Will Staying Fit Save You Money On Health Expenses?

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As a parent, there are many important reasons to stay fit. You want to be around for your children as long as possible, while keeping up your energy to take care of them. You also want to set a good example about living a balanced, healthy lifestyle.

But did you know that staying fit can save you a lot of money on health expenses? We’ll go into the ‘how’ of it all. First, we need to discuss one important disclaimer.

Fitness is no panacea

In today’s world, the most extreme opinions get heard first. For this reason, you’ve probably seen plenty of articles written about how fitness will cure you of everything from gout to cancer. And, while staying fit will improve your overall health and immunity, it is no panacea. We are all mortal and therefore susceptible to illness no matter what we do.

No matter how fit you get, don’t give up your health insurance. Life insurance is necessary as a parent as well. The price of your life insurance can go down if you are in excellent shape. But there is always a risk of sudden illness or accident no matter how hard you work to keep healthy.

That being said, staying fit will reduce your health expenses. Here’s how.

Preventable diseases

Some illnesses are genetic or connected to specific unavoidable circumstances. But many conditions that afflict modern people are preventable. These include certain chronic conditions like heart disease, type 2 diabetes, lung cancer, and depression and anxiety, among others.

Diet is, of course, a major aspect in preventing these illnesses. So too is abstinence from smoking, binge drinking, and other unhealthy activities. However, staying fit is a huge factor that can stave off preventable diseases even if your overall lifestyle is not perfectly healthy.

Nonetheless, you should aim to maintain balance in all parts of your life, as this is the best way to stay healthy and prevent disease.

Managing chronic diseases

Staying fit is not only good for preventing diseases. It can help you manage chronic illness as well. People with a predisposition to heart disease, for example, are often advised to exercise daily. This saves money on medical interventions that should only be considered last resorts.

This can apply even when it comes to mental health. While every person is different, many people suffering from anxiety and depression find that exercise is a huge factor in staying healthy. Even those who are taking antidepressants find that exercise improves their outcomes.

You shouldn’t consider exercise a panacea that will cure these conditions. However, it will balance out the other interventions. You will spend less money on high doses of medication, therapy, and other treatments.

Health insurance rewards

Insurers recognize the health benefits of staying fit. Not only does it save you money on health expenses, but it saves them money as well. The more in shape you are, the less likely you are to claim from them.

For this reason, many health insurance providers offer rewards for staying fit. These may be things like discounts on your policy, gym memberships, smart fitness trackers, and more. If you manage your fitness well, acting according to the guidance of your health insurance provider, you will be able to maximize the benefits, saving yourself even more cash in the process.

Staying fit can save you a lot of money on health expenses. It is impossible to state an accurate amount, as each person is different, but you may save thousands of dollars every single year. This is the least important reason to stay fit, but it should serve as a great motivator.

Remember that fitness can’t fix everything. Don’t rely on exercise as a substitute for vaccines, healthy eating, and medical interventions.


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