Storing Formula Milk

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Almost all paediatricians give preference to breast milk for the infants. The universal fact is that nothing can replace the benefits of breast milk for the new-borns. Anyhow, if due to some reasons you need to choose formula milk for your little one, you should keep some facts in mind about how to prepare and store it. Also, prefer using iron fortified formula for infants. Infant formula should preferably be prepared just before use as stored formula milk increases the chances of illness in your baby. Unlike stored breast milk, the chances of stored formula milk has high chances of breeding bacteria. However if you wish to store it for later use, be careful about some points:

  1. Always use fresh running water to prepare the baby’s feed after boiling it. Allow it too cool for not less than 30 minutes. Make one bottle at a time as
    Storing Formula Milk

    Storing Formula Milk

    described on the pack of formula powder or store freshly boiled water to mix it with formula later.

  2. Use sterilized bottles to store formula milk or boiled water.
  3. If you are using stored boiled water for making baby’s feed, warm the water first and then mix it with powder.
  4. Always keep the boiled water or formula milk somewhere in the middle of the refrigerator as this part is cooler than its door.
  5. Throw away after 24 hours, if there is any unused water or formula milk. Milk powder is not sterilized and may develop bacteria if kept for a long.

How to use stored feed pregnancy pillow

  1. It is advisable to use stored feed within one hour.
  2. Warm it in a container of hot water or bottle warmer to bring it to room temperature(do not warm it for more than 15 minutes).
  3. Microwaves are not considered good to warm the formula milk as they do not heat it evenly.
  4. Before giving it to the baby check the temperature by taking few drops on your wrist.

How to store it when you go out

1. If you need to go out and have to carry your baby’s feed, you may prepare it at home and keep it with ice pack in a cool bag.

2. You may carry fresh boiled water in sterilized bottle and measured amount of formula powder in a sterilized container. Mix them when needed.

3. Use the prepared formula milk within 3-4 hours.

Readymade cartons of formula milk are best for such occasion but these are bit expensive. Once these are opened these should also be stored in refrigerator and must be used within 24 hours. Prefer not using stored formula milk. Use stored formula only if it is last option for you like if you need to go out or if you have twins .If you are going to some place where you would not be able to make your baby’s feed.

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