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Safe Sleeping Position For A Newborn

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For any mother, taking care of her child is definitely her first priority. And while taking care of her baby, two things that require extra vigilance is the baby’s diet and sleep. And both these factors are interconnected with each other. So basically, a good meal will definitely lead to good sleep, and similarly, a good nap results in healthy and sufficient food intake. Good diet and proper sleep affect not only a child’s physical development but also his mental growth. Let us understand some safe sleeping positions for babies that will ensure a good sleep and at the same time throw some light on SIDS – Sudden Infant death syndrome and ways to prevent it.
safe sleeping positions for baby

Baby Sleep Basics

Just like adults, even infants vary from each other in their sleeping habits. And these habits are highly determined by child’s diet, fitness and the environment that he lives in. Moreover, babies surely do not follow any rules of night and day and generally take a nap whenever it pleases them. Though you cannot decide the timings but you can definitely ensure that your baby gets a sound sleep through various ways.

  • It is generally observed that babies get a sleep worth million dollars in comfortable bassinet, crib, or any other baby basket
  • Keep the baby’s bed separate instead of sharing your bed with the baby. Though leaving the baby alone in another room is not recommended
Safe Sleeping Positions For A Newborn

The tender and the innocent one depends on you for his each and every need. And having a proper know-how of how to fulfill those needs is extremely vital. It might sound new, but babies have very specific sleeping positions that are termed as “safe sleeping positions”. And any position otherwise might cause problems.
And we will now make you familiar with some safe ways of putting your baby to sleep and some tips so that the baby gets a sound sleep and wakes up happy.

  • The best sleeping position for babies is to sleep on their back even while taking small naps and long duration sleeps. the advantages of this position are:
    • It keeps the airways open and enhances the supply of oxygen
    • Reduces the risk of sleep related problems and SIDS
    • The American Academy of Paediatrics calls this position as the safe-to-sleep position as it drastically reduced the cases of SIDS

Moreover, a safe sleeping position is also very important in avoiding the occurrence of SIDS. SIDS is responsible for over 80% of infant deaths in the US. But gaining a proper knowledge about it will definitely make a difference.

What Is SIDS In Babies?

The acronym “SIDS” stands for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and is also known as “crib death”. Though the exact reason behind the death of the infant cannot be judged, but by taking care of small things you can easily prevent SIDS. Moreover, correct and safe sleeping positions for babies are found to be a great risk reducing factor.

What Are The Main Causes Of SIDS?

Here are top 3 factors which are considered to be the causes of SIDS:

  • Sleeping on stomach or side: Doctors usually recommend avoiding baby sleeping on his stomach. As this position doesn’t allow a good digestion of food. Apart from that, the airways are blocked leading to a lesser oxygen supply. Thus it is assumed to be one of the biggest reasons of SIDS. Similarly sleeping on the side may cause excessive pressure on jaws and one hand. Hence, it is considered to be not a very comfortable position again
  • Overheating: Some mothers are over cautious and like to keep their baby safe always. And in an attempt to protect him from cold, the mother might end up overdressing the baby and this can lead to overheating. Since the baby is too young to show his discomfort, he ends up being the victim of SIDS
  • Exposure to tobacco smoke: Again you have to understand that the baby cannot show his discomfort and would inhale smoke if someone smokes in the same room as the baby. Therefore, tobacco smoke might fill baby’s lungs and suffocate him to death

baby sleeping with pacifier

How To Prevent SIDS ?

However there is no one single answer to this question, but there are a lot of things that can be done to prevent SIDS risk in your baby. Some of these are:

  1. Do not cover your baby’s head with blankets and do not put any toys in baby’s crib while sleeping as they can suffocate your baby
  2. Do not share your bed with baby, but place baby’s crib in your room
  3. Avoid using overly soft mattress for the baby
  4. Maintain right temperature in baby’s room
  5. Do not overdress the baby while sleeping, keep it light and comfortable
  6. Avoid bumpers in the crib
  7. Try giving pacifier to your baby at the time of sleeping
  8. Always keep your new-born swaddled

Apart from all these, you also have to take care of the sleeping position of the baby soon after he is fed. The sleeping routine changes a little soon after breastfeeding.

Best Sleeping Position For Baby After Feeding

The first and the foremost thing that you have to take care is to never allow the baby to doze off while feeding. Because in that case, it will be hard for you to judge that whether the baby is fed well or not.
Secondly, do not put your baby on its mattress soon after the feeding is over, it is important to take the baby on the shoulder and wait till he burps. This is to ensure that all the food has passed through the food pipe and there is nothing left to choke the baby while he is asleep.
Hope this article gives you an insight on baby’s safe sleeping positions in order to ensure he gets a good sleep. If you have anything more to share, please let it in the comments section below.

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