Week 38 of Your Pregnancy

37 weeks pregnant


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Pregnancy Symptoms

Few of the symptoms which you may notice at 38 weeks are:

Water Breaks

As you get closer to your deilvery, it becomes vital to understand the signs of a water break and the right signs which indicate when you must rush to the hospital for delivery. Through your pregnancy, your little bean is cushioned within a little sack filled with amniotic fluid. As your body get near to delivering, the sack ruptures, releasing the fluids. For some women, water breaks can be in small amounts, while for others it can be a full gush.

Vaginal Gush

If you experience discharge during late pregnancy that looks like boogers, you might be losing your mucus plug. Sometimes it comes out in one blob, but often it comes out in bits and pieces. This could indicate you're going into labor

Braxton Hicks Contractions

Not to be confused with labour pains, these contractions occur with limited frequency such as once or twice a day or once in every few hours. Some women do not experiece these contractions too. Typically you will feel the tightening of your abdmoninal muscles and hardening of your belly. These contractions will disappear once you change your position or activity.


Insomnia can happen during any stage of pregnancy but is more pronouced during the second and third trimester. Hormonal imbalances, acidity and indigestion, growing belly, baby movements, all contribute to your sleeplessness.

Baby's Development

How big is your baby?

Baby’s Length: 21 inches(53.3 cm)
Baby’s Weight: 3.1 kgs

Baby’s Brain & Nervous System

Development of the brain and nervous system will be completed fully.

Baby’s Toenails

Toenails would be at the top of the toe by now.


Peeling of vernix and lanugo will continue and gets mixed with the amniotic fluid. Baby will certainly swallow it, and these gets accumulated in little one’s intestine. You can see these waste products in baby’s first poop.

Your's Changing Body

Are your breasts leaking thick or light fluids? This is completely normal and your body’s way of preparing itself to feed your baby post-birth. The thick fluid is colustrum or pre-milk and is the first milk that your baby will have after birth. If the leak is uncomfortable and leaving stain on your clothes, you can wear nursing pads inside your bra to absorb the leaks.

Your body is preparing to deliver your baby. The hormone relaxin causes many changes that can make you feel sore at your pelvic area. Your little bean is growing by leaps and bounds in the last few weeks too. The combined weight of the uterus and your baby can cause pain at the pelvic floor.

Having to toss and turn all night and finding that you cannot catch the much-needed zzzs? You will have to wait until you deliver, or maybe until your little one has grown a little. Sleeplessness happens due to many factors and is one of the most common pregnancy symptoms. Try to relax even if you don’t feel sleepy. Practice some breathing exercises and meditation -throughout the day to help you through this phase of insomnia.

There are multiple reasons for shortness of breath, one of the most common pregnancy symptoms. Sometimes, a mundane task such as walking a few steps can find you gasping for breath. Your heart is working faster, you are putting on pregnancy weight, your hormones are working on full force, your uterus is growing. All these factors can cause breathlessness. Needless to say breathlessness is not serious and will resolve once your have delivered your baby.

You are already dealing with sleeplessness, forgetfulness and a hundred other symptoms. Add to that your worry about your little bean is doing well or not and you can experience anxiety of different levels. Techniques such as breathing, yoga, and meditation can help you with your anxiety to a certain extent. You can also talk to your doctor about managing this symptom.


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