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pregnant woman and her husband holding baby shoes and hugging the tummy

Are you wondering if you are pregnant with a girl? Well, the only way you can be sure of the gender of your child is through an ultrasound scan. There are no scientifically researched signs of baby girls or boys before their birth. However, finding the sex of the child through ultrasound is illegal in India, and it’s so right, looking at the statistics of female infanticide.

As educated and smart parents, we are sure you do not have anything against the girl child. In fact, you might be hoping to have a sweet little daughter. But, did you know that there are many “non-scientific” ways to guess your baby’s gender? This is how your grandma or an older aunt predicted a child’s gender by the look or behavior. Let us also look at the signs that suggest you are pregnant with a girl.

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Things To Remember

Before guessing the gender of the unborn baby, you must remember these key things.

  • These are non-scientific. That means, no research has proved that if you have one of these signs, you are pregnant with a girl baby. It also does not prove that if you have none of these symptoms, you will not have a girl.
  • Consider this as a fun exercise. Since the gender of the baby is big suspense, it will be fun to use this list to guess the gender.
  • Understand there is no way you can be sure of gender, unless through an ultrasound scan, which is illegal.

Signs you are Pregnant with a Girl

Now that you know our disclaimers read on for the signs you are pregnant with a girl:

1. Your Baby has a Faster Heart Rate:

The average heart rate for a baby in the womb is 140 heartbeats per minute. If your child’s heart rate is higher than 140, then you might be having a girl! So next time you go for an ultrasound scan, you know what to watch out for

fetal heart rate in ultrasound

2. You are Carrying High:

Your tummy’s position is a big giveaway! This is how most ladies from the older generation predict gender after having one fleeting look at you. If you are carrying high, that means you are heavier on the top portion of your tummy, and then the chances are you are having a girl.

3. You Glow:

The pregnancy glow usually signifies you are pregnant with a girl. The glow is due to the increased production of estrogen in the body. On the contrary, dull, acne-prone skin will indicate a baby boy.

4. You are Moody:

All pregnancies come with mood swings, no doubt. However, did you know that your “prominent mood” might be indicative of your baby’s gender? If you feel depressed or irritable most times, then it might be a girl on the way. On the other hand, if you feel aggressive and bold, it might be a boy!

depressed pregnant women

5. You Sleep on the Right:

For a healthy pregnancy, your doctor might advise you to sleep on your side, especially the left one. If you tend to sleep on your right more, or if you are more comfortable when you are lying on your right side, then get ready to paint the room pink!

6. You have Thinning Hair:

One of the best news during pregnancy is that you tend to have little to no hair fall. But if your hair starts looking thin and dull, with no gloss, then you might be having a girl. A thicker and stronger hair growth indicates a boy

7. You Crave Sweets:

During your pregnancy, you are sure to crave a lot of food items. The kind of food you crave might give away your child’s gender. So, are you craving for everything sweet? If yes, a sweet girl is on her way!

pregnant women eating chocolate

8. You Pass the Garlic Test:

This is one very popular old wives’ trick. Eat a clove of garlic and wait. If your body starts to smell the garlic, you are having a boy. If there is no change in the way you smell, then you are having a girl

9. You have Bad Morning Sickness:

While feeling nausea in the morning is part and parcel of pregnancy if you have a really bad bout of morning sickness, then you might be having a girl.

pregnant women having nausea

10. You do the Baking Powder Test:

Another trick right from your kitchen. Take a disposable glass, add a tablespoon of baking powder, and add to your urine. If there is no reaction, that is if the mixture does not turn frizzy, then you might be having a girl.

11. Breast Size:

Another myth says that if you are pregnant with a girl if the left one appears a little bigger than the right breast. Breast changes are one of the early signs of pregnancy and a result of hormonal changes. But there is no evidence of linking changes in breast size and sex of the newborn baby.

12. Urine Color:

 Conventional wisdom says that dull yellow-colored urine indicates the signs you are pregnant with a girl baby. Urine color is not linked to the sex of the baby, but it tells about your health condition. Dull or clear urine color could be due to the hydration of your body, whereas dark urine is a sign of dehydration. Supplements, foods, and medications may change the color of urine also.

13. Linea Nigra:

Some of them believe that the dark line (linea nigra) that appears on the baby bump can also indicate the sex of your baby. If that line continues to stretch above your belly button, it is a boy baby. But if the line finishes below the belly button, it is a girl baby. In reality, this linea nigra is a skin change that occurs due to an increase in the melanin pigment, and it can not determine the sex of your baby.

Linea Nigra in pregnant tummy


1. Are the Signs of a Baby Girl Real?

Although it’s fun to guess the gender of the child before birth, scientists say that there is no such thing as signs of a girl baby or boy baby.

2. What are the Signs of a Baby Girl in Pregnancy?

There is no fact but only gender myth when it comes to guessing the gender of the unborn child. Still, as per old wives’ tales, early morning sickness, high belly, bright yellow urine, pregnancy acne, and sweets craving are symptoms of a girl baby in pregnancy.

3. Is there any Actual Sign of Baby Boy or Baby Girl?

The game of guessing the gender of the child begins as soon as the test of pregnancy comes in as positive. But a proper medical test like ultrasound can only determine the child’s gender and that too after a few months of pregnancy.

4. Is Nausea a Sign of a Baby Girl?

Nausea is one of the signs of being pregnant in a few women. However, it is not a scientifically proven symptom for being pregnant with a baby girl.

5. Is Continuous Vomiting a Sign of a Baby Girl?

Again no! Continuous or repeated vomiting is not a confirmed sign of carrying a female fetus. Only medical tests can determine the gender of an unborn child.

While it is fun to guess the gender of the baby, please remember that what matters is that you have a strong and healthy child, gender is only secondary. In India, it is illegal for radiologist to disclose the gender of the unborn baby. It is also illegal for you to ask.

Good luck with your pregnancy!


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