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Tips To Wear A Saree During Pregnancy

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Saree is a staple in most Indian women’s wardrobe. It is not only one the classiest Indian outfits but it is also considered an elegant attire to grace special and formal occasions. It is a hot favorite of all women in all seasons. Wearing a saree requires a lot of effort and carrying yourself in a saree requires more of it. Hence, while pregnant most women get a little nervous to wear a saree. However, pregnancy does not mean you will need to ditch your favorite style of dress! You can still carry a saree seamlessly provided you do a bit of homework.
Saree during pregnancy

5 Tips To Wear Saree During Pregnancy

When you wear a saree during pregnancy, not only you look graceful and elegant, but also hide that baby bump comfortably. Though the first and second trimester will not pose a problem, carrying a saree in the last trimester may be slightly tricky. We bring you 5 pointers to keep in mind before you plan to wear a saree.

  1. Choose the fabric carefully: Don’t get carried away and buy or try on heavy zardozi or banarasi sarees that will weigh you down. Instead opt for light weight chiffon or georgettes. Also pay attention to the fabric it must not be stiff and rough in anyway, especially if you are going to wear the saree for a long duration. Go for soft and light weight fabric. Avoid tissue sarees, even though they are light weight, the fabric is very crisp. It will not only make you look bulky but it could also give you a rash. Your best bets are cotton, chiffon and georgette
  2. Have a trial run: If you are planning to wear a saree for a special occasion and you are also heavily pregnant. It is better to have a trial before the d-day. Wear the saree and hang around the house for 20-30 minutes. Assess your movements; how you feel while sitting, is the saree comfortable enough or not. Is the fabric itchy or not. Is it comfortable around your stomach or not. If you are absolutely comfortable and convinced only then go ahead and wear it for the big occasion. Read more about itchy skin in pregnancy here
  3. Don’t wanna flash your belly?: Some women might feel a little skeptical to show their belly especially when they are pregnant. Don’t fret! There are a lot of solutions that will help you cover up and at the same time make you look fashionable. You can wear choli blouses that are long enough to cover you up till your midriff. Just make sure they are not too tight on your waist and belly, especially while s itting and you are good to go. Another alternative is that you could wear a belly band. Belly bands are ready-made belts made especially for pregnant women to cover their belly. They are made of stretchable fabric and are extremely safeConcealing baby bump
  4. Seek help if necessary: You may or may not be a pro at wearing sarees but it is a given that you are going to find it difficult to wear a saree when you are heavily pregnant. Wearing a saree requires some bending, twirling and twisting. It is best you ask someone to help you to wear the saree. Ask the person who is helping you to wear the saree to pin up the pleats, so that you can go about the day without worrying that the pleats might open. Make sure the petticoat is not too tight and if you are not one who wears saree often, wear it an inch higher than usual, to avoid accidents and tripping
  5. Try new drapes: Pregnancy doesn’t restrict you in anyway. Use fashion to express and celebrate your pregnancy. Try new drapes like the Bengali drape or the Coorg drape. You could also opt for the Gujrati drape if you want to hide your belly. There are a lot of options available on the internet to drape your saree in new and interesting ways. Experiment and have fun with it!

I Have To Dress Ethnic, But Cannot Carry A Saree!

During pregnancy your first concern should be comfort. Many women don’t feel comfortable in a saree, especially of they do not wear it regularly. If you are one of them, it is better to avoid it, especially when you are pregnant. You do not want to trip and hurt yourself and baby, do you? Just because you are pregnant doesn’t mean your options are limited. Take inspiration from celebrities and don’t be afraid to experiment. If you are not comfortable in a saree but have to deck up for a certain occasion opt for a salwar suit or anarkali instead. You could even wear ethnic tunics and kurtis on tights, just accessorize your outfit a bit with pretty jewelry and you are all set to sparkle and shine!
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