Signs of UTI During Pregnancy

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UTI During Pregnancy

This is a complete guide that would help you deal with UTI during your pregnancy. Also, UTI can often be misunderstood for other things or vice versa, so we need to be careful.

UTI is not a big problem in itself and can be resolved easily, but the key is early detection and proper medication. Well, precaution is always better than cure, so it would be better to take care of beforehand. Find out everything about signs of UTI during Pregnancy.

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What is UTI During Pregnancy?

The full form of UTI is a urinary tract infection. It is also referred to as bladder infection. It is a kind of bacterial infection that happens in the urinary tract of the pregnant woman. Pregnant women have a risk of UTI from 6 to 24 weeks of pregnancy. UTI is more common among pregnant women because of the changes that occur in the urinary tract.

What Are the Odds of Contracting UTI During Pregnancy?

A UTI is an infection that occurs in the urinary system, which may also include the bladder and kidneys. According to different researchers, it is very common for pregnant women to get infected by UTI’s. Two to ten percent of the women experience it once during their pregnancy. In a study conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, they found that 8% of pregnant women experience UTI for sure. Also, those who have a history of UTI before pregnancy are more prone to it.

Signs and Symptoms of UTI During Pregnancy

symptom of uti

In pregnancy, certain things might not have a symptom but would function in your body. Similarly, UTI does not show symptoms in everyone’s body but some. The most common symptoms are

  • Strong urge to urinate.
  • You might experiences a burning sensation while urinating along with that You might go for urination in frequent but small amounts if your urine color is red, bright pink, or cola.
  • You might feel strong smelling sense along with pelvic pain.

Is Urinary Tract Infection Harmful During Pregnancy?

UTI is not harmful if it is treated in the early stages of pregnancy, but if it goes along with you in the pregnancy, then it might pose a difficultly. There is a condition known as Pyelonephritis. It occurs because of an undiagnosed UTI. It occurs after a woman has given birth. But remember that such conditions can affect both the mother and child. Any infection during pregnancy can become a big deal if not dealt with accurately in the early stages.

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What Are the Risks of UTI During Pregnancy?

Preeclampsia - Risks of UTI

Many complications may arise if the expecting mother contracts UTI. It is important to understand the signs of UTI during pregnancy. Therefore it is important to know the signs of UTI during pregnancy Here are some of the possible complications of UTI during pregnancy:

1. May Cause Kidney Infection

Sometimes, the UTI infection might reach to the kidney of the pregnant women. They might have to undergo treatment in the hospital.

2. Risk of Pyelonephritis Increases

Other than that, there is a risk of Pyelonephritis, the inflammation of the kidney is due to bacterial infection, which can be harmful to both mother and child. A severe infection may also be the cause of early childbirth.

3. Can Cause Preeclampsia

If a Urinary tract infection spreads to the kidneys it can lead to preeclampsia, a serious pregnancy complication.

4. Can Result in Premature Delivery

Untreated UTIs can progress to kidney infections which in turn can bring about a premature rupture of membrane and preterm labor and delivery.  Low birth weight is also associated with this. Women may also experience UTI after childbirth because there is a risk that bacteria might enter the urinary tract.

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How Can I Treat a UTI Naturally While Pregnant?

women drinking cranberry juice

There are several ways of avoiding UTI naturally with little precautions, such as:

  1. Drinking plenty of water.
  2. Having cranberry juice also helps. In many types of research, the conclusion came that the juice really helps in keeping away UTI.
  3. Do urinate when you have an urge to.
  4. Also, take your supplements prescribed by the doctors regularly.

What Causes Urinary Tract Infection During Pregnancy?

When a woman is pregnant, the uterus expands itself so that it can give space to the fetus. Due to this expansion, pressure occurs on the bladder. Moreover, the uterus directly positions itself at the tip of the bladder. As the uterus grows, it puts more pressure on the bladder, and the flow of urine slows down. Therefore, it causes infection.

Can a UTI Cause a Miscarriage?

UTI is not that big to carry a miscarriage on its own. But it can result in one if not treated early and reaches to the kidney. If it reaches the kidney, a whole-body infection might take place. This infection is called sepsis. Although UTI does not cause miscarriage, sepsis can.

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Can a UTI Cause a Positive Pregnancy Test?

This happens in the rarest of the cases. They are a lot of false alarm in case of pregnancy. These false tests can give you a positive result. Although, in certain cases, it can be due to UTI. This kidney disease may cause some blood or white cells to occur in the urine. So, there is a very less chance of positive pregnancy due to UTI.

How Can a Pregnant Woman Get Rid of a UTI?

pregnant women in sofa

Yes, pregnant women can get off UTI if they visit their  doctor in the early stages. Firstly, be aware of the signs of UTI during pregnancy. UTI can easily go away in a week or two with proper medications. Taking medications on time is important. Also, follow the precaution steps once it is cured. In more severe cases, there might be additional treatments other than taking antibiotics.

How to Avoid Urine Infection During Pregnancy?

Empty your bladder frequently, also before and after having sex. Make use of cotton underwear. Nix the underwear at night and avoid the use of perfumes, douches, and sprays. Drinking water so that you stay hydrated is important. Do not user harsh soaps or body wash in the genital area.

We hope that all your misunderstandings regarding UTI are clear, and you will take proper precautions. Also, UTI might occur in pregnant women more than once. But if proper care it took after it happens for the first time, chances become minimal. So, stay fit, healthy, and take precautions.

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