Kissing a Baby – Is it Safe?

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Aparna Hari

Kissing Baby Safe

Ruby cheeks, innocent eyes, and a cute little smile! How can someone resist kissing those squishy cheeks? Kissing and cuddling is an irresistible way to show affection toward a little bundle of joy. Though we all do it to shower our love, unintentionally kissing a baby can harm them. Kissing babies can increase the risk of transferring fever blisters.

Several researches show that kissing a baby on the cheeks or lips can spread infection. Not even on cheeks; kissing your little one over your hands can cause redness. Hence, it is vital to know the potential risks of kissing a baby. Read more about the possible risks of kissing a baby and the preventive measures to be taken.

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Is it Okay to Kiss a Newborn Baby?

It is not Okay to kiss a newborn baby. Newborns have low immunity because they are susceptible to catching infection. Kissing or touching the lip on a baby’s body may cause various illnesses such as RSV (Respiratory Syncytial Virus). Therefore, it is essential to avoid kissing newborn babies right after birth.

Let their immunities develop to the fullest before interacting with babies, such as kissing. Even if you plan to touch and hold a newborn baby, it is important to sanitize your hands. This helps avoid transferring any germs from your hand to the baby.

When is it Safe to Kiss a Baby?

Kissing Baby Safely

Babies’ immune system is not mature before they are at least six months old. Therefore, you should handle babies with care during this period. To build an affectionate bond with babies, practice speaking to babies and sing lullabies. Avoid touching them with lips or direct contact with lips to prevent severe illnesses that can harm your babies.

Is it Safe to Kiss a Baby on The Lips?

It may not be safe to kiss a baby on the lips, especially younger babies. Babies below the age of six months have a habit of sucking hands and love when you kiss them on the lips. We know most of us feel overwhelmed with heart-melting smiles and cooing sounds when we kiss them on the lips. Admit it; we can’t resist showing love to such an adoring baby smiling in our hands. 

But kissing on the lips leads to easy transmission of germs into the baby’s body. The cosmetics that you use will also easily enter your baby’s body when you kiss them on the lips. Kissing on lips leads to the easy transmission of conditions such as cold sores, respiratory illnesses, and oral diseases.

Precautions to Take When Kissing Your Baby

Precautions When Kissing Baby

Babies are more vulnerable to catching viruses and bacteria. Some bacteria are generally harmless to an adult. However, the same can affect your little one and make them sick because of weak immunity. Therefore, keep all the below listed precautionary measures as priority when kissing a baby.

1. Maintain Oral And Personal Hygiene

Wash your hands before touching your baby. If possible, use hand sanitizers. In addition to this, maintain oral hygiene if you are handling the baby. Ensure your baby’s oral hygiene too because your little one frequently salivates. If possible, get a soft cotton pad and clean their mouth by gently dabbing frequently.

2. Vaccinate Your Baby

Remember to vaccinate your babies to avoid catching infections such as pertussis, whooping cough, and cold. It can easily spread through physical touch. Stay in touch with your pediatricians for complete vaccination.

3. Ensure Your Baby’s Hygiene

Regularly bathe your little one. It helps to prevent the spreading of infection. Always use clean wipes for babies. If possible, then make sure to bring non-alcoholic wipes for baby’s mouth cleaning.

4. Educate Family And Friends

Educate your family members, friends, and relatives about all the safety precautions for the baby. Keep your baby away from those people who have potential contract infections. Your baby can easily catch the infection.

4. Keep Your Baby Away From Unwell People

A person having some respiration conditions such as influenza, common cold, or other chronic cough must avoid kissing the baby.
Watch symptoms if your baby catches the infection. Avoid kissing your baby if you find rashes or redness on their skin.

Risks of Kissing a Newborn Baby

Kissing Baby Risks

Here are some of the potential risks associated with kissing a newborn baby.

1. Spreading of Germs

Kissing a baby is the most common way of spreading germs. Newborns have low immunity, which is why they are vulnerable to infection. That is why you should avoid kissing a baby unnecessarily.

2. Respiratory Risks

A newborn baby’s respiratory system is not entirely developed. Babies’ lungs take longer, or at least three years after delivery, to function like adult lungs. Hence, any virus can easily attach to lungs and cause diseases.

Respiratory Syncytial virus is the most common form of infection which can affect babies. It can cause breathing difficulties. The virus spreads by touching the babies’ mouth, eyes, and nose. Moreover, it is contagious and infects another person if someone inhales droplets from the infected person. Therefore, you should avoid touching babies directly or kissing them.

3. Skin Problems

A baby’s skin is five times more delicate than an adult’s. Therefore, touching babies through lips and dirty hands can cause infection and harm their skin. If you find rashes, itchiness, and swelling on the baby’s skin, you should avoid touching their skin irrelevantly. Also, do not apply any skin products because they can cause skin issues.

4. Common Flu

Common flu might seem common for adults and usually heals in a few days. However, the common flu can be severe for your little one. Kissing a baby can quickly spread a common flu that can disturb the baby’s health. Try to avoid touching or kissing your baby.

5. Allergic Reaction

Baby’s skin is delicate and sensitive. Frequent touching through lips and hands can cause allergic reactions such as red bumps. That is why doctors advise avoiding touching babies too often.

In a nutshell, kissing a baby can cause several infectious diseases. Although it is hard to resist kissing a baby, for their good health, you should avoid frequent touching or kissing. Also, politely ask others to avoid kissing a baby. Prioritize precautionary measures to prevent the spread of infection. You can kiss your baby once their immunity becomes strong and they start playing or touching things.


1. Can I Kiss My Baby on The Lips?

No, you should avoid kissing your baby on the lips. It spreads germs that cause some health issues, such as flu, fever, and more.

2. Can I Kiss The Baby on The Head?

Kissing a baby is safe over the head. But newborn babies have weak immunity, and they can easily catch infection. Therefore, you should avoid kissing a baby for at least two months.

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