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Is It Safe To Consume Tamarind During Pregnancy?

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Many pregnant women crave for something tangy during their pregnancy and what is tangier than tamarind? That’s right, nothing. The sweet sour taste of tamarind helps not just to satiate the craving, but also as an effective way to control nausea or morning sickness. But is it safe to consume during pregnancy? Does it have benefits? Does it have side effects? Read on to get answers to all your questions.

  • Nutritional Value Of Tamarind
  • Is It Safe To Consume Tamarind During Pregnancy?
  • Including Tamarind In A Healthy Pregnancy Diet
  • Benefits Of Consuming Tamarind During Pregnancy
  • Side Effects Of Tamarind During Pregnancy
  • Should You Consume Tamarind During Pregnancy?

Nutritional Value Of Tamarind

A single serving of tamarind has Vitamin K, A and C and other vital nutrients that the body requires when you are pregnant. One cup of tamarind pulp contains 3.36 milligrams of iron. Iron is very essential for a pregnant woman who needs 27 milligrams of it during pregnancy. It also comprises of 2.3 milligrams of niacin, which accounts for 13 percent of total 18 milligrams of niacin required by a pregnant woman every day. Tamarind is also rich in dietary fiber and 28 gms of dietary fiber is required by every pregnant woman in her daily diet and tamarind pulp provides 6.1 gm of it.

Is It Safe To Consume Tamarind During Pregnancy?

Yes, it is safe to have tamarind when you are pregnant but have it in moderation. To be on the safer side, it is always better to first confirm with your doctor before you slurp on it during your pregnancy.

Including Tamarind In A Healthy Pregnancy Diet

If your doctor gives you a nod to eat tamarind, look for recipes where tamarind in used. You can also suck on a fresh form of tamarind which is easily available in many grocery stores or use tamarind concentrate in your dishes, salad dressings, beverages etc.

Benefits Of Consuming Tamarind During Pregnancy

Here are some of the benefits of consuming tamarind during pregnancy:

  • It is a great antidote to the morning sickness most pregnant women encounter during the first trimester of pregnancy
  • It is a great source of vitamin C and this boosts the pregnant woman’s immunity, improves respiration and helps the skin glow
  • It is rich in fiber and this means that tamarind has the potential to stop constipation during pregnancy by promoting healthy bowel movements
  • It also contains antioxidants and as you know, antioxidants stop the damage caused by free radicals
  • It is known to regulate sugar levels in the body, and hence, it could help you in keeping gestational diabetes at bay
  • It contains potassium and iron and these are known to regulate blood pressure. High blood pressure is a common problem among pregnant woman and tamarind can reduce the instances of this

So all good news, you think? Not really. Tamarind does have many benefits as listed above. However, if you are pregnant you need to be conscious of how much tamarind you are consuming daily. This is because tamarind is not without side effects, especially among pregnant woman.
pregnant woman licking

Side Effects Of Tamarind During Pregnancy

There are various documented problems associated with consumption of tamarind during pregnancy.

  • It can lead to higher risk of miscarriage
    . How? There are many medications, which are otherwise safe to consume during pregnancy, but can cause a negative reaction when consumed along with tamarind. Aspirin is one such example. It is known to have a negative reaction with tamarind which can lead to miscarriage
  • It is known to cause cardiovascular problems in pregnant women. If you consume a high amount of tamarind during pregnancy, it is known to cause heart and lungs related problems
  • It is known to cause cardiovascular problems in the fetus. Even when consumed in lower amounts, when tamarind is consumed along with some medications, such as ibuprofen, it can result in cardiovascular damage in the fetus
  • Too much tamarind is known to delay the onset of labor in pregnant women
  • We told before how tamarind can keep constipation at bay due to its fiber content. The corollary is also true. Too much of tamarind can result in diarrhea in pregnant women. The ensuing water loss can also lead dehydration and other related problems
  • We also told you before how tamarind is rich in vitamin C and how that can help boost your immunity and respiratory functions. However, too much of tamarind will release a high amount of vitamin C in pregnant women, which in turn will limit the production of progesterone. Lower amounts of progesterone can result in a number of pregnancy complications, including self-induced abortion
  • There are also some studies that show a linkage between tamarind and fetus cell damage

Despite all the wonderful things, tamarind do, the side effects do sound very scary. So what should you do? What is the final verdict?

Should You Consume Tamarind During Pregnancy?

It is definitely healthy and beneficial to consume tamarind in moderation during pregnancy. However, you need to be aware that tamarind has the potential to react with certain medications. So make sure you talk to your doctor about it when he/she prescribes any tablet to you. Also, “moderation” is the key word here. All the side effects we listed above, with the exception of the ones involving reactions with medicines, are caused only if you consume tamarind in excess. So enjoy the tanginess, but limit the quantity. That is our verdict.
Like tamarind, there are many foods you must be careful of consuming during pregnancy (8 Indian Foods That Can Be Dangerous During Pregnancy). Please refer to our month-wise guide on what to eat and what not to eat during First, Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, Seventh, Eighth and Ninth month of pregnancy.
Have a happy and safe pregnancy.

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