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50 Spring Baby Names For Boys And Girls

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Spring heralds happiness, cheer, warmth and life – eager to bloom, eager to blossom, eager to unchain the shackles of the desolate winter. True to its name, “Spring – the season of birth” – is resplendent with the hues of dancing daffodils, pleasing bluebells, lush green fields, chirping birds, parks teeming with children, melting ice resulting in swelling rivers, and an azure blue sky! This season of love and new beginnings inspires many a baby name. We’ve compiled a list of names that you can choose from, in this season of spring, to name your little bundle of joy.

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50 Spring Baby Names Inspired By Spring

Here are some baby names for a little girl and boy inspired by spring. Take a look and pick the most appropriate one for your little darling.

50 Baby Names Inspired By Spring
Sr.No Name Meaning Gender
1 Amaryllis

A beautiful name of a flower belonging to the same botanical family as the Lily. It means pure pastoral beauty in Greek

2 Anemone

It is a word for a delicate flower

3 Anastasia

The name means resurrection and has a royal ring to it. The name is popular as the story of Anastasia – the famous lost daughter of the Russian Czar – that has been told and retold in many languages across the world through movies and novellas

4 Apple

With apples blooming during the spring, it certainly makes for a name of a spring baby

5 Aviv

It is Hebrew name meaning spring

6 Aviva

A Hebrew word meaning spring.It also means vivacious and memorable

7 April

Spring is in its full bloom in the month of April

8 Aya

Aya finds its origins in both, Japanese and Hebrew where it means colorful or bird

9 Attwell

The name has a typical classic English ring to it. As for its meaning, Attwell means the one living by the spring

10 Aurora

In Latin, the name means a fresh start or a new dawn

11 Azalea

A beautiful and uncommon name that means a flower

12 Berilo

In Spanish the name means a pale green gemstone

13 Beryl

The name is a British favorite meaning a green gemstone

14 Blossom

And what do you say about this one here. As the world blossoms during the spring, so will the baby!

15 Bloom

Flowers bloom in spring making the world a happier place!

16 Bluebell

A pretty little flower that blooms during the spring. A cute name for your little princess

17 Bradwell

Another name that sounds classic British! It means from the broad spring

18 Bluma

A beautiful Jewish name that is in the same vein as Blossom and Bloom

19 Brooke

A conventional girl’s name and an unconventional, yet trending, boy’s name that means a brook or a stream

20 Clover

This lovely name is associated with wealth and good luck – blessings of spring

21 Claire

This beautiful French name means bright and clear – embodying spring for all of us! Also, Claire has an air of the high society to it!

22 Caroun

This Armenian derivative of Karen means springtime

23 Cerelia

An unconventional choice of a name for a baby born in April or May meaning relating to springtime

24 Chloe

This name made it in the Top 50 Popular Baby Names of 2015. The name has a beautiful meaning which goes as a young green shoot or new growth. Touche!

25 Dahlia

This pretty name of a flower has an air of sophistication to it!

26 Daisy

A little springtime flower

27 Deborah

In Hebrew the name means a bee. Happy springtime!

28 Dawn

So in awe of the name that means a new day, a new beginning, a new life! What a perfect sentiment for spring,I say!

29 Denver

Your mind races to the name of the place, but Denver means green valley. Now imagine the lush green of the valley!

30 Florence

You could borrow the name of this mesmerizing city, the name of which means blooming! Spring, so apt!

31 Fontanne

What a lovely French name which signifies the fountain of spring!

32 Haruki

This Japanese name means spring wood

33 Haruko

Again, a Japanese name that means spring child

34 Iris

A delicate name of a flower for your little, precious, delicate newborn! The name also means rainbow

35 Kelby

A truly gorgeous and uncommon Gaelic name that means place by the fountain or spring!

36 Jarek

This Slavik name derives its meaning from spring!

37 Laverna

Absolutely smitten and enchanted by French names! This particular one means born in the spring

38 Leif

Leif is how the Scandinavians like to spell Leaf. So apt for the season of green luscious leaves!

39 Margeurite

The name means a type of the flower daisy. Can you find a more stylish way to call the spring out?

40 Midori

Green in Japanese. Symbolically, it means fame!

41 Maxwell

A nice dapper Scottish name that means Magnus’ spring

42 Pastelle

A nice soft shade of warm spring colors. This name is cute and perfect for your little baby girl

43 Peony

A beautiful flower, yet again

44 Nouvel

This modern name means new, fresh and original. It is a unisex name

Female / Male
45 Primrose

This small yet beautiful flower is one of the earliest spring flowers in much of Europe

46 Signe

This Scandinavian word means new victory signifying hope and better prospects

47 Violet

A lovely, little, purple flower

48 Verde

French for color green

49 Weldon

This English name means hill near a spring

50 Zelenka

What a beautiful Czech name that means green, new, fresh, innocent, and all things spring!


We’ve tried to intersperse common spring baby names with the uncommon, unconventional ones in this list to make your journey of name selection an interesting one! With your little one arriving this spring, your hands seem to be full! Happy name surfing!For more baby names see here

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