Peter Pan Story With Moral For Kids in English

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Sindhuja Prabhu

Peter Pan Story

Many children love fairy tales. Fairy tales involve magic and always have a nice message. They are easy for even very young children to understand. Fairy tales are suitable for various age groups and so can be a good choice for growing children. We can teach children some important lessons using fairy tales and Peter Pan is one such impressive story.

When you tell children a story involving children their age, they can relate better. This gets their interest and the message can reach them effectively. Fairy tales also never get boring even after a few years. The story of Peter Pan, a small boy who never wanted to grow up or listen to grownups, is sure to get every child’s interest.

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Unknown Facts About The Story

There are many stories with Peter Pan characters in them. Peter Pan first appeared in a storybook for adults. The character became a success in a play after which the author wrote a separate novel with Peter Pan as a lead character. There is a statue of Peter Pan in London and the character also featured on the UK’s postage stamps for a while.

Peter Pan Story Characters 

The main characters in this story are:

  • Peter Pan – An adventurous little boy who never wanted to grow up
  • Tinker Bell – A fun-loving fairy who was very loyal to Peter
  • Wendy – The oldest of the three siblings, caring in nature
  • John – The middle child who always finds answers to problems in Neverland, from his book
  • Michael – The youngest sibling, whose rash acts had dire consequences for all around him
  • Captain Hook – The villain of the story wanted to harm Peter Pan
  • Pirates – A gang of six men under the leadership of Captain Hook
  • Crocodile – Captain Hook’s enemy and the one who chewed off his hand
  • The Lost Boys – A group of boys who fell out of their pram and were never claimed by their parents

Peter Pan Short Story With Pictures in English

peter pan images

Wendy, John, and Michael were three children who lived in London. One day when Wendy woke up in the middle of the night, she saw a small boy sitting on her bedroom floor, looking all angry. She asked him what the matter was and he said his shadow would not stick to him and kept running away. Wendy immediately sewed his shadow to the tips of his shoes.

Peter was very happy and invited Wendy to Neverland along with him and Tinker Bell, to take care of him and the lost boys. Wendy agreed on a condition that Peter taught her and her brothers to fly. Soon, all three children were flying around in their room.

peter pan pictures

One day, the three children flew out of their window and followed the golden arrows that pointed the way to Neverland. After they reached the island, Peter Pan explained to them about the lost boys, Tinker Bell, the mermaids, and the pirates. 

He also informed them about the captain of the pirates – Captain Hook. He was the meanest pirate and was scared of the crocodile. The crocodile had chewed off Captain Hook’s arm and was waiting to eat more of him. However, the crocodile had swallowed a clock and the clock’s noise always warned Captain Hook about the crocodile’s presence. 

Peter took the three children home. On seeing Wendy, the lost boys asked if she could be their mother and take care of them. Wendy was reluctant at first but finally agreed to try her best. She told the boys bedtime stories and tucked them into bed. 

peter pan short story

One day while Peter and the boys were exploring the mermaid’s lagoon, they saw the pirates. The boys ran away while Peter and Wendy hid. The pirates had tied Tiger Lily – an Indian princess to a rock. Peter wanted to save her and so asked the pirates to set her free, in Captain Hook’s voice. The pirates immediately set the princess free. This made Captain Hook very angry, and he swore to get revenge.

Soon, the three children became very homesick and wanted to go back to their parents. Wendy invited the lost boys, Peter and Tinker Bell to come along too. She said her parents would be happy to take care of them all. The lost boys agreed but Peter and Tinker Bell decided to stay back.

captain hook

When Wendy and the boys were leaving, the pirates caught them and took them to their ship. Tinker Bell informed Peter and he immediately went to save his friends. During the fight, Captain Hook fell into the water and the crocodile ate him up. 

Tinker Bell took Wendy and all the boys to Wendy’s house. Her parents were thrilled to see their three children again. They agreed to take care of the boys. So, Peter Pan and Tinker Bell bid them all goodbye and went back to Neverland.

Peter Pan Story Summary

Peter Pan was a little boy who never wanted to grow up. He makes friends with three children who go back to Neverland with Peter. There they embark on many adventures before they return home to their parents.

Moral of Peter Pan Story

The moral of this fairy tale is – if our actions are bad the consequences will also be bad. If we help others, we can all live together happily, taking care of one another. 

How Can Children Apply the Lesson of the Story in Their Real Life?

As children grow up, the negative ideas around them are sure to influence them. From the Captain Hook character, children can learn that if their actions are bad or if they try to hurt someone, the consequences will also be bad. From Wendy, they can learn to be compassionate towards others, which is very important in today’s world.

Peter Pan story for kids is a classic fairy tale that has been passed down through the generations. It helps children learn the impact and importance of good and bad deeds. It is important to teach children about consequences so that they are conscious of their decisions and actions. 

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