From coos and babbles to toddler speak, you know exactly (well, at most times) what your baby wants to convey. Soon they turn a year old and as you watch them grow, you wonder how soon time has flown. But thereafter, as they set foot in their toddler years, you are amazed, and at times, floored by their growth. They cover many more milestones and they master their role as toddlers.
As your little boy approaches his third birthday, you are baffled by the things he can do and say. In fact, he is now a preschooler. You wonder about the kind of gift that could do justice to his brilliant mind. You want your child to be responsible, caring, honest, humble and a lot more. And this is the right age to introduce him to everything that can make him all this and certainly more.

10 Interesting Third Birthday Gift Ideas For Boys

Below, we have compiled a list of some amazing gifts that you can present to your little master as he turns three.

  1. Car set: A car set is an eternal favorite when it comes to gifting little boys. You can buy him a set of different toy sports cars or the fun ones made of parts that can be taken apart and assembled yet again. Let your child experiment with these parts and learn to build his own car model
  2. car set

  3. Books: As your child turns three, his language skills will become more sophisticated. So, buy books with colorful illustrations and easy-to-follow plots, like stories. Reading the same story over and over again might seem boring to us adults, but for children, it is a whole new experience every single time. Storybooks offer them a sense of control as they anticipate the outcomes at the end of the story. In fact, stories which offer more insight into moral and right behavior, help children recognize good from bad, and right from wrong at a very young age
  4. books 1

  5. Magnetic numbers and letters: One of the coolest gifts you can buy for your little one as he turns three is a magnetic board with numbers and letters. You could also team these up with different fruits, vegetables and other colorful objects, magnetic ones of course. You can teach the basics of learning and problem solving with this simple yet meaningful birthday gift
  6. magnetic board 1

  7. Kid’s bike: An excellent way to teach your child coordination, balance and independence with a degree of responsibility is to teach him to cycle. 3-year-old boys love playing outdoors. A tricycle or a kid’s bike as it is famously called these days is great third birthday gift for little boys and girls, alike. You can choose from a number of brands and styles available, but the best and cost-effective ones are the balance bikes that can adjust to fit a growing child. Don’t forget to ask your little man to wear the helmet, right at this age!
  8. kids bike

  9. Paint and craft set: If too much screen time is your concern, then this is the right age to introduce the magical world of craft to your child. Through art and craft, let your handsome little one explore different patterns and textures, lengthen his attention span and build his self-esteem. In the process, let him develop his fine motors skills further. Art and craft sets and supplies are available at almost every stationery store
  10. art and craft

  11. Toy karaoke set: Surprised to see this item make an appearance in this list? Don’t be because we are serious about this one. Three-year-olds are smart enough to know and remember certain words they hear in songs repeatedly. They also know how to sway to the tunes and remember certain hand and foot movements as well. Gift your child a toy karaoke set and watch him sing and dance along with his favorite rhyme
  12. karoake

  13. Toy instruments: Some children develop a keen sense of music by the time they turn three. This is especially true for but not limited to families that have a strong inclination towards music. If your child happens to be one of those with a deep sense of music, buy him a toy musical instrument on the occasion of his third birthday. Cultivate your little 3-year-old boy’s passion of becoming the next rockstar by gifting him a toy musical instrument. A pair of drums, shakers, harmonica, keyboards, and pianos are classic examples of child-safe musical instruments that you can choose from
  14. toy instrument

  15. Household chore tools: One of the amazing gifts that could shape your little one’s personality could be a household chore tool set. Shouldering responsibility and helping parents in their daily household duties is a value that should be imbibed in your child at a very early age. The tool set allows them to explore their house, clean out their shelves and drawers, and organize their books and toys. This helps them bloom into organized and tidy young individuals
  16. toy vaccum cleaner

  17. A toy fishing set: If there’s anything special that fishing teaches children, it is patience. Gift your son a cute toy fishing set, and allow him to experience the fun by helping him set it up in his bathtub by filling it up with some toy squishy fishes
  18. fishing set

  19. Sand Box: It’s difficult to keep a 3 year old boy inside. They love dirt and what better gift than a big box of it just for them? It is such a boy thing and with this gift, your little boy is surely going to be in hog heaven!
  20. sand box

See your little boy bloom into a beautiful person by gifting him well-thought out and learning-driven gifts for his third birthday. Have a splendid third birthday party!
If you have any more birthday gift ideas to share with us, please let us know in the comments section below.
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