The Best Activities for Kids With ADHD

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Behaviour disorders in children can be a cause for anxiety in parents. But with the right guidance and support you can manage and even improve your child’s behaviour. Do you have a child with ADHD or Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder? Children who have attention issues or are hyperactive or have ADHD need to use their energies in the correct way to avoid any destructive activity. What it means is that such children can benefit from putting their energy to good and creative use, otherwise they can feel frustrated very soon. These children would be the happiest if they are busy with some activity and their energies are chalenized in the right direction. But having said that, not all activities are apt for them.
Tasks and activities that help improve their attention span and reduce their ADHD symptoms are better for them. Moreover, these activities should be interesting enough to hold their attention. Be it a dance class of their choice, an outdoor sport or some art or craft activity, it’s important to engage your kiddo in a way that they learn while having fun.
The Best Activities for Kids With ADHD

So what are the things you must keep in mind? Let’s see:

  • The child should enjoy or at least have an interest in that area or field
  • The activity or class should not have a ratio more than 1:5, that is, one adult to five kids at the most so that the child gets personal attention
  • The activity should be well-supervised and coordinated
  • It’s better to include an outdoor component, for example, an outdoor sport or activity

Do you know that various studies prove that if your ADHD child sees and uses more of “green” colour in the activities, it’s more beneficial for her? That’s not all; it also reduces some ADHD symptoms. So, spending time in the garden, park, farm, or backyard is always a good idea. Here are some ideas of the outdoor activities that could help.
The Best Activities for Kids With ADHD

Outdoor activities

Biking: Whatever their age, children usually love riding their bikes, isn’t it? Biking actually helps an ADHD child in improving his attention and reducing impulsivity. It also helps the child to use his energy and change the mood. Riding a bike everyday also increases cognitive performance and processing information. Children are able to better understand their feelings and it also helps maintain weight and BMI. So many benefits; isn’t that an amazing activity then?
Martial arts: There are many martial art forms, like Taekwondo, Karate, Judo etc. Any of these trainings teaches your child self control as it’s quite structured, and it’s a great way to exercise.
Swimming: Who doesn’t like swimming and splashing in water? But apart from the fun, swimming is an excellent exercise to tone your complete body while also having fun in the water in summers. Do you know that Olympian – Michael Phelps was also diagnosed with ADHD when he was a child? But he became a world-class swimmer! Swimming uses a lot of energy and helps improving focus and confidence too.
Scouting: Scouting includes many physical activities that stimulate your body, your thought process and also are interesting. This activity being very structured, involves various learning styles and a chance to make new friends. What’s more? It’s supervised and structured and the kids get training on various life skills along with having a blast.
Team sports: Team sports help to build social skills in children and are also a great way to exercise and use all the extra energy. You must pick a sport like soccer, cricket or basketball that not only has consistent activity but also involves teamwork.
Indoor activities
Art or music classes: You can also try some structured creative classes for your child depending on his or her interest. Art is a good idea because it allows your child to be creative and also calms them down. Music too has a soothing effect but only if your child likes it. Learning to play some instrument is also a great way to reduce stress and impulsiveness.
Carpentry, model building, carving, or mechanical activities: At times, some children with ADHD also find solving problems or building something interesting. Try making some models, solving puzzles, carving on wood etc. You will be amazed to see how your child will be happy and excited when a project is completed and he has something to showcase.
Drama: Role plays and acting helps a child learn self-discipline and also leave their shyness and inhibitions behind. They also develop their social skills when they interact with other participants and end up having better concentration and confidence.
Storytelling: Listening to and sharing a story is also a great idea to help your child learn in an interesting way. They also get to see various perspectives and then understand other children and people better.
So don’t feel distressed and anxious with your hyperactive child. Let your child explore the experiences of her world in her own way while learning new things and giving expression to her emotions and energies in a way that will be positive and fun for her. As a parent you are doing a great job. Carry on mommies.
Happy Parenting.

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