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Tips To Decorate Your Kids Room

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Decorating Kids Room
The idea of decorating the room of your little one definitely puts a smile across your face. But beware! It is not as easier as it sounds. With everything so expensive around, you definitely need to think well before buying stuff for setting the room of your price or princess. As William Morris correctly put “Have nothing in your home that you don’t know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.”

Decorating Your Kids Room

Gone is the era when girls associated with frosty pink and frills. Today girls have stepped out of such conventions and prefer designing their rooms as per their personalities and likes. With lot of options in the market and not-so-fussy nature of most girls in this regard it may be not a very troublesome job!
However, when it comes to designing your lad’s room, it becomes more challenging as unlike his sister, he may not be very interested in decorating his room. For a boy, the room design should largely depend on how he spends his time; outdoor or sitting in front of computer?
As your kid transits from your arms to his own room, it’s very important to make the room attractive and comfortable for him. Here are a few tips on decorating your kid’s room to entice him/her to stay in, be child-friendly and welcome anyone in

What Color Should Your Kid’s Room Walls Be?

Choosing Colors For Girls Rooms
  • Use bold colors or color coordinate, i.e. matching rug or a block on the wall or curtains in similar hues
  • Using mature colors such as grey, light chocolate or cyan and beige may go for long run
  • She might love fuchsia and bright colors – if you think this would look gaudy, paint a wall in darker shade and then paint designs in fuchsia colors using stencil
  • Adopt neutral colors with splashes of bold such as white with red – looks elegant yet lively

walls of a kids room

Choosing Colors For Boys Rooms
  • Paint 3 walls in neutral shade and the last one in bright color – gives an energetic punch; try red, blue or yellow
  • Try painting the walls in two colors – one row of lighter shade to a certain height and a darker shade from that height to the ceiling
  • Try painting in stripes. You can simply paint the usual boyish colors and then paint two thin strips of bright colors

Choosing the Right Wall Decor For Your Kids’ Room

Choosing The Right Wall Decor For Girls Rooms
  • Try wainscoting rail of panels for putting posters or drawing
  • Experiment with glow in the dark paints. Paint either Cinderella’s ball or any design with stencil – your girls now has something to look forward to after switching off the lights
  • Set up a display board for putting timetable or notes. This can be as easy as placing a sheet of galvanised metal that can be used as magnetic board or get velvet covered pin boards
  • Look for flowery, polka dotted, cartoon-inspired or vintage designed wallpapers
  • Explore textured wallpapers
  • Put up artwork depicting females or portraits in beautiful artistic frames

Wall decor

Choosing The Right Wall Decor For Boys Rooms
  • Set up easy pin up boards, no frilly or velvety stuff
  • Depending on his interests, select wallpaper depicting superheroes, cars, world map or solar system etc.
  • Use glow in the dark accessories such as stars and moons on them
  • If this cannot be done hire a painter, or simply get stencils to paint geometrical figures. Let your kid tag along this while, it’s his room after all!
  • Let him cheer for Manchester United or Sachin Tendulkar through wall portraits
  • Watches excite guys, get him big designer wall clocks!

What Type Of Ceiling Should A Kids’ Room Have?

Ceilings For Girls Rooms
  • Opt for feminine touch in chandelier and false ceilings
  • Try just pink ceiling room
  • Neutral colors popped with bright colors
  • Hang wind chimes and beautiful wall hangings
Ceilings For Boys Rooms
  • Get elegant ceiling lights or false ceilings with depth glow
  • Get sporty and vividly colored lights which can be occasionally switched on
  • Put neon moons and stars or other characters in the ceiling to make it attractive at night

Choosing the Kids’ Room Furniture

Choosing Furniture For Girls Rooms
  • Brightly colored cupboards with designs can be customized for your girl’s room
  • Highlight the dressing table – as she grows she is going to spend more and more time here
  • Artistic book racks are a must as she is likely to be studious and an avid reader
  • Give her space to put up show pieces and art
  • Explore elect vintage style furniture, esp. dressing stool, bed, cupboard or completely modern chic design

Kids Room Furniture

Choosing Furniture For Boys Rooms
  • He needs one desk for computer/study and another for TV/gaming consoles/ video games
  • Give him full mirror, he would like to see himself from the tip to the toe
  • You can go easy on dressing table as your boy is not likely to fiddle for stuff in drawers
  • You may want to get seating furniture in leather finish, button imprint or those sporting his favourite soccer club
  • Choose wooden finish or stripes for cupboard

How To Choose The Bed For Children’s Room?

Choosing The Right Bed For Girls Room
  • Determine the theme first now this could be her favorite cartoon character, flowers, butterflies or paisley etc. Buy cushions, curtains and furniture consistent with this theme
  • Go for textured bedding, esp. those with quilted design offer comfort
  • Bed covers not only add elegance but make appearance more feminine
  • Explore four post bed options with elegant curtains
  • If your girl likes, opt for frilly, ribbon or lacy curtains
  • Some missies like fluffy beds, others prim and proper; identify what your girl likes!

Boys bed

Choosing The Right Bed For Boys Room
  • Consider bed with leather headrest
  • Designer beds come in shape of Ferrari and football too. If these are too expensive, simply get him the bedding and cushion with sport prints

Choosing the Rug For The Kids’ Room

Choosing the Rug For The Girls Room
  • Throw in the rug as she may like to lie on her belly and read a novel or dance on wii with her girlfriends
  • If no such space is available shop smart select beds with drawers these can be withdrawn and can be used as a bed on floor. These are ideal for watching and sometimes mugging stuff!
  • Weave the theme across the room. For instance polka dotted cushions, mugs, foot mat, blanket and simple wall hanging or painting

Choosing the rug

Choosing the Rug For The Boys Room
  • Try asymmetrical or different shape rugs

Choosing the Right Accessories

For Girls
  • Huge flower vases and potted plants
  • Nails/hooks within the cupboard or behind the door for easy placing of handbags
  • Do install light in the cupboard
  • If space is restricted try almirahs with mirror
  • Small blackboard – for her to pretend play teacher-student, write thoughts or simply draw
  • Fancy jars on desk for storing color pencils/pen
  • Add storage options, get stylish boxes and baskets to store things. One for toys, one for clothes, one for school stuff etc.
  • Get elegant laundry bags

Choosing the right accessories

For Boys
  • Get him whiteboard; as guys hate chalky stuff on their hair
  • Get pen holders in classic form or car designed etc.
  • Get reasonably colored big plastic tubs from stationary for him to name and organize his stuff

Designing the Room Layout and Play Area

Designing The Right Room Layout And Play Area For Girls Room
  • Make sure that everything is within the reach – the shoe rack, cupboards etc
  • Add a floral bed lamp
  • Consider attached bathrooms. bliss for girls rolling out in bathrobe or towel
  • How about a room loft halfway through room’s height with ladder? It separates play area within the room and provides space for storing toys too

Girls Room Playarea

Designing The Right Room Layout And Play Area For Boys Room
  • Select a theme of his choice; be it bugs, Doraemon, jungle safari, space or skateboarding and incorporate theme in furniture and wall
  • Guys will be springing around more in the room than girls. You need to provide for a sufficient play space and restrict extra accessories to bare minimum
  • Consider buying bunk beds, only if your child is at least 6 years
  • Put up shelves next to each of the bunk beds for putting books and other accessories such as headphones or PS3
  • Set room loft halfway higher up in the room with ladder.

“Behind every attractive room there should be a very good reason.” Sister Parish
Strive to make your kid’s room a cheerful place, full of joy and at the same time devise a clutter-free rule “Everything has a place and everything in its place”!
Open the windows, let fresh air in and resort to aromatherapy diffusers for those cold nights to maintain the aura of the room and feel good!

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