Signs You Are Pregnant With A Boy!

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Pregnant With A Boy

Are you expecting? What do you think about the probability of having a boy or a girl? So what are the questions that pop up in your mind? Are you craving salty foods? Or your skin looks shiny and bright? Got a bump-out loud? We have all heard these tales by our mothers and grandmothers where they judge whether you have a baby boy or a girl just by looking at you. Thus, looking for the signs you are pregnant with a boy could never have been so much fun! Your baby’s sex is set when the sperm meets the egg. It’s at the purpose of origination when a child gets 23 chromosomes from every one of their parents.

Although the gender of the baby is defined genetically from the minute you conceive, and its sex organs start developing from 11 weeks, it takes a long four and a half months until an ultrasound confirms the gender. Though we would like to mention that conducting an ultrasound to figure out the gender of the baby is considered illegal in India. But the families don’t stop guessing, do they? So, here we bring together different signs you are pregnant with a boy and you can keep guessing!

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When is Sex Determined?

As mentioned above, your baby’s sex is set when the sperm meets the egg. Alongside sex, things like hair color, eye color, and even intelligence are already decided.

Baby Boy Pregnancy Symptoms

Your child’s private parts begin to form around week 11 of pregnancy. Most pregnancies indeed have common symptoms, but the signs of baby boy pregnancy are a little more distinctive. Let us help you to note this distinctiveness in the typical pregnancy symptoms to enjoy this guessing game.

1. Morning Sickness

Morning sickness is the first sign of pregnancy for most women. It occurs due to the change in hormone levels in the first trimester. You may have heard that the seriousness of morning sickness is a piece of information about your baby’s sex.

With baby girls, the idea is that hormone levels are higher. This is due to the presence of female hormones in the fetus of your baby. Consequently, you’ll have more morning sickness. With a symptom of a baby boy, you ought to have generally gone high in the sickness division.

In all actuality, morning disorder can differ from lady to lady and pregnancy to pregnancy. Among the examination populace, 79.5 percent of ladies carrying male fetuses revealed sickness and retching, while just 72.3 percent of ladies carrying female babies announced the manifestations.

However, a 2013 study of 2,450 births recommended a marginally higher pace of queasiness and retching in ladies carrying the indications for baby boy pregnancy, contrasted with those carrying a baby girl. On the other hand, many women agree that they have faced different degrees of morning sickness during pregnancy.

So, if you’ve heard your Grandma saying that girls don’t cause too much trouble for the mothers while in the womb, she might be right in her estimate.

2. Salty Savory Cravings

Pregnant women eating potato chips

Cravings are not rare for expecting mothers. Sometimes it is all about sweet, salty, or spicy ones. One myth guarantees that ladies expecting baby boys want salty and savory cravings, for example, potato chips. On the other hand, that those who are carrying baby girls are inclined toward rich food sources like chocolate.

We doubt if it has to do something with the healthy eating habits of girls and unhealthy eating habits of boys.
However, cravings are bound to speak to a lady’s dietary needs.

Creators of a similar report propose comparability between the nourishments a woman craved for preceding a menstrual period and those hungered for during pregnancy.

Craving can be termed as the sudden desire to eat a particular type of food. Hence, it is clear that craving has quite a logical significance deep within. The cravings for salt are usually associated with electrolyte imbalances that are common in pregnancy.

In truth, no indisputable examinations have been performed on food cravings as a precise indicator of the gender of the baby. Those cravings likely have more to do with your changing healthful needs. To sum up, all of the food cravings are the primary indicators of food deficiency in your body.

3. Healthy Hair and Skin

Just like other pregnancy symptoms, skin and hair health is too associated with the indications for baby boy pregnancy. As per old wives’ story, the female sex of a fetus causes dull complexion, skin inflammation, and limp hair during pregnancy, while male sex brings about no adjustments in appearance.

Reasonably, the broad hormonal changes that happen all through pregnancy influence the skin and hair of most ladies, paying little mind to the sex of the baby. Many suffer acne in various parts of the body. Hair fall and dull hairs are other common things for women in pregnancy.

A few people accept that a symptom of having a baby girl is that she will take the mother’s magnificence. Then again, the symptom of a baby boy won’t give you as much skin break out.

A similar story rotates around hair development. With a baby boy, your hair will be longer and have more brilliance. With a baby girl, it will be limp and dull. Again, these are a set of myths with the least scientific significance.

There’s no fact in any case. Hormones are insane in pregnancy and influence all ladies in an unexpected way. Washing your face now and again can help with breakouts.  Further, treating your hair with coconut oil throughout your pregnancy can work wonders on your scalp. Whether you’re carrying a boy or a girl, take care of your skin and hair health.

4. Mood Swings

The change in behavior during pregnancy is quite common. It is well observed during the first and last trimester due to hormonal changes. The estrogen and progesterone levels in women reach insane levels. These are the “energy hormone” and “relaxation hormone,” respectively.

The estrogen fills the body with energy that crosses the barrier and gets converted into anxiety. Progesterone relaxes the body to such an extent that expecting mothers start feeling sad and depressed.

Thus are the aftereffects of these hormonal rises. Many husbands complain about their wives being too emotional or too happy at some times during pregnancy.

One sign recommends that pregnant ladies who don’t encounter mood swings are carrying the signs of baby boy pregnancy, while the individuals who experience observable changes in the state of mind are conveying baby girls. Maybe due to the aggressive nature of girls and the calm nature of boys!

In all actuality, most ladies will have mood swings during pregnancy, particularly during the first and third trimesters. As said earlier, these phases are the most aggressive part of the pregnancy time. Hence, nothing to worry about the mood swings. Further, not only in pregnancy, women suffer mood swings during periods too.

Physical stresses, weariness, hormones, and different factors, which are all inconsequential to the embryo’s sex, add to changes in the mindset. While the intensity of mood swings is still under study, little can be drawn about its relation to the sex of your baby.

5. Fetal Heart Rate

Fetal monitor showing fetal hear rate

An embryo’s heart will begin to thump around about a month and a half of pregnancy. A fetal heartbeat is somewhere in the range of 140 and 170 thumps for every moment (bpm) by week 9, as per the American Pregnancy Association.

One myth proposes that a baby with less than 140 bpm is a boy, while girl fetuses have increasingly fast pulses. The heart rate of the fetus can be detected in any ultra-modern scan, but the validity of its relation to the upcoming sex is still not established.

The increased heart rate for a girl and relaxed one for a boy is the common hearsays about the signs you are pregnant with a boy. Unfortunately, however, though this one sounds increasingly logical, there’s no hard truth behind it.

A study uncovered that there’s no critical contrast between a baby boy’s and a baby girl’s pulses in early pregnancy. For the period that the genitals of your baby are not developed, the heart rate can’t give a definite judgment on the sex of your baby.

6. Position of the Bump

The growing bump is due to the gradual growth of the baby in the mother’s uterus. There are many positions in which your baby can grow inside your body. The anterior position is best for your baby when it comes to vaginal birth.

However, your baby may change in different positions. One of the main implications of the position of your baby is the position of the bump. You may have a common, low-lying, or upward-facing bump.

Numerous individuals accept that carrying low demonstrates a boy embryo while carrying high shows that the baby is a girl. However, there is no fact to this conviction.

Elements that decide the shape and size of a pregnant lady’s bump incorporate the size of the baby and its position. If the child’s back is parallel with the mother’s, the pregnancy bump will, in general, be level.

Many women feel kicks around the middle belly as well. If the child is in an anterior position, the expecting mother may feel kicks under the ribs.

7. A Big Appetite

pregnant women with plate of food

You don’t have to eat for two, but you will feel an increase in your diet during pregnancy. A ubiquitous sign which our family members see is your appetite. If you’re always eager, it’s a sign of baby boy pregnancy. This one is reasonable!

One study of 244 pregnant ladies in the U.S discovered that ladies carrying baby boys had a 10 percent higher day-by-day calorie consumption than those carrying baby girls. Moms pregnant with a baby boy additionally had an 8 percent higher admission of protein, 9 percent higher starch consumption, 11 percent higher access to creature fats, and a 15 percent higher acceptance of vegetable fats.

This can also be taken as a food craving which usually occurs during 4-5 weeks. Hence, an increased diet which is another common thing in pregnancy, can actually indicate the signs you are pregnant with a boy.

8. Cold Feet

Another common sign old wives indicate is cold feet. Pregnancy has several effects on the general health of the mother. Cold feet are one such situation, and many expecting mothers feel switches between hot and cold temperatures.

The reality can be different, and there can be several other reasons other than carrying a baby boy. There are a few reasons for cold feet during pregnancy, and no, it doesn’t mean you have second thoughts! Cold feet can be brought about by poor blood circulation, neuropathy, hypothyroidism, and weakness.

If you are in danger of gestational diabetes, it’s particularly imperative to screen for any indications of poor circulation to ensure you deal with any hidden well-being conditions during your pregnancy. Chilly feet can likewise be because it’s winter, your home is cold, or you have to toss on some comfy socks!

Thus, cold feet don’t have a direct relation to the hint of your child’s gender. It is advised to seek medical attention in case you suffer cold feet during pregnancy consistently.

9. Urine Color

Have you heard about the old medical practitioners that detect the issues in your body by having a look at your urine only? For reasons unknown, your urine can disclose a lot of things.

It can let you know whether you are ovulating (with an LH strip), it can let you know whether you are pregnant (with an hCG test), and it can let you know whether you are dehydrated. Dark urine implies the signs you are pregnant with a boy baby, and a lighter one indicates it’s a baby girl.

This is the most common sign that our grandparents tell us. Sadly, this renders the heating soft drink test problematic. The harsh truth is that the color of the urine of the mother doesn’t change according to the sex of the baby. It has nothing to do with it and has more relation to the hydration levels of the mother.

Signs You Are Pregnant With a Boy – Myth Busters

  • The gender of your baby is decided too early, and any indication of it is hard to trace scientifically.
  • The age or time of conception has the least link to the gender of the baby.
  • The physical appearance of the expecting mother has no link to the sex of the baby.
  • The eating habits of the expecting mother have no relation to the sex of the baby.
  • The walking style of the expecting mother can’t indicate the gender of the baby.

These old wives’ stories are fun, right? Every parent loves this guessing game while eagerly waiting for their little munchkin to brighten their lives.

Whether it comes to eating habits or physical and mental changes in the expecting mother, these are more related to pregnancy itself.

The signs you are pregnant with a boy still lack medical proof. But you don’t need proof to enjoy the pregnancy period, right? Keep the game on with our list of signs!


1. Is it Legal to Find if I am Pregnant With a Boy?

No, it is not. In India, gender screening is illegal. Both parents and the doctor can face imprisonment.

2. Does Craving for Spicy Foods Mean I am Carrying a Boy?

This is just a myth. Many people women pregnant with boy babies will crave for spice and salt. If you are craving for sweets, then it is a girl.

3. Does it Mean it’s a Boy if my Stomach is Low During Pregnancy?

This is believed by many people. This has no scientific backing. The position of the baby determines the bump position not the gender.

4. Will my Skin get Dark if I am Pregnant With a Boy?

Many people believe so. There is no research to prove this. This could just be pregnancy melasma.

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