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With a rich experience in pregnancy and parenting, our team of experts create insightful, well-curated, and easy-to-read content for our to-be-parents and parents at all stages of parenting.

As a parent, it’s heart-wrenching to see your little one suffer every night. Countless visits to the hospital and emergency rooms is emotionally draining for the entire family. Ever wonder why your child often experiences issues like wheezing, sneezing, snoring and congestion? Do you feel helpless when you have to medicate your child and spend sleepless nights ensuring they are safe and healthy?
Have you given it a thought that the Air that you breathe can be the culprit behind this?
Development, Industrialization, and Urbanization have increased Air Pollution to never before alarming levels. There are many respiratory problems that affect children, especially those under 5 years of age. Many kids report at least 4 to 8 episodes of respiratory illnesses every year. This also results in school absenteeism and reduced outdoor play hours. The toxic smog that cloaked the Indian capital city of New Delhi this week was bad enough to send its air pollution levels off the charts. It prompted the officials and the government to declare this as a medical emergency and public health crisis.
The air in your home is same as the air outside in the city. When we breathe, besides the vital oxygen, we also inhale micro-dust, smoke, bacteria, virus, allergens, and many other harmful contaminants. And this not just leads to simple breathing issues but can impact your lung health in long-term. More importantly, it can significantly impact your child’s developing lungs. A child’s airways are extremely small and if something as small as a drop of mucus goes in, it will produce significant obstruction resulting in chest congestion and wheezing issues
How bad is the air you breathe?
The air you breathe indoors is same as the air you breathe outdoors. When we inhale, along with vital oxygen, we also breathe in many harmful pollutants that can affect the capacity and growth of lungs, especially in children.
A recent survey conducted by Breathe Blue survey reveals about 35 per cent of school-going children fared badly in the Lung Health Screening Test (LHST). This is alarming and indicates poor air quality across India. The Lung Health Screening Test is a method to determine how much air the lungs can hold, how quickly one can move air in and out of his/her lungs, and how well the lungs take in oxygen and remove carbon dioxide from the body. The tests can detect lung diseases and measure the severity. Causes of poor lungs condition could be the prolonged exposure to environmental pollutants and the quality of air their tiny lungs take in.
Why is Children’s Lung Vulnerable?

  • Children’s Lungs are the last organ to develop completely
  • Regular physical activity demands higher oxygen and hence rapid breathing
  • Smaller Lungs mean breathing often and increased risk of inhaling more pollutants
  • Narrower airways and under-developed defense mechanisms increases risk
  • Regular breathing through mouth increases chances of other infections

How can we deal with the Toxic air?
While a lot of solutions are not in our hands, especially those that require government initiative and institutional control, we still see a silver lining in the form of interim measures that can protect the health of our little ones from air pollution. As a parent or a school facilitator, we can take these measures to improve the air quality inside the homes and classrooms. Some of these are:

  • Get rid of Dust mites: Our homes have a large amount of upholstered furnishing, carpets, soft toys, and curtains. These are the breeding grounds for dust mites, potent allergens that are not visible to naked eyes. A regular cleaning and vacuuming is necessary to get rid of house dust mites.
  • Talk to your child’s school: Our kids spend more than 8 hours at schools. It’s important for parents to have a conversation with school authorities and request them to monitor air quality both inside the classroom and outside. Hygiene, cleanliness, and air purifying measures should be taken by the school to ensure clean air, inside and outside.
  • Avoid aerobic activity during vulnerable hours: This would require measures to control outdoor play and shifting it to safe hours which typically mean either late mornings or late evenings.
  • An indoor HEPA air filter for your home: This is a necessary measure to let your children breathe pure air. An air purifier would ensure 8-10 hours of sleeping time with cleaner air for your young champs. But it is important to be careful and buy the right purifier.

Pureit Air Purifier combines world-class air purification technologies to help your children breathe pure air. Advance HEPA Technology ensures Pure Air by refreshing all the air in the room once every 13 minutes2 and the powerful HEPA removes 99% of 6 widest range of harmful pollutants in just 1 hour:

  1. Cigarette Smoke
  2. Dust (like airborne micro-dust)
  • Particulate Matter (like PM 2.5 and PM 10)
  1. Air Borne Bacteria (similar to Tuberculosis and Conjunctivitis)
  2. Air Borne Virus (similar to H1N1 and Influenza)
  3. Allergens (Pollen, Mold Spores, Dust Mites and Pet Dander)
  • India’s 1st: Pureit Air Purifiers with Advance HEPA Technology is India’s 1st Air Purifier to remove 99% of 6 widest range of Pollutants in Just 1 hour.
  • World’s First Refresh Display: Pureit Air Purifiers refreshes the air of your room every 13 minutes and displays it. No other Purifier in the world has a Refresh Display.
  • 2X Purification: Pureit Air Purifiers with its dual fan and dual filters helps give 2X purification in less time.
  • Only Purifier to claim Purifier Efficiency: Pureit has specially designed its HEPA to give the best purification based on the machine. So Pureit Advance HEPA Technology ensures that the Purifier gives the best removal of pollutants at the lowest possible time. Hence Pureit is the only Purifier that claims % removal efficacy of the purifier and not just the filters.

Unique Features:

  • Air Purity Indicator

Measures your air quality once every 2 secs. to display the Quality of Air in your room.

  • Fights WHO Blacklisted Contaminants

Designed to fight the WHO Blacklisted Contaminants.

  • Refresh Display: Refreshes your room’s air, every 13 minutes2

Pure Refresh – Well designed Air Vents to refresh all the air in your room every 13 minutes2. Only Pureit shows you how many times the air in your room has been cleaned by your air purifier.

  • Pureit Promise – Pure Air, always

A unique promise of purity to give your family Pure Air to breathe. Alerts you 15 days before Filter Expiry and stopping the device once the filter life expires.

  • Fresh Air Guarantee

Designed to remove several unique Indian in-home odours and harmful organic compounds (VoCs) to keep your air fresh and energising.

  • Intelligent Automatic Operation

Sensing the room’s air quality, it automatically increases or decreases speed of purification to deliver pure air in the shortest time possible.

  • Low Power Consumption

Optimized for lowest power consumption – Consumes only as much power as a ceiling fan.

  • Ultra Quiet Performance

Designed to deliver Pure Air fast, making no more noise than a gentle quiet conversation.

  • Occupies Minimal Space

For high purification capacity, tower type design helps occupy minimal space in your room.

  • Child Safety Lock (Available in model H301)

If you have kids or pets in the house, the Child Lock feature may be exactly what you need. It helps in keeping all the settings in place by locking all the keys of the interface. Press the button for 3 seconds to activate it. Press it again for 3 seconds to deactivate.

  • Convenience of 5×3 modes of Speed and Timer

Helps you take charge of Air Purity in your room with its 5×3 choice of Speed and Timer modes.

Editorial Team,

With a rich experience in pregnancy and parenting, our team of experts create insightful, well-curated, and easy-to-read content for our to-be-parents and parents at all stages of parenting.Read more.

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