Ray-Ban Glasses For Kids

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Wearing sunglasses is a style statement, but it also protects your eyes from the glaring sun rays. So, when your child is out there in the park, and the sun rays are glaring down on his or her eye, you ought to look for sunglasses. One of the best sunglasses that you can buy for your child is Ray-Ban Kids Glasses. Now, while buying Ray-Ban Kids Glasses for your child, you will be looking to find out certain things. So, in this article, let’s discuss some important things you should know before you buy Ray-Ban Kids Glasses for your child.


Ray-Ban Glasses For Kids

Advantages Of Ray Ban Glasses For Kids

Ray-Ban Junior collection is a kid-size adaptation of classic Ray-Ban glasses. The styles and quality of Ray-Ban junior collection have no change from the original Ray-Bans. Ray-Ban has been making high-quality stylish frames for over 80 years. Here are the advantages of Ray-ban glasses:

  • Ray-Ban has high-quality lenses and long-lasting frames
  • Ray-Ban lenses have UV protection without changing the colors you see around.
  • Polarized lenses of Ray-Ban blocks more than 99% of reflected light making the vision clearer and brighter
  • Another great advantage of Ray-Ban is it can be customized according to the prescription lenses.
  • There is a vast collection of shapes, frames, and lens and you can choose the combination you prefer for you or your kid.

What Age Do Ray Ban Juniors Fit?

The first thing you would be looking to find out is the age limitation of buying Ray-Ban Kids Glasses. Yes, Ray-Ban Kids Glasses do look stylish and you would want your child to wear them. However, the Ray-Ban Juniors glasses made to fit the children of the age group of 4 to 6 years. So, if your child falls into this age group, then you can buy it.

What Does Ray Ban Junior Mean?

Ray-Ban Junior sunglasses have a lesser lens size. It means these glasses will fit the face of your child properly. For example, the lens size of Ray-Ban Junior Wayfarers is around 47 millimeters wide which is almost 5 millimeters shorter than the normal size of Ray-Ban glasses. So, you can see that it will fit the size of your child’s face. Also, it will be easier for your child to carry the sunglass. 

Are Ray Bans For Girls?

Ray-Ban sunglasses are very popular among women as well. So, if you have a girl child, then you can also give her Ray-Ban sunglasses to wear. You will find a large collection of Ray-Ban sunglasses for women and girls. Thus, you can choose the one that will suit the face of your girl. It will help her to style and also protect her from sun rays.

Is Ray Ban Kids Glasses Polarized?

One concern many parents have is the glare that comes from various surfaces like water, glass or snow due to the reflection of sunlight. However, the Ray-Ban sunglasses will take that worry away from you. These sunglasses are polarized which means your child will not have any problem to see when the sun beating down on such surfaces. The colors will not get distorted and thus, your child will be able to distinguish the colors easily.

How Do You Know What Size Ray-Ban?

It is important to understand the size of the Ray-Ban sunglasses. Here are some tips to find the right size of the Ray-Ban sunglasses:

  • All the Ray-Ban sunglasses will have the size printed on it.
  • Look at the left temple inside the sunglass and you will find it printed there.
  • There will be three numbers printed; the first is the diameter of the lens, the second is the width of the bridge, and the third will be the temple length.

By following these measurements, you can buy the right sunglass.

How Long Do Kids Ray Bans glasses Last?

How long the Ray-Ban sunglasses will last depends on the way your child uses it. Many factors contribute to the life of your child’s Ray-Ban sunglasses. Here are some of those things:

  • How much your child is using the sunglass.
  • How much your child is taking care of the sunglass.
  • The material of the sunglass you are buying for your child.
  • If your child uses the Ray-Ban sunglass constantly, then it may last for a couple of years. However, with care, it can last longer.

Are Kids Ray Bans Scratch Resistant?

Whether the Ray-Ban sunglass you buy is scratch-resistant or not depends on the material of the lens. Crystal or glass lenses are much more scratch-resistant than plastic ones. If you buy a classic Ray-Ban sunglass, you can still find it scratch-resistant. However, you will have the choice of color and lens coating in both glass and plastic lenses.

Do Ray Ban Glasses For Kids Have 100 UV Protections?

Ray-Ban sunglasses do provide UV protection. It is true for all the Ray-Ban sunglasses. However, the amount of UV protection varies a lot depending on the lens coating. Some shades of the Ray-Ban sunglasses to offer 100% UV protection. However, others might allow a portion of the UV rays to get into the eyes.

How Can You Tell Genuine Ray-Ban Kids Glasses?

Determining which Ray-Ban sunglasses are original and which ones are fake is very important for you to find the right product. First of all, you will see the initials ‘RB’ etched into the lens of an original Ray-Ban sunglass. Moreover, the word ‘Ray-Ban’ will be there in white at the other top corner. You will not find these marks in a fake Ray-Ban sunglass. Even if you do, you will be able to determine whether it is fake by looking at it.

Finally, it is important to protect the eyes of your child from the glaring sun rays. The best way of doing it is by making your child wear sunglasses. If you want to have the best sunglasses for your child, then Ray-Ban sunglasses are a very good option. Just make sure that you are buying the original ones and your child is using it with care. In this way, the sunglasses may last for a very long time.

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