8 Common Skin Problems In Babies And Their Solutions

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Once you become a mother your whole life revolves around your little baby . Any minor thing that happens to your little baby makes you anxious. When it comes to your baby’s skin there are all sorts of rashes, spots and bumps you might encounter in the first year of life, and most of them are harmless but can be uncomfortable for your baby. A baby’s skin is very soft and delicate and a small scratch or rash can make them irritable. So here are few common skin problems that you should be aware of. If you see any skin condition do not panic as any signs of anxiety can be easily sensed by your baby and in turn make him restless and cranky.
skin problem in babies

8 Common Skin Problems In Babies And Their Solutions

Babies are susceptible to rashes and skin problems but the good news is most of them are harmless and disappear on their own within a few days. So, don’t worry. Here are some common skin problems and their solutions.

    1. Diaper rash: This is very common. As little babies will be in diapers most of the time, they tend to develop diaper rashes. These inevitable rashes in the diaper area can cause a lot of discomfort to your baby. The skin in that area tends to turn red and sore. Make sure you keep the area dry. Keep your child off diaper for some time when they are awake. Putting them off diaper provides skin to get fresh air. Also make sure the diaper is not too tight or not kept on for too long. Apply diaper rash cream or coconut oil as a protective barrier. Don’t worry, the rash will get better in few days
    2. Baby acne: Tiny pimples on your baby’s face is a common skin condition and usually resolves on its own without any treatment in a few days’ time. Avoid applying anything on it. Keep your child’s nail trimmed as they might scratch. Make them wear mittens if possible. Also avoid pinching or squeezing the acne as it will only worsen the situation
    3. Birth marks: Birthmarks are quite common in babies. They can be there on your child’s body when they are born or may even appear after a few weeks or months of delivery. No need to worry or do anything towards it. Generally after few months they go away. These are harmless and require no treatment
    4. Eczema: It is dry, scaly, red rash like skin condition that can be itchy. It is usually visible on the face of your baby but can also appear on the elbows, chest or arms. This skin condition is usually triggered by an allergic reaction to soaps, lotions or even a detergent that you may be using to wash your baby’s clothes. The good news is this skin condition in babies usually clears up by the time they are in their teens. Eczema in babies cannot be totally cured but it can definitely be controlled with right treatment. It is very important that you moisturize your little one’s skin in order to prevent flare-ups. Use a skin emollient liberally several times a day as this prevents skin from drying out too much and making the condition better

skin problems in babies

  1. Dry skin: Many babies are born with extremely dry skin which starts to peel after a few days. There is nothing to worry as this stops after a few days. But if this skin condition bothers you, you can check with your pediatrician who will recommend a good moisturizer to apply to soothe the skin. Also giving your baby regular oil massage will help take care of this condition
  2. Prickly heat rash: If you see pink-red pimply skin eruptions on your baby’s skin, then don’t panic as these may be nothing but prickly heat rashes that are caused due to sweating, overheating and mostly appear on upper chest or in the folds of the skin like on the neck, diaper area and armpits. In order to treat a prickly heat rash try and keep your baby as cool and dry as possible. Dress him up in loose, cotton clothes and avoid powdering your baby. The tiny grains of baby powder can be inhaled by babies and can suffocate them. If your baby is irritable and the rash bothers him a lot, try applying calamine lotion liberally which will give him some relief
  3. Yeast infections: Even babies suffer from yeast infections. Thrush is a yeast infection and appears as white patches on the tongue and in the mouth. A yeast diaper rash appears tomato red and is accompanied by small red pimples at the edges. When you see this skin condition in your baby, it is advisable to take your baby to the doctor. He will look at the severity of the infection and prescribe medicine for the same
Looking After Your Baby’s Skin
  • Use a very mild laundry detergent to wash all your baby’s laundry. Make sure that you wash everything from pillow covers, bed sheets and blankets to your baby’s towels regularly
  • Stay away from baby skin products that contains dyes, fragrances, phthalates and parabens as they can all irritate your baby’s delicate skin
  • Baby skin is very sensitive. Use warm water to bathe your baby and apply baby lotion when his skin is still damp and then gently pat dry the skin. This way the skin will retain maximum moisturizer
  • In order to prevent diaper rash, don’t leave a wet diaper on for too long and change it frequently. Also make sure you change your baby’s diaper once or twice during the night to prevent any diaper rash
  • According to a recent study, body oil massage is recommended for newborns as it not only relaxes the baby but also keeps his skin healthy

Remember any issue related to your baby’s skin will take time to cure. So, be patient and persistent with the treatment you are giving to your child. If you do not see any signs of improvement, please do consult your doctor.
Did your baby face any of these skin conditions? What did you do to treat it? Please share your experience in the comments section below.

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