. Just try to take things easy and pace your day in such a way that you can do your routine things slowly. Hurrying around isn't an option anymore!

Baby's Development

How big is your baby?

Baby’s Length: 19.6 inches(51 cm)
Baby’s Weight: 2.7 kgs

Baby Sleep

Deep sleep in a day is around 50% and light sleep is around 40%. 5% or close to 90 min, your baby will be awake which means reduced fluttering at this week is common.

Bay’s Lungs

Lungs are fully functioning now and can assist the baby’s breathing the external air by generating a lipoprotein termed as ‘Surfactant’.

Baby’s Sucking thumb

Baby would be sucking thumb many times. This would be a preliminary practice for sucking breast milk after birth.


Baby also practices inhaling, exhaling and will do more fist contractions.

Your's Changing Body

Though not very common, some pregnant women seem to experience memory loss, reduced cognitive abilities, fogginess, and loss of attention. The exact reason behind this phenomenon is not known and experts the pregnancy results in reduction in grey matter in the brain to help bond with the baby and prepare for the stressful period post childbirth.

Your little bean is growing, your uterus is streching and expanding to accomodate your growing fetus. The hormones also cause the loosening of some of the ligaments and ligaments in the pelvic area in preparation for delivery. All these factors together result in pelvic pain during this stage of your pregnancy.

Multiple bathroom trips are common during pregnancy and happen due to the increasing blood volume in your blood, your ever-expanding uterus which puts pressure on your bladder, as well as hormonal disturbances. Make sure that you stay well hydrated during pregnancy, especially when you experience frequent urination. The chances of contracting urinary infections are very high during pregnancy and drinking a good amount of fluids helps you reduce the risk of contracting UTIs.

Those fluctuating hormone levels – particularly drops in estrogen – as well as an increased metabolic rate during pregnancy can cause the surges of heat that may leave you kicking off your sheets at night.Hot flashes usually affect the head, neck, and chest, and they can last from seconds to minutes

As you get closer to your deilvery, it becomes vital to understand the signs of a water break and the right signs which indicate when you must rush to the hospital for delivery. Through your pregnancy, your little bean is cushioned within a little sack filled with amniotic fluid. As your body get near to delivering, the sack ruptures, releasing the fluids. For some women, water breaks can be in small amounts, while for others it can be a full gush.


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