10 Awesome Return Gift Ideas For Your Baby’s 1st Birthday Party

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If you are planning your child’s first birthday party, then you will soon hear about this concept called “return gifts”. Since this was not a popular practice when we were growing up, let us break this down for you. The simple days of organizing a party where all you needed to worry about was food and drinks are long gone. Nowadays, apart from food and drinks, you need a birthday theme, decorations and cake in line with the theme, entertainment ideas ranging from magicians to tattoo artists and finally an awesome return gift idea that will ensure the guests do not stop talking about the party for days.
return gifts

10 Awesome Return Gift Ideas For Your Baby’s 1st Birthday Party

There are complaints out there about how “useless” most of the return gifts are. This is because there will be anywhere between 10 to 30 kids in a birthday party and if you allocate even Rs.500 per return gift, the overall cost can go up by Rs.15000. So most parents stick to something that can be done within a lower denomination, such as Rs.100. And the toys you get for this amount often render useless or broken within days (if not hours). Anyway, haters will be haters. So, sit back and read about 10 awesome return gift ideas we love!

1. Photo Booth:

This is a slightly expensive idea, but a fun and unique way of thanking the guests for coming to your party. You will need a couple of helpers for this idea. Set up a photo booth that is in line with the party theme, along with few props. Get one helper to place each child in the booth and click a picture. Get the other helper to transfer the picture to the laptop and take a printout immediately. Put it in a nice envelope or a photo frame and you are done!
photo booth

2. Story Books:

Books never go out of style. Make sure you buy books keeping in mind the age group of the children who will be attending the party. You can also plan ahead and shop at a time when the book stores run sales and offers

3. Cartoon DVD:

Ok, parents might not really appreciate this as they might be struggling to reduce their kids’ screen time. But it is going to be a sure-shot hit with kids. Get a mix of good movie DVDs (Disney et al)
cartoon DVD

4. Piggy Banks:

A sensible gift as the children learn to understand the value of money and the importance of saving. If you expect a lot of older kids to the party, you can also set up a pottery booth where kids can make their own piggy banks!
piggy bank

5. Block Games:

Block games for smaller kids and Lego for older kids – why, even parents can spend hours playing with them! Make sure the blocks are colorful, child-safe and preferably made of eco-friendly materials like wood

6. Personalized Bibs:

If you have a guest list where most kids will be youngish, then bibs are a great idea. Try to get the names of the kids embroidered in the bibs to get a personalized feel

7. Feeding Plates and Mugs:

This is another practical gift that parents will also appreciate. Kids always need new plates and mugs to make food more attractive to them. And if you can get them customized, to include perhaps the name of the child, then it is perfect
mug and cup

8. Food:

Many parents, who believe return gifts do not last for more than an hour, gives away a food packet as the return gift. It could include chocolates, lollipops, candies, crackers, cupcakes and marshmallows – the options are plenty. And you can be satisfied the gift will definitely not be wasted

9. Fridge Magnet Photo Frame:

You can get customized fridge magnets for any theme. You can add on a photo frame to the fridge magnet so that the kids can always see them every time they go near the refrigerator
photo frames

10. Art Kit:

This is another popular, albeit a bit cliched, return gift. All kids love coloring and playing with paint. A small art kit that contains crayons, glitter pens and a coloring book would keep them occupied for some time and would be an ideal return gift
art kit
These days no party is complete without return gifts. So sit back and plan in advance what you want your little guests to take home with them. You can even plan a goody bag with different small gifts for them rather than one big gift. It will not only be easy on your pocket but will also delight the little ones a lot more. Many of these gifts can be customized to whichever birthday theme you pick. And there are many mom-entrepreneurs in social media who can make customized gifts for you.
Planning a kid’s birthday party is a time consuming activity and can get quite hectic. We hope the 1st birthday return gift ideas we mentioned above will come in handy for you and you and your little one will have a perfect first birthday party! So, what are you waiting for? Plan an awesome party and tell us what you did! Good luck!

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