Setting Maternity Wear Wardrobe

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Setting Your Maternity Wear Wardrobe

While the news of pregnancy has you elated, the woman inside you may become tipsy thinking about setting maternity wear wardrobe. Of course, clothing is one of the basic needs and you must be comfortable during tough months of pregnancy. Soon you will be outgrowing your usual clothes and will be searching for something that is not too hard on your pocket and will flatter you.

From cute dresses to shoes, this blog tells you a few must-haves in your maternity wardrobe, so that you don’t have to shell a fortune just for a couple of months. Plus, you need to gauge ahead of the use for your maternity wardrobe for the future – that is, the postpartum needs.

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5 Tips For Maternity Wear Shopping

Maternity wear shopping is a totally different experience from regular shopping. You need to get the best look and feel for your pregnancy and need to pull it off in a budget.

Here are 5 must-do tips when shopping for maternity wear:

1. Size Matters

Now either you will be advised to buy plus sizes for your pregnancy (so that you do not have to buy again) or buy your regular size. Regular size may not be able to accommodate your growing body, but that does not mean that you try fitting yourself in men’s clothing to bigger sizes.

Choose a size that is comfortable, and makes you look chic and flattering. You may need to shop again, but you will be happy to look your best at all times during the pregnancy period

2. Pay Attention to Fabric


Yes, the fabric does hold a lot of importance when you are out shopping for your bump. Try to buy clothes that have a stretchy material so that they grow with you. The fabric should be breathable, soft, durable, and preferably of cotton.

This will help keep that itching belly sensation to the minimum. Buy clothes that are chemical-free, wrinkle-free, or permanently creased. Also, avoid clothes made of polyester or that have dyes that come off on rubbing

3. Check out Maternity Accessories

Now, this is a Sure Saver. Maternity accessories help you deal with challenges that come with wearing pregnancy clothes. Abdominal belts can be worn on your pre-pregnancy pants left unbuttoned. It also provides relief from backache, pelvis or a paining lower abdomen.

Swollen and varicose veins can be hidden with maternity support hoses. You can lock moisture in your belly by wearing a belly wrap under maternity clothes which can be beneficial to prevent stretch marks

4. Stress on Quality

pregnant woman selecting clothes

Pregnancy is a sensitive time, and maternity wear can blow anyone’s budget off the roof. However, the compromise here should be made on quantity and not quality. Maternity clothes that are poorly made soon run out of shape, shrink, or simply slip or ride up your belly. Moreover, poorly designed maternity dresses can pinch at all the wrong places, and can even result in itching on the abdomen or make you feel heated up

5. Stock on Basics

Poorly fitted undergarments can be a constant discomfort to you all through the pregnancy. Moreover, you would not look half as good as you can if your foundation is not set right. Buy necessity maternity bras and undies as your body grows, though there is no need to buy tens of them – two or three pieces that include a t-shirt bra, a sleeping bra and a dressier bra should be enough.

Maternity bras can be expensive, yes, but do not forget that these are your breasts. You must treat your breasts with care and pregnancy is just not the time to ignore them at all. Read more about maternity bras here

These facts must not be overlooked if you wish to have a safe and confident pregnancy. A confident pregnant woman can look as sexy and appealing as any other woman, and so must you. However, the question of ‘what should I buy still remains and we have the top 10 must-haves for your maternity wardrobe.

10 Maternity Wear Must-Haves

Here is a rundown to help you pull on a comfortable and chic pregnancy:

1. Cardigan

pregnant woman wearing Cardigan

Cardigans or long, thin sweaters sound a bit too warm. However, what you need is something like a cardigan, maybe in a thinner and softer fabric or crochet work. The design of the cardigan has a slimming effect and at the same time increases your self-confidence, not to forget the oomph it adds!

2. Soft Leggings


Leggings can be worn under tunics, tops, kurtis, kurtas, almost everything! The stretchy fabric and high waist design is comfortable and airy for the user

3. Maxi Dress

pregnant woman wearing maxi

The soft, free-flowing dresses in a variety of fabrics and designs are found to be comfy by many pregnant women. Take a break from your usual jeans and flaunt a maxi dress! Depending on your choice, you may select from short, mid to floor-length dresses. The single-piece dress is quite roomy and you can pair it up with a sassy belt post-pregnancy for defining bust

4. Tunic


Lay your hands on the stylish and uber comfy tunics! Tunics cover your growing belly, waist, and back, and at the same time may you look shapely. Wear them over leggings and that is all you need! The upside is, they can be worn at home and at parties too, the perfect clothing for an expecting lady!

5. Button-down Shirt

button down shirt

Women, sometimes do look sexy in those checkered formal shirts! Look for those with adjustable sleeves – full sleeves to 3/4 sleeves. You can find a variety of shirts with a slightly longer length at back and shorter front, V neck, printed and embroidered. Team it up with leggings or jeans and a stylish scarf and you are all set!

6. Flip Flops

flip flops

Since feet tend to swell during pregnancy, you would like to wear something comfy. Flip flops can be bought as flats or with an inch of heel. The best part is you do not need to bend down to fasten a strap or push in the feet

7. Belly Band

belly band

Belly bands not only provide support but they cover your enlarged belly. The use of belly bands has rendered buying maternity jeans redundant. If you can fit into your pre-pregnancy jeans except for the belly, then wearing a belly band will sort this out. You can continue to wear the clothes without worrying about the unbuttoned zipper or hook as the belly band will cover them up

8. Tank Tops


Tank tops or a bit more candid camisoles are comfortable and sexy at the same time. During pregnancy, opt for longer tops as they will cover both your belly and bottom. You can buy casual, frilly tank tops for outdoor wear with leggings or simply camis for daily wear which can be worn with a shrug or cardigan

9. Maternity Jeans

maternity jeans

Yes, the new mums-to-be can still flaunt jeans! Look out for special maternity jeans which come with an elastic waist so you don’t need to dump them in a few weeks. They are cut for comfort and long use. A big shout out to those who are dread wearing salwars!

10. Maternity Undergarments

maternity undergarment

The breasts enlarge and so does your bottom during pregnancy. Therefore, instead of cringing into your regular undies, get hold of maternity undergarments. They are specially designed for comfort and support during pregnancy. The stretchable fabric lends a seamless look with utmost coziness

Hopefully, the above essentials will take your worry regarding too much expense for those nine months. Yeah! You got it right, you don’t need to change your entire wardrobe for maternity, just a few add-ons and smart buys will get you sorted.


1. How Many Months Pregnant Do You Start Wearing Maternity Clothes?

During the first trimester, most women can wear their regular clothes (3 months). But, for comfort, you may want to explore a bigger bra or loose-fitting clothing. Around 4 or 5 months pregnant, you may need to start wearing larger clothing. 

2. Will It Hurt My Baby If My Pants Are Tight?

It won’t directly affect the baby. However, extra pressure on the abdomen and intestines can be caused by wearing pants that are too tight. As a result, you may experience or notice worsening symptoms, including heartburn and acid reflux.

3. How Many Pairs Of Maternity Pants Do I Need?

Get two pairs of high-quality maternity pants to wear throughout your pregnancy. Choose trousers that can stretch with the growing tummy.

4. Can I Wear Leggings During Pregnancy?

Leggings are safe to wear while you are pregnant. They are very comfortable and easy to put on and take off.

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