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Baby name V

Naming a baby is considered to be the next most important thing once the baby is born. In some traditions, the grandparents name the child, whereas in some families, the parents sit down and decide on a name. Naming is never an easy task, as agreeing upon one name for the baby becomes difficult. In today’s era, most parents go ahead with selecting the alphabet that matches the child’s birth date. In this article, we have mentioned 500 baby boy names starting with V.

With this huge variety of names starting with the letter V, we hope parents will find it easier to name their baby boy. Some names are Unique, cool, cute, and classic, whereas others are short and long. In addition, we have also mentioned names in Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, and Sanskrit.

In This Article

Unique Boy Names That Start With V

Few parents often search for names that are uncommon and unique in nature. We have listed below 75 such unique boy names that start with V and their meanings. The names are arranged in alphabetical order for easier reference.

SL No Name Meaning
1 Vaachaspati Referred to the lord of speech
2 Vageesh Refers to the lord of speech
3 Vaakpat One who is a great orator
4 Vaalmeeki It’s the name of an ancient saint
5 Vaaman Other name of Lord Vishnu
6 Vaamdev Another name of Lord Shiva
7 Vaarshaney Epithet of Lord Vishnu
8 Vaarush One who is destined to win
9 Vaasu One who provides shelter; Another name of Lord Vishnu
10 Vaasudeva Another name of Lord Vishnu; Also referred to the divine light
11 Vasuki Name of a celestial cobra
12 Vatsyayan Name of an author of old times
  Vaayu Refers to the wind
13 Vachan Means speech
14 Vachanpreet One who keeps his promises; A true and noble being
15 Vachaspati Refers to a learned man
16 Vachasya One who is a good orator
17 Vadamalayan One who destroys evil; Also another name of Lord Hanuman
18 Vadin One who speaks well
19 Vadish Refers to the lord of the body
20 Vadivel Refers to the holy and precious one; Another name of Lord Murugan
21 Vagish Epithet of Lord Brahma
22 Vagisan Another name Of Lord Shiva; Also referred to the lord of the mountains;
23 Vahin Other name of Lord Shiva
24 Vaibhav Refers to wealth; Riches
25 Vibudh One who belongs to the Gods; Divine personality
26 Vaidyanaath Refers to the master of medicines
27 Vaijay Refers to victory
28 Vaikartan Related to the God of SUn; Also the name of karna
29 Vaikhan Epithet of Lord Vishnu
30 Vaikundanathan Refers to a mighty conqueror
31 Vaikundavasan A crowned leader;Another name of Lord Vishnu
32 Vaikunth-nath One who is the master of heavens
33 Vainavin Other name of Lord Shiva
34 Vainnchya The son of Lord brahma
35 Vairaj Refers to spiritual glory
36 Vairaja Is the son of virat
37 Vairamani Iss the ruler of destiny: Another name of Lord Shiva
38 Vairat Means gem
39 Vaisaka NAme of a season
40 Vaishant Refers to the shining and quiet star
41 Vaishnav Referred to the devotees of Lord Vishnu
42 Vaishvanar One who with a boundless and ubiquitous personality
43 Vaishwaanar The Omnipresent one
44 Vaitheeswaran Refers the lord of the universe; Also another name of Lord Brahma
45 Vaithi Is the source of all avatars
46 Vaj One who is born with superior strength
47 Vajasani Name of Lord vishnu’s son
48 Vajeenath Refers to the king of life and death; Epithet of Lord Shiva
49 Vajendra Another name of Lord Indra
50 Vajeswar Is a mighty conqueror; Another name of Lord Indra
51 Vajn Means strong armed; Another name of Lord Indra
52 Vajraang Means as hard as diamond
53 Vajrabahu One who has strong arms
54 Vajranabha One who glitters like diamond
55 Vajradhara Other name of Lord Indra
56 Vajrahast Another name for Lord shiva
57 Vajrajit Epithet of Lord Indra
58 Vajrakaya Sturdy like metal,Also the name of Lord Hanuman
59 Vajramani Refers to personality like a diamond
60 Vajranandna Another name of Lord Krishna; Loved by all
61 Vajranatha Another name of Lord Indra; Refers to the Lord of the clouds
62 Vajrapani One who can hold rocks
63 Vajrapathi Refers to the king of kings, Another name of Lord Indra
64 Vajrasana One who shines like diamond; A yoga form
65 Vajratik An excellent being; like a diamond
66 Vajratulya One who is like a diamond; Also refers to an angel
67 Vajresh Another name of Lord Krishna; Epithet of Lord Indra; One who is limitless;
68 Vajrin Epithet of Lord Indra
69 Vak Refers to a precious gift like that of a diamond
70 Vakrabhuj Another name of Lord ganesh
71 Vakratund An epithet of Lord Ganesha
72 Vikruthi One who has a good nature: Epithet of Lord Vishnu
73 Venkata Sudheer Other name of Lord Venkateswara
74 Vyomesh Refers to the master of universe
75 Vyoman Refers to the sky

Cool Boy Names That Start With V

Cool Boy Names That Start With V

Parents nowadays often search for names that are trendy and cool to hear. The names sound cool but hold immense meanings too. Here in the list you will find 75 cool boy names that start with V to choose from.

SL No Name Meaning
1 Vaik Lord’s own abode
2 Valgu One who is attractive and good-looking
3 Valin One who has a tenacious personality
4 Vallabh One who is dearly loved by all
5 Vallavan Refers to a strong and mighty warrior
6 Valli One who provides guidance to others, Other name of Lord Murugan
7 Valluvan One who excels in everything
8 Valmiki The author of the epic Ramayana
9 Vam An extraordinary and inspiring being
10 Vamdatt refers to the blessing of Lord Shiva
11 Vamadev Another name of Lord shiva
12 Vaman Refers to the fifth incarnation of Lord Vishnu
13 Vamaneshwar Refers to the God of the Sky; Another name of Lord Vishnu
14 Vamsidher Refers to Lord Krishna with Flute
15 Vanabihari Epithet of Lord Krishna
16 Vanad Means cloud
17 Vanadev Refers to the lord of the forest
18 Vanajit Is the king of the forest
19 Vanamali Name of Lord Krishna
20 Vandan Means saved
21 Vanhi Refers to the fire
22 Vanij Another name of Lord Shiva
23 Vaninadh Refers to the husband of saraswati
24 Vanmaele An epithet of Lord Krishna
25 Vanraj Refers to the ruler of the forest; The lion
26 Vansh Refers to the coming generation of father
27 Vanshidhar One who plays the flute; Refers to Lord Krishna as well
28 Varaah An epithet of Lord Vishnu
29 Varahamihira An ancient well known astronomer
30 Varad refers to Lord Ganesha; God of Fire
31 Varadaraj Another name of Lord Vishnu
32 Varadraj Epithet of Lord Vishnu
33 Vardham Other name Of Lord Mahavir and Buddha.
34 Vardhaman Refers to Lord Mahavir
35 Vardhan An Epithet of Lord shiva
36 Varen Refers to rain god Varun
37 Varendra Means Ocean
38 Varenya The highest one in path of spirituality
39 Varesh God; The superior being
40 Vajreshwar Other name of Lord shiva
41 Varid Means cloud
42 Varidhvaran Refers to the colour of the cloud
43 Varij Resembles the lotus
44 Varil Means water; Faithful
45 Varin Means gifts
46 Varindra Refers to the Lord of the sea
47 Varish Name of Lord vishnu
48 Varisth One who excels in everything
49 Varisu One who is good in all spheres
50 Variya The excellent one
51 Variyas Another name of Lord Shiva
52 Varki Refers to the Lord of the universe
53 Varma Means fruitful
54 Varman Another name of Lord Vishnu; The leader
55 Varnan Means description
56 Varshesh Another name of Lord Indra;One who rains blessings
57 Varshit Refers to something potent; Strong one
58 Varshwar The one who grants all wishes; Other name of Lord Shiva
59 Vartanu Means beautiful
60 Varthaman One who lives in the present; Epithet of of Lord Shiva
61 Varun Refers to the Lord of Water; Excellent
62 Varuna To surround
63 Varunesh The Lord of water
64 Varuta Is the guardian angel
65 Vasant Brings to the spring season
66 Vasanthamalika Garland made of spring flowers
67 Vasanth Refers to the season of spring
68 Vasav An epithet of Lord Indra
69 Vasava Refers to God Indra
70 Vasavaj Is the son of Lord Indra
71 Vasavan One who has a positive outlook
72 Vaseekaran Refers to the attractive one; Nice looking being
73 Vashanth Refers to a new bright beginning
74 Viaan Refers to new beginnings
75 Vyasdev The author of Mahabharata

Cute Boy Names That Start With V

Are you in search of cute baby boy names that start with V? Then you need not worry. We have listed 50 such names with their meanings for you to select from.

SL No Name Meaning
1 Vaanee Means speech
2 Vadinath Refers to Lord Shiva
3 Vairamuthu Name of Gemstones; Diamond; Pearl
4 Valentino Refers to strength
5 Valmeki An Ancient Saint
6 Vaman The Fifth Incarnation of Lord Vishnu
7 Vance Name of a marshland
8 Varaprada One who grants wishes and boons
9 Vashishti Name of a river
10 Vasuroop Another name for Lord shiva
11 Vea Means chief
12 Ved Name of the holy text
13 Vedan Its the part of sacred knowledge in Bhagwat Gita
14 Veer The brave one
15 Vehant Intelligent and knowledgeable
16 Vernon The hopeful one
17 Vidhur The wisest minister of King Dhrutarashtra’s cabinet in great Indian Epic Mahabharata; One who is very Skillful
18 Vijaya Means victory
19 Vijendra The victorious one
20 Vikas Means development; widening of scope; In progress
21 Vikhyaat Means famous
22 Vikki Means victory
23 Vikram Refers to bravery
24 Vilohit Another name for Lord Shiva
25 Vilok Refers to Lord Vishnu
26 Vinan Means sky
27 Vincent Means to conquer
28 Vincenzo One who is sweet in nature
29 Vineeth One who is Sweet; Modest; Humble; Knowledgeable; Polite
30 Vinesh Means godly
31 Vinil Refers to the blue Sky
32 Vino Means sweet
33 Vinod One who is always happy; Pleasing; Sun
34 Viraj Splendour; Intelligent; Excellent; To Shine; Epithet of Lord Vishnu
35 Virat Very Big; Giant; Massive; Huge; Another Name of Lord Shiva
36 Virgil Means flourishing
37 Virinchi Refer sto Lord Brahma
38 Visesh Means special
39 Vishakh Another name of Lord Shiva
40 Vishant Another name of Lord Vishnu
41 Vaishnav Epithet of Lord Vishnu
42 Vishrudh Name of Lord Shiva; Lord Vishnu
43 Vishrut Celebrated; Renowned; Famous; Knowledgeable Person
44 Vishvak The senapathi of Lord Vishnu
45 Vishwaksen Another name of Lord Ganesh; Treasurer of Lord Vishnu
46 Vishwam Means universal
47 Vishwas Refers to one’s Faith; Trust; Believe
48 Vishwateja Means shining of the world
49 Visu Name of Lord Shiva
50 Vito One with vivacious

Short And Long Boy Names That Start With V

Short And Long Boy Names That Start with V

Some parents often look out for short names whereas some have a preference for long names. Keeping in mind the search for those parents we have composed 50 short and long boy names that start with V.

SL No Name Meaning
1 Vaishnava Refers to Lord Vishnu
2 Vasudeva The father of Lord Krishna
3 Vasumat The name of Lord krishna
4 Vasupati Refers to a rich man
5 Vasur Means precious
6 Vasusen The original name of karna
7 Vatat Maj Epithet of Lord hanuman
8 Vajradhara One who is practising penance; Refers to Lord rama
9 Vatsa A beloved son
10 Vayun One who is very lively
11 Vayya Means friend
12 Vedomohan Other name of Lord Krishna
13 Vedprakash Refers to the light of the Vedas
14 Vedraj The lord of All Vedas
15 Vedswarup It is the form of knowledge
16 Veejay One who plays music on television
17 Veekshan One who is full of wisdom
18 Veenod Disciplined and respectful
19 Veni Lord Krishna
20 Vibhav One who is soft Spoken
21 Vibhu Refers to Lord Vishnu
22 Vidhaata Refers to Lord Brahma, The creator
23 Vidvan Means scholar
24 Vidyacharan One who cultivates learning; Is knowledge; Learned
25 Vidyanath To study
26 Vidyarthi Refers to a student
27 Vihaan Refers to dawn
28 Vihar Another name for Lord Shiva
29 Vihari Another name for Lord Krishna
30 Vihas One who has a great Smile; Epithet of Lord Krishna
31 Vijay Means victory; One who is Victorious
32 Vijay-Rajendra Epithet of Lord Ganesha
33 Vijayapal One who loves to explore around; Joyful
34 Vijayasaradhi Refers to Lord Krishna; One who leads to victory
35 Vijaydan Name of a noted Indian writer
36 Vikasith Means developed
37 Vikramark Means king
38 Vikrant The powerful one ; Courageous; Fearless; Victorious
39 Vimal Means pure
40 Vinay The polite one
41 Vineet Refers to the son of God; Good; Love
42 Virochan Refers to the Moon; Fire
43 Vishal Big; Giant
44 Vishank-sai Confident and Intelligent
45 Vishnu The protector of the universe; An important Hindu God
46 Vishwa Refers to the whole world
47 Vishwambhar Refers to lord Vishnu
48 Vishwamitra The friend of the universe; One of the most respected sages in India
49 Vivek One’s Conscience; Intelligence
50 Vyas The arranger

Classic Boy Names That Start With V

We all love classic names. We have listed below 5o such classic boy names that start with V with their meanings. Some inhibit names of Lord Krishna, whereas some refer to the epic Mahabharata. Parents can choose according to their preference.

SL No Name Meaning
1 Vasavadatta A important name in sanskrit classics
2 Vairochan An ancient name
3 Vasumitra An ancient name
4 Vatsapal Epithet of Lord krishna
5 Vatsar Refers to a year
6 Vatsin Name of Lord Vishnu
7 Vaideesh God of the vedas
8 Vayujat Other name of Lord hanuman
9 Vayunand Epithet of Lord hanuman
10 Veera Ganapati One with Supreme power; Another name of Lord Ganesha
11 Veeral One who is unparalleled and precious
12 Veeran One who is Valiant and fearless
13 Veerapandi Courageous; Brave
14 Veerappan Fearless; Valiant
15 Veerbhadra Name of the ashwamedha horse
16 Veerendra Lord of the brave
17 Veeresh Brave and courageous
18 Veerjot Macho; Fearless
19 Veernish Daring; Courageous
20 Veerottam The Supreme one amongst braves
21 Veeru A brave person
22 Vegh Muscular and Robust
23 Veha One who has no limits
24 Vehzat One who has a blessed birth
25 Velan Name of Lord shiva’s son
26 Velraj The supreme one
27 Velu Short for Velayudhan; Another name of Lord Murugan
28 Veluchamy Epithet of of Lord Murugan
29 Veluppillai Other name of Lord Murugan’s son
30 Velusamy Another name of Lord Murugan
31 Vemana Refers to wise man
32 Ven Kind-hearted and caring one
33 Venavin Refers to the divine grace
34 Venavir Refers to Lord shiva’s son
35 Vendhan Means king
36 Vendhu Refers to the light that guides the world
37 Vendra One who is powerful
38 Vengai One who is valiant and strong
39 Venimadhav Another name for Lord Krishna
40 Venkadan One who blesses others
41 Venkat A divine personality; Epithet of Lord Krishna
42 Venkata One with a generous soul
43 Venkata Rao Another name for Lord Krishna; Lord Vishnu
44 Venkatachalam Refers to the hill of Venkata
45 Venkatadri Another name of Lord Venkateswara
46 Venkatakrishna Blessed Lord
47 Venkataraman Refers to the Lord of the Venkata Hill
48 Venkataramana Epithet of Lord Vishnu
49 Venkataramananandan Another name for lord vishnu
50 Viseshamaina One who is well known

Sanskrit Baby Boy Names Starting With V

Sanskrit Baby Boy Names Starting With V

Sanskrit is considered to be one of the oldest languages in the world. So for parents looking forward to sanskrit baby boy names starting with V, we have listed 50 such names along with their meanings.

SL No Name Meaning
1 Vaksharaj Refers to the king of the universe
2 Vaktrendru A bright-faced shining light
3 Vakul One who is wise; Another name of Lord Krishna and Lord Shiva
4 Valasak Stunning; Good-looking
5 Valiak Refers to the crane
6 Valwaswat Name of saint
7 Vanee Means speech
8 Varapani Epithet of Lord Indra
9 Vashiq One who is superior
10 Vashisht The master of all creation
11 Vasin One who rules all
12 Vasisht Name of a Maharshi
13 Vasistha Name of a sage
14 Vasu Rich; Excellent
15 Vasudev Refers to Lord Krishna
16 Vasudevan Father of Lord Krishna
17 Vasuman One who is born out of fire
18 Ved-vyas Name of a saint
19 Veda Kumbhar Lord Of The Vedas
20 Veda Mohan Epithet of Lord krishna
21 Vedang Part of the vedas
22 Vedanga The limbs of the Vedas
23 Vedant Ultimate Wisdom; one who is blessed with vedic knowledge
24 Vedanth One who knows vedas in depth
25 Vedaprakash Light that comes from knowledge
26 Vedati One who spreads knowledge
27 Vedatman Epithet of Lord vishnu
28 Vedatmane Spirit of the vedas
29 Vedavrata Refers to the vows of the Vedas
30 Vedavyasa An famous vedic saint
31 Vedbhushan One who is adorned with the knowledge of the vedas
32 Vedesh Referred to the Lord of vedas
33 Vedeshwar One who has the wisdom of the Vedas
34 Vedhapani Another name of Lord Brahma
35 Vedhish One who knows all
36 Ved Mohan Name of Lord Krishna
37 Vedoday One who is bright like the sun
38 Viom Means sky
39 Vipat Refers to shooting arrows
40 Vipin Behari Forest wanderer
41 Vipreet Means opposite; Different
42 Virbhanu One who is very strong
43 Viren Refers to the lord of warriors
44 Virender Another name of Lord Indra
45 Vireshwar Epithet of Lord Shiva; Refers to the chief of heroes
46 Virohin Sprouting; Budding
47 Virom One with God’s Power
48 Viroop Shapely; Variegated; Diverse
49 Vishakan epithet of Lord Murugan
50 Vishvam Refers to the entire universe

Baby Boy Names Starting With V In Telugu

You can find below 50 baby boy names starting with V in Telugu. The names are traditional and modern names in Telugu language and hold strong meanings.

SL No Name Meaning
1 Vasudevrao Order; Announcement
2 Vaasvik Another name of God Venkateshwara Swamy
3 Vaigai Means to keep; Also the name of a river
4 Valaji A ragam in the carnatic music
5 Valapattanam Name of a big town
6 Vallabha The beloved one
7 Vallathol Name of a poet
8 Vallinath Husband of Valli
9 Vama Epithet of Lord Shiva
10 Vamanapuram Refers to the city of Lord Vamana
11 Vamshi Flute; Refers to Sri Krishna’s Flute
12 Vamshidhar Refers to the God of Venkateswara
13 Vanaspati Refers to the Lord of the forest
14 Vanniyar Means fire
15 Var Gift; Boon
16 Varadh Refers to the God of fire; Another name of Lord Ganesh
17 Varaganathi A small river in Tamil Nadu
18 Varahi One who rides the Varaaha
19 Vardan Referred to a boon
20 Varshith Refers to the god of Rain
21 Vassvik Epithet of Lord Venkateswara
22 Vayuputhra Refers to the Son of Wind
23 Vedaanth Means to fulfil
24 Vedavathi Refers to knowledge; Wisdom
25 Vedeth One who can narrate well
26 Vedha The faithful one
27 Vedhanth The king; The process of self-realisation in the Vedas
28 Vedik Knowledge; Anything Taken from Hindu Vedas
29 Veekshith Seeing; Developed
30 Vehith The intelligent one
31 Vema Great Poet
32 Venkatapathy Another name of Lord Venkateshwara
33 Venkatas Name of a hill
34 Venkat Sahith Name of God Venkat
35 Venkatesh Another name of Lord Krishna and Balaji
36 Venkateswara Other name of Lord Venkateswara
37 Venki Refers to the God of Venkateswara
38 Venkitasamy A name for Lord Vekateshwara
39 Venu Means flute
40 Venudhar Refers to Lord Krishna
41 Venugopal Refers to a Flute Player
42 Vian One who is full of life
43 Viansh Lord Krishna
44 Vibhas Means to shine
45 Vidit Epithet of Lord Indra
46 Vijayakantha The lucky one
47 Vilas Refers to bliss; Enjoyment
48 Vishambari One who has created the whole universe
49 Vishnuvardhan One who honours others
50 Vyloppilli A renowned Indian poet

Baby Boy Names Starting With V In Kannada

Baby Boy Names Starting With V In Kannada

In this section you will find 50 baby boy names starting with V in Kannada. The names are arranged in alphabetical order and we have also mentioned their meanings. Some meanings are religious, whereas others are close to nature. Parents can choose from the table listed below.

SL No Name Meaning
1 Vaalaky One Of The Kauravas
2 Vaaridhar Refers to cloud
3 Vaasavan Other name of Lord Murugan
4 Vaathavega One Of The Kauravas
5 Vaayun God ;Active; Alive
6 Vadanya Generous; Prosperous,
7 Vadiraj King Among Disputants
8 Vadivelan Spear of Lord Murugan
9 Vadivelu Lord Murugan, as his Spear Is Called Vadivel
10 Vagadheeksha Name Of Lord Shanmukha
11 Vagesh Lord Of Spokesmen
12 Vagindra Lord Of Speech
13 Vagmine God Of Speech; Epithet of Lord Brahma
14 Vaidhyat One who supports law
15 Vaidic Related To Veda
16 Vaidik Related To Veda
17 Vaidish Lord Of Holy Books
18 Vaidya Doctor; Physician
19 Vaidyanath The King Of Medicine
20 Vaidyanathan Master Of Medicines
21 Vaidyut Medicine; Lord Of Physicians
22 Vaijayi The brilliant one
23 Vaijeenath Refers to victory
24 Vaijnath Epithet Of Shiva; Epithet Of Dhanvantari
25 Vaikunth The Abode Of Lord Vishnu
26 Vaikunthanatha Lord Of Vaikuntha, The Heavenly Abode
27 Vairag Detached; One who is Free From Desire
28 Vairinchya Son Of Lord Brahma
29 Vaishithe Refers to unique feature
30 Vaishnov Denotes Lord Vishnu
31 Vaishravan Refers to Kubera, the Lord Of Wealth
32 Vaishvik One who belongs to the world
33 Vaishwanar The omnipresent one
34 Vaivaswatha Refers to the seventh Manu
35 Vaivat No Variations; Controversy
36 Vaiwaswat One Of The Saints
37 Vajasi Another name of Lord Ganesha
38 Vajinath Lord Indra; Epithet Of Dhanvantari
39 Vajrabahu One With Strong Arms
40 Vajrahasta One Who Has A Thunderbolt In His Hands
41 Vajraksh Sturdy Like Lord Hanuman
42 Vajraksha Epithet of Lord Hanuman
43 Vajranakha The strong nailed one
44 Vajrang As strong as diamond
45 Vajrapani Lord Indra with Vajra In his hand
46 Vakpati Refers to Great Orator
47 Vakratund An Epithet Of Lord Ganesh
48 Vakratunda Salutations to Lord Ganesha
49 Vaksh Chest; Bust
50 Vritra Name of a demon

Tamil Baby Boy Names Starting With V

Tamil names are often named after well known personalities, gods and Kings. They rae deep and profound meanings. In the table listed below we have mentioned some unique and popular tamil baby boy names starting with V.

SL No Name Meaning
1 Vaanavan From the Sky; Godly
2 Vadamalaiyan Epithet of Lord Hanuman
3 Vageesh Another name for Lord Shiva
4 Vaibhava Refers to glory; luxury
5 Vaijayanta Refers to the bestower of victory
6 Vaiko One who is calm
7 Vaikuntha The heaven of Vishnu
8 Vaikunthalaala Refers top the ultimate truth
9 Vainateya Name of Garuda
10 Vairamuthu Name of Gemstones
11 Vaithilingam Name of a God
12 Val One who has power; Strong; Healthy
13 Valaiyapathi A Tamil Epic
14 Valan Ingenious; Resourceful
15 Valarivan Clever; Spiritual Man
16 Veda Refers to the sacred knowledge
17 Vedaachaaqya One who teaches Vedas
18 Vedadhara One who holds the Vedas
19 Vedagupta Preserver of the Vedas
20 Vedamoorti One who is very sensitive
21 Vedanidhi One who has the complete knowledge of the Vedas
22 Vedaryaasa One who has classified the Vedas
23 Vedasri One who knows the Vedas
24 Vedawata Refers to the end of the Vedas
25 Veeraasvarmee Refers to Lord subramanyam Swamy
26 Veeramalla Heroic; Strong; Powerful
27 Veeraraaghava Refers to Rama, the mighty warrior
28 Veeraratha A warrior
29 Veerasena Refers to brave people
30 Veerasingh Brave
31 Veeravara Refers to the best of the brave
32 Venimaadhava Refers to Lord Krishna, playing the sweet flute
33 Ventidatta An ancient name
34 Venugopaala One who protects the cows
35 Vrajakishore Refers to Lord Krishna’s youthful and charming nature
36 Vrajalaala The playful one in the vraaja; Lord Krishna
37 Vrajamohana Th enchanting one; Epithet of Lord Krishna
38 Vrajanaatha Master of the Vraaja
39 Vrajavallabha Beloved of the Vraaja
40 Vrajavara The best of the Vrajas
41 Vrajendra The king
42 Vrajeshvara Refers to the Ultimate ruler
43 Vrishabha Metaphor for Lord Krishna
44 Vrishabhaanu Means a bull
45 Vrishadhara One who holds the bull
46 Vrishapati Refers to the Lord of the bulls
47 Vrisharaaja The king of the bulls
48 Vrishasena Name of a warrior prince
49 Vrishaskandha An ancient name
50 Vrishni Dynasty of Lord Krishna

Names are the only constant in most of our lives. Thus one should be chosen carefully as they define our personality up to a certain extent. Parents can take time in choosing the perfect name for their baby boy from the 500 baby boy names with V that we have mentioned in the article.

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