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7 Tips To Celebrate A Safe First Diwali Of Your Baby

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Your baby’s first Diwali is indeed a very special occasion for you and your family. But how do we make it a special occasion for the little one? If you look at it from your baby’s point of view, she is suddenly exposed to many new faces as your friends and family visits, or a new place if you are visiting your parents/in-laws place. She is seeing too many new things and hearing too many new (and loud) noises. And to top it all, she doesn’t have her mamma by her side all the time like she is used to. Enough to send any baby on a panic attack!
Diwali festivities

7 Tips To Celebrate Your Baby’s First Diwali Safely

So how do you ensure that when it is time for family photos you have a happy cheerful child in your hands as opposed to a cranky one? Read on to understand how you, your family and your baby can together celebrate Diwali. All you have to do it take care of the following seven items:

    1. Maintain the routine: Your baby is too small now. One thing that makes her feel secure is her daily routine. Try to plan your Diwali days around your baby’s routine. We know it is not always possible – and we know you do not want people to think that you are fussing over the baby too much. But imagine this, it is better to take out some time to stick to her routine than deal with a cranky baby throughout the day. Let her eat, sleep and bathe at a time she is used to. Do not deviate her routine and schedule, and she will not feel cranky or overstimulated thereof
    2. Refrain from overstimulating: Too many new faces cooing the child and too many new people holding her might over-stimulate her. Try to keep as many familiar faces around her as you can. If she is used to only you and your spouse, make sure one of you are always around her. If your baby is smaller than 6 months, then probably she wouldn’t mind being held by different people. But if she is older than 6 months, then she can recognize familiar faces from strangers. Take special care of older kids/toddlers in the family who might get over-excited to see a baby and would want to hold or play with her. If you think it will upset your baby, there is no harm in saying a polite “baby wants to be with mamma now, you can play with her little later”
    3. Be wary of noise: Even if you chose crackers that do not make much noise for your home, the baby will still be exposed to loud and sudden cracker sounds coming from neighborhood and street. Loud noises can cause your little one’s ear drums to damage as they are still developing. During ‘peak’ celebratory hours, it is advisable to keep the baby in a room that is away from all the noise (and smoke, for that matter!). This way you keep the baby away from loud noises, pollution and other hazards of crackers

Baby dressed for Diwali

  1. Food: We know you would be busy in the kitchen all the time preparing sweets, snacks and food for the family and guests. Do not delegate or delay preparing your little one’s food in this hectic day. Also feed her on time. As important as feeding her home-cooked food that she is used to is, it is also important to keep an eye on what she eats. You might get many gift boxes containing nuts, dried fruits and store-made sweets (mithais). Make sure no one feeds your child these as they can be choking hazards. Your little one’s tummy might not be used to outside food and this can also take a toll on baby’s digestion, giving rise to even stomach infections
  2. Clothes: We know you would want to dress up the little one as miniature you (or your spouse if you have a boy). But please ensure that when you pick the clothes for the baby, they are comfortable and traditional. Too many sequins, mirror work etc can not only irritate baby’s skin, but also can be choking hazard if it falls off the dress
  3. Participation: Involve the baby in the celebrations in an age appropriate way. Is she big enough to sit? Then let her play around with the Rangoli colors for some. Decorate her room with colorful lamps and garlands. If she can walk around, give her some paper decorations and garlands to put around the house. Make sure to wash her hands after such tasks as she might put it in her mouth
  4. And most importantly, safety: If there is just one thing you want to ensure this Diwali, it should be your child’s safety. Read the following tips to make Diwali safe for your child:
    • Have someone familiar with the baby around all the time – preferably she should be with either you, your spouse or one of the grandparents she is close to. There are some many strange faces walking in and out of the house. Beware of this
    • Keep the diyas out of the baby’s reach, especially if your baby can crawl or walk
    • Make sure she does sniff around the floral garlands, as it might have insects, pollen or mold, which can trigger respiratory problems like asthma
    • Take care when you ‘light up’ the house. Ensure that the wires are out of reach for the baby. Childproof the electric decorations
    • Take utmost care while people around the baby are using firecrackers. Ideally it should not be burst inside the house and when it is burst outside, keep the baby inside. You can show her some of the light-only crackers from a distance though
    • Keep a first aid kit handy in case your baby or someone else gets hurt or burnt

Have a Happy and a Safe Diwali!

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