8 Interesting Third Birthday Gift Ideas For Girls

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When your child starts speaking, you know they have achieved one of the most important milestones in their developmental history. And as your child approaches the age of three, she speaks, and how! In fact, you are baffled by the things she says, remembers, reminds you of and embarrasses you with (in public)! It is now that you completely understand your responsibility in accentuating her intellect and further developing her brilliant mind. At the same time, you want her to grow into a responsible, caring, honest, humble and disciplined child. All this sends you scrambling for ideas for her soon approaching the third birthday. Well, look no further. Below, we have compiled a list of some interesting third birthday gift ideas for girls.

 Interesting Third Birthday Gift Ideas For Girls

8 Third Birthday Gift Ideas for Girls

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8 Third Birthday Gift Ideas for Girls

Here we have listed for you 8 interesting third birthday gift ideas for girls:

1. Doll House or Set

Dolls, doll houses or doll sets are eternal favorites when it comes to gifting little girls. Little daughters begin to emulate their parents, especially their mothers at a very young age. They watch as you bathe them, dress them up, feed them, dress for work, cook or bake, and keep the house clean and organized. Gift them a beautiful doll set or house, and watch in amazement as they care for the doll and the house just as you do everything for them and their house.
doll house -birthday gift

2. Books

Your child’s language skills become more sophisticated and vocabulary stronger as they reach the age three. At this age, it is best to present them some books with colorful illustrations and easy-to-follow plots, such as fairy tales, stories with learnings and morals, animal tales and so on. Your daughter might want you to read the same stories over and over again, as it is a whole new experience for her every single time. Storybooks offer them a sense of control as they anticipate the outcomes at the end of the story. In fact, stories which offer insight into right behavior, help children recognize good from bad, and right from wrong at a very young age. Click here to know some simple tips to encourage early reading habit.

book for 3 year old girl

3. Magnetic Numbers and Letters

This one is one of the coolest birthday gift you can buy for your little princess as she turns three since it offers learning with loads of fun! A magnetic board with numbers and letters helps children identify, arrange and rearrange letters and numbers, thus teaching the basics of problem-solving and sharpening your child’s memory. Team these up with different fruits, vegetables and other colorful objects, magnetic ones, of course, to help your child build meaningful associations between them all. Also read here to know how to introduce ABC letters to your child.

girl playing with magnetic numbers

4. Kid’s Tricycle

A tricycle is a great third birthday gift for little boys and girls, alike. It is an excellent way to teach your child coordination, balance and independence. Choose from many brands, styles, and colors available. The best and cost-effective ones are the balance bikes that can adjust to fit a growing child. Don’t forget to ask your little lady to wear the helmet, thereby imbibing a sense of responsibility in her, right at this age!
girls tricycle as birthday gift

5. Paint and Craft Set

This is certainly the right age to introduce the magical world of craft to your little daughter. Through art and craft, let your dreamy angel lengthen her attention span, build her self-esteem and keep her gainfully engaged in a value-adding activity. Trying crafts out of different materials such as paper, clay, kinetic sand, and so on will help her explore different patterns and textures, and keep her away from too much screen time. So this is a perfect birthday gift for young artist.

art and craft set

6. Toy Karaoke Set

Three-year-olds might not remember the tunes and words of the songs immediately. But play them over a period of time, and they will surprise you with their knowledge of the lyrics and the tune. They also remember how to sway to the tunes and remember certain hand and foot movements as well. Gift your little musician a toy karaoke set, with nursery rhymes and songs for children, and watch her sing and dance to her favorite tunes.

toy karaoke set

7. Toy Instruments

Some children develop a keen sense of music by the time they turn three. This is especially true for but not limited to families that have a strong inclination towards music. If your child happens to be one of those with a deep sense of music, buy her a toy musical instrument on the occasion of her third birthday. A pair of drums, shakers, harmonica, keyboards, and pianos are classic examples of child-safe musical instruments that you can choose from.

toy instrument

8. Household Chore Tools

One of the amazing birthday gift that could shape your little one’s personality could be a household chore tool set. The household chore tool set helps your little daughter to learn all about shouldering responsibility and helping parents in their daily household chores. The tool set allows them to explore their house, clean out their shelves and drawers, and organize their books and toys. This helps them bloom into organized and disciplined young individuals.
household chores toy

Well-thought out and learning-driven these birthday gift help to sharpen your child’s intelligent mind. This is especially true as they reach three years of age. Take your pick and choose the perfect gift for your little princess on her third birthday. Have a splendid third birthday party!

Which one is your favorite third birthday gift for your little doll? Do let us know in the comments section below.


1. What Type of Books Can I Gift a 3 Year Old?

You can buy phonetic sound books to encourage sound recognition. Well illustrated books to encourage creativity. Buy them books to help them lean colours, numbers, vehicles, animals, etc.

2. What Type of Books Should I Avoid Gifting a 3 Year Old?

Do not gift them books that has a big gender discrimination. Do not buy them books that condones a girl child from doing things just because she is a girl. Lastly, do not buy her books that might make her believe girls are fragile and needs someone to take care of them always.

3. What Gifts Should I Avoid Giving a 3 Year Old Girl?

Never buy anything extravagant without checking with the parents first. Do not buy sharp edged toys or toy tools she can hurt herself with. Avoid buying fragile items as a 3 year old is still mastering her grip.

4. Can I Gift a Pet to a 3 Year Old Girl?

If your child loves animals, you might consider this. Otherwise, it is too much of a responsibility for a 3 year old. If the child is not yours, always check with the parents if they are ready to take care of a pet, even if it’s just a fish in a bowl.

5. What Type of Games Can I Gift a 3 Year Old?

You can buy her simple matching games. Memory related games can be good too. Avoid games that involves a dice as they are still learning their counting.

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