Top 500 Baby Boy Names That Start With O 

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Ambili Kartha

Baby Boy Names That Start With O All parents have different opinions when it comes to naming their babies. Some will be in search of baby boy names that start with O. Some decide by meaning, some look for something unique while many others have a belief in astrological or numerological significance. There are some letters that are common while deciding names while some letters are extremely unique like W, Y, O, J, and B. The names with these letters are less heard of and one of their types. These names can be traditional, unique, different to conventional ones, rare, classy, regal etc. 

Talking about the letter O, some great names that come to mind are Oscar, Oliver, Obama, Om, Ojas, Onish, Oshin etc. The names can be from different cultures but are unique, uncommon, and unusual. Babies whose name begins with O are emotional, daydreamers and highly creative. They have extraordinary qualities and are go-getters. More such qualities of the baby boy names that start with O will be discussed later. A unique name with the letter O makes the baby unique from the rest and is also remembered for this in his circle of friends.

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Top 500 Baby Boy Names That Start With  O With Meanings 

Baby boy names that start with letter O are unique and uncommon. As per astrology, the letter O has a spiritual significance that offers deep insight into the bearer of the name. The baby boy gets a light of guidance that helps him to be just, and brave, and also offers the skills that are necessary to achieve their goals. Given below is a tabular and alphabetical table of baby boy names that start with “O”  across the world.

SL No Name Meaning
1 Oak  Strength and solidarity 
2 Oalo  Small 
3 Oates  Wealth 
4 Obadiah  Servant of God 
5 Obafemi  The king loves me 
6 Obaidullah  Little servant of God 
7 Obalesh  Lord Shiva
8 Obaleshwar  One who praises Lord Shiva
9 Obama  Crooked 
10 Obasi  In honour of the supreme God 
11 Obed  Servant of God 
12 Oberon  King of Fairies
13 Obert  Bright and wealthy 
14 Obez One 
15 Obi  Heart 
16 Obiajulu  The heart is consoled 
17 Obie  Being Obedient
18 Obike  A strong household
19 Obrian  Noble 
20 Obuli  Name of Hindu God
21 Occhav  Voice 
22 Ocean  Sea 
23 Oceanus  Of the Ocean 
24 Ochchav  Lord 
25 Ociel  Heavenly 
26 Ocnus  Incompetent 
27 Octa  Born in October 
28 Octave  Musical notes 
29 Octavian  The eighth
30 Octavious  Eighth
31 Octavus  Eighth
32 Octha  Enemy of Arthur 
33 Odaka  Apple Flavour 
34 Odall  Hill
35 Odam  Son-in law
36 Odan  Cloud
37 Odaniyan  Divine Light 
38 Odanodan  Of the Red Earth 
39 Odar Dark
40 Oday  Rise 
41 Odbart  Wealthy
42 Oddie  Wealth 
43 Ode  Rich 
44 Oded  Encourages
45 Odell  Little wealthy one 
46 Odessa Wrathful
47 Odeya  I will thank God 
48 Odharnait  Pale 
49 Odhavji  Names of Lord Krishna 
50 Odhert  Wealthy 
51 Odhran  Pale green 
52 Odil  Rich 
53 Odilio  Fortunate in battle 
54 Odilo  Rich 
55 Odilon  Fortunate 
56 Odin  Head God 
57 Odion  Born of the twins 
58 Odis  Wealth 
59 Odo Name of a bishop 
60 Odohr Strong
61 Odolf  Prosperous wolf 
62 Odran  Pale Green
63 Odulf  Prosperous wolf 
64 Odwolf  Wealthy wolf 
65 Ody  Name of a king 
66 Odysseus  Angry 
67 Oedipus  Swollen foot 
68 Oengus  One Vigor 
69 Ofer  Gold
70 Offa  Spear Strength
71 Offir  Gold
72 Ofir  Ferocious 
73 Ogaan United
74 Ogan Wave 
75 Ogana  United 
76 Ogaza Smart 
77 Ogbonna  The image of his father 
78 Ogdan  Oak Valley 
79 Ogden  From the oak tree valley 
80 Ogen  Anchor 
81 Ogha  Stream
82 Ogilvie  From the high peak
83 Ogima  Chief 
84 Oguz Arrow 
85 Oha  True Knowledge 
86 Ohad  Powerful
87 Ohanko  Reckless
88 Ohanzee Shadow
89 Ohas  Praise
90 Oheen  Chief 
91 Ohel  Brightness
92 Ohidur  Charming person 
93 Ohileshwar  Shiva
94 Ohio large river 
95 Ohit  Brilliant 
96 Ohitekah  Brave 
97 Ohitlal A great person 
98 Ohm  Sacred sound in hindu religion
99 Ohndre  Warrior 
100 Ohngel  Messenger of God 
101 Ohnjel  Messenger of God 
102 Ohnrey  Warrior 
103 Ohon  Preserve 
104 Ohrmazd  Divinity of wisdom 
105 Ohtli  Road 
106 Oidhche  Night
107 Oighrig  Well spoken
108 Oisin  Divine 
109 Oistin  Majestic
110 Ojadh  Lord of Strength
111 Ojai  Moon 
112 Ojal  Splendid
113 Ojan  Waves 
114 Ojani  justice 
115 Ojapati Master of Power
116 Ojas  Lustre
117 Ojash  Vitality 
118 Ojashv  One who has shine 
119 Ojasin  Strong and powerful
120 Ojaspati  Expert in power and lustre
121 Ojasvaan  Energetic
122 Ojaswin Lustrous
123 Ojasya  Radiant 
124 Ojayit Courageous
125 Ojes Brilliance or glow 
126 Ojesh  Light
127 Ojis  Sharp and powerful
128 Ojishth  Most powerful 
129 Ojjal  Splendour 
130 Ojjaswin  Body strength
131 Ojore  A man of war 
132 Okal  Victory 
133 Okapi  Mercy
134 Okas  Shelter 
135 Okeke  Born on  Eke 
136 Okello  Born after the twins 
137 Okena  Water Chief 
138 Okhil Brilliant 
139 Okoth  Born during the rainy season 
140 Okpara  Fifth born son 
141 Oksana  Praise to God 
142 Okya  Brave 
143 Ol Legendary 
144 Ola  Relic 
145 Olaniyan  Surrounded by honour 
146 Olav  Ancestral heritage 
147 Olavi  Family descendant 
148 Oldrich  One with power and wealth 
149 Ole  Ancestor’s heir 
150 Oleg  Holy
151 Oleksander  Defender of humankind 
152 Oleksiy  Defender 
153 Olexei  Defender of Man 
154 Olezka  Holy
155 Oli  Courageous 
156 Olin Ancestors 
157 Olindo  Wild fig 
158 Olis  Strong and powerful
159 Oliveanthan  Emperor of Light 
160 Oliver  Olive tree
161 Oliverio  Affectionate 
162 Olivier  From the Olive tree
163 Olivio  Olive tree
164 Olivor  Olive tree
165 Olka  Homeland 
166 Olle  Descendant 
167 Olley  Olive tree
168 Ollie  Elf army 
169 Olorun  Belonging to God 
170 Olsen Son of Olaf 
171 Olu Extraordinary 
172 Olubayo  Rejoicing 
173 Olufemi  Wealth and honour 
174 Olugbala  Saviour of the people 
175 Olujimi God has given this 
176 Olushola  God has blessed me 
177 Oluwa  Our Lord 
178 Oluwatosin God is worthy of worship 
179 Olvaerr Affectionate 
180 Olympio  From Mount Olympus 
181 Olyn Holy
182 Om  Sacred syllable of hindu hymns and prayers
183 Om Prakash  surrounded by divine light 
184 Omaansh  sacred symbol of Om
185 Omaditya  Lord of the sun
186 Omaha  Joy 
187 Omahara  Welling up of rapture
188 Omaijid  Noble 
189 Omair  Intelligent
190 Omais  Love and Affection 
191 Omaj Result of spiritual unity 
192 Omal  Soft and tender
193 Omam Nation
194 Oman Giver of hope 
195 Omanand  Joyful thinker
196 Omanwnakw  Cloud Feather 
197 Omar  Prophets’ follower 
198 Omari  Flourishing 
199 Omarjeet Lord of Om
200 Omarr God is the highest 
201 Omasvat  Favourable 
202 Omav  Avatar of Om
203 Ombeer  Religious warrior 
204 Omdearoop Vishnu 
205 Omdutt  Given by God 
206 Omeed Hope
207 Omeet  My Light 
208 Omega  Last 
209 Omeir  Long living
210 Omeo  Mountains 
211 Omer  Speaker 
212 Omero  Security 
213 Omesa Lord of Om
214 Omesh Lord of Om
215 Omeshwar Lord of Om
216 Omet  Little Eagle 
217 Omganesh Lord Ganapati 
218 Omi Sound of Universe
219 Omio Rock 
220 Omiros  Pledge 
221 Omish  Lord of Om
222 Omitabho  Source of Light 
223 Omja Born of cosmic unity 
224 Omkar A sacred sound and letter 
225 Omkara Name of Lord Shiva 
226 Omkaramurthy Attributed to Lord Shiva
227 Omkaranatha  Lord of Om 
228 Omkaresh Attributed to Lord Shiva
229 Omkareshwar Attributed to Lord Shiva
230 Omkarmurthy  Attributed to Lord Shiva 
231 Omkarnath Shiva
232 Omkesh  It means divine 
233 Omkrsih  Attributed to Lord Krishna 
234 Ommar  First Born 
235 Omna Virtuous
236 Omol Priceless
237 Omolf  Son of Armod 
238 Omondi  Born early in the morning 
239 Omor Flourising 
240 Ompal  Essence of Life 
241 Ompati  Master of Om
242 Ompatu  Heart’s desire 
243 Omprasad  Offering to the gods
244 Omran  Improvement
245 Omrao King
246 Omri  God’s servant 
247 Omsai Lord Shiva 
248 Omsri  Devotional
249 Omsrikara God Siva 
250 Omswaroop Manifestation of divinity
251 Omu God
252 Omveer Valiant
253 Omya  Life Giving 
254 Onain Vision
255 Ond  Tenth child 
256 Ondre Manly 
257 Ondrej  Warrior 
258 Ondrus  Manly
259 Oneal  From the chief’s line 
260 Onesimo First born 
261 Onfre  Peaceful warrior 
262 Onfroi  Peaceful 
263 Ongivalarthan  Light of God 
264 Oni Shelter 
265 Onik Soldier 
266 Onil  Wind 
267 Onille  From the gold town
268 Onindo  Giver of Joy 
269 Onir Shining 
270 Onis  Lord of mind 
271 Onish  Lord of Mind 
272 Onjel  Messenger of God 
273 Onkar God is the only one 
274 Onkara Purest one
275 Onkaran  Purest one 
276 Onnan  Mariner 
277 Onnesha Honesty 
278 Onni Happiness
279 Onnjel  Messenger of God 
280 Onofre  Peace warrior 
281 Onon Prosperous
282 Onophrio  Defender of Peace 
283 Ons  Gladness
284 Onshuda  Chant 
285 Onsi  One who removes fears 
286 Onslow  From the zealous one’s hill
287 Onund  Son of Viking 
288 Onveer Brave
289 Ony  Eagle 
290 Onyebuchi  God is in everything 
291 Onyekachi  No one is greater than God 
292 Oodaye  Rise 
293 Oogan  Enthusiastic 
294 Oogharath  Lively 
295 Oogharth  Son of Ooghavand 
296 Ooghavanth  A king who is praised
297 Oogy  Bubbly 
298 Oojwal  Shining 
299 Oona  Lamb 
300 Oordhwa Peaceful 
301 Oorjit Strong and energetic
302 Ooyu  Rainbow 
303 Opesh  Support 
304 Ophion A serpent 
305 Opie One like God 
306 Opinder Proximity to God 
307 Opkar  Beneficience 
308 Opparili Names of Lord Shiva 
309 Oppilmani Purest of gems 
310 Opraaj  Lord’s kingdom 
311 Opurbo  Beautiful 
312 Or  Brilliance 
313 Oraib Intelligent
314 Oraibia  Keen
315 Orain  Most celebrated 
316 Oral  Speaker 
317 Oram  From the riverbank Enclosure 
318 Oran  Irish meaning green 
319 Orang  Wisdom 
320 Oratio  Prayer 
321 Oratun  From the shore farm
322 Orazio  Prayer 
323 Orbert  Wealthy 
324 Ord  Armed warrior 
325 Ordway  Battle 
326 Ordwine  Spear friend 
327 Oren  Pine tree
328 Orenthal  Fair and pale 
329 Oresh  Thankful 
330 Oreste  From the mountain
331 Orestes  One who stands as a mountain 
332 Orfaan  Knowledge 
333 Orhan  Supreme Leader 
334 Ori Charitable king 
335 Oriel Golden
336 Origen  Born
337 Oringo  who likes to hunt 
338 Orion Son of Fire 
339 Orjun Branch of a palm tree that holds dates together
340 Orkhan  Supreme Leader 
341 Orko Violet 
342 Orlan  From the pointed hill
343 Orleans  Duke of Orleans 
344 Orlege  Sad 
345 Orli  You are my light
346 Orlondo  Renowned in the land 
347 Orm  Son of Ulf 
348 Orma  Free Men 
349 Ormand  Seaman 
350 Ormazd  Divinity of wisdom 
351 Ormerod  Clearing 
352 Ormod  Brave Friend 
353 Ormond  Mariner
354 Ornette  Little eagle 
355 Ornil Related to Beauty
356 Ornob  Ocean 
357 Oro  Gold 
358 Oron  Light 
359 Orpheus  The darkness of night 
360 Orrel  Eagle 
361 Orren  Pale 
362 Orrick  From the ancient oak tree
363 Orrin  Mountain
364 Orry  God’s peace 
365 Orsino  Little Bear 
366 Orson  Bear Cub 
367 Orsonio  Bear 
368 Ortiz  Son of Orti 
369 Orton  From the shore farm
370 Orup  Handsome 
371 Orush  Thrones 
372 Orv  Gold town 
373 Orva  Spear Strength
374 Orvell  Gold town 
375 Orville  Golden Village 
376 Orvin  Brave Friend 
377 Orvyn  Divine ruler 
378 Orwel  Horizon 
379 Ory  Manly one 
380 Oryan Mountain dweller 
381 Orz Proximity to God 
382 Osa  Ocean 
383 Osaf  Good dancer 
384 Osahar  God hears me 
385 Osama  Lion
386 Osamu  Ruler 
387 Osaze  Favoured by God 
388 Osbaldo  Uncertain
389 Osbert  God bright 
390 Osborne  Soldier of God 
391 Oscar  Champion warrior 
392 Oscosh  Bravest of all 
393 Osei  Noble 
394 Osgood  Divine creator 
395 Oshea  God is salvation
396 Oshee Divine 
397 Osher  Happiness
398 Oshin Flower
399 Osho Dear
400 Osiel  God is my strength
401 Osip  God shall add
402 Osiris  Powerful
403 Oskari  Leaping warrior 
404 Oslow  Meadow beneath the ridge 
405 Osman  Son of a snake 
406 Osmar  Divinely glorious
407 Osmond  Divine protection
408 Ospak  Brother of Gudrun
409 Osric  Divine ruler 
410 Osryd  Divine counsellor 
411 Ossian  Fawn 
412 Ostein  Happy 
413 Ostin  Great 
414 Osul  Essential 
415 Oswaldo  Divine power
416 Oswalt  Strength from God 
417 Oswell  Divinely powerful 
418 Oswin  God’s friend 
419 Oswiu  Name of a king 
420 Ota  Rich 
421 Otar  Fright warrior 
422 Otello  Wealth
423 Otess Wealth 
424 Othello  God rule 
425 Othenio  Give birth by night 
426 Othin  God of Sky 
427 Othmann  Wealthy 
428 Othmar  Happy Fame 
429 Othneil  Strength of God 
430 Otho  Wealthy
431 Otik  Rich 
432 Otis  Wealthy
433 Otkai  High-born
434 Otmar  Famous 
435 Oto  Rich 
436 Otos  Keen of hearing 
437 Otri  Name of a sage 
438 Otsinto  Patient 
439 Ottakoothan  Poet 
440 Ottar Great wealth
441 Ottfrid  Wealthy peace 
442 Ottild  Fortunate 
443 Ottokar  Happy Fighter 
444 Ottone  Wealth 
445 Ottoway  Lucky in war 
446 Otus  Keen of hearing 
447 Otway  Lucky in war 
448 Oudom  Magnificent 
449 Oudumber  Vishnu 
450 Ouki  Joy 
451 Oula  First 
452 Ouray  Arrow 
453 Oushig Love and Affection 
454 Oushin Blossom
455 Outram  Wealthy raven 
456 Ovadiach  Servant of God 
457 Ovais  A companion of Prophet
458 Ovaish  Joy of Love 
459 Ove  Ancestors 
460 Oved  Worship 
461 Overton  From the riverbank town 
462 Ovi Holy message of a marathi Saint 
463 Ovidio  Shephard 
464 Ovie  King 
465 Ovijit  Winner
466 Ovin Handsome
467 Ovishankar Giver of prosperity and happiness
468 Ovishkar Handsome
469 Oviya  A beautiful drawing 
470 Oviyan Artist
471 Owain  Son of Urein 
472 Owaisi Brave, talented
473 Owaiz  God’s companion 
474 Owan  God is gracious 
475 Owein  Young warrior 
476 Owen  Desire born 
477 Owiti  Born after a misfortune 
478 Owney  Green 
479 Owuor  Born after mid-morning 
480 Owyn  Young Fighter 
481 Oxa  Page 
482 Oxley  From the enclosure
483 Oxton  From the farm 
484 Oya  Wind warrior goddess 
485 Oyintsa  White Duck 
486 Oysten  Happy 
487 Oz Divine
488 Ozaafar  Lion 
489 Ozan  Turkish 
490 Ozer  God’s helper 
491 Ozhan  Thrower 
492 Ozi  Strong 
493 Ozias  Salvation
494 Oziel  Strength of God 
495 Ozil  Genuine 
496 Ozor  Name of ethnic group 
497 Ozur  Son of a mythological character 
498 Ozuru  Stock 
499 Ozzi  Strong 
500 Ozzie  Divine power

Qualities of Baby Boys Whose Name Start With O 

Qualities Of Baby Boys With O 

As per numerology, some qualities are inborn for a person whose name starts with O. These can be positive as well as negative. Few such qualities and characteristics are given as under. 

Numerology suggests a correlation between the number 6 and the letter O. This number suggests that people with this number are knowledge seekers and highly intelligent and brainy as well. A few positive traits that are linked with numerology are :

  • Responsibility 
  • Patience 
  • Curiosity 
  • Thirst for knowledge 
  • Strong determination
  • Discipline 
  • Obedience 
  • Following Rules 
  • Honesty and Truthfulness 
  • Caring 
  • Good business sense 
  • Helpful 

The negative qualities of the babies whose name starts with O is that they can get a little dramatic and are stubborn to get their work done.

Numerological Significance To Name A Baby Boy With O

Numerological Significance To Name A Baby Boy With O

Numerology states that the first letter in a name helps in understanding the strength and capabilities the baby possesses. The positioning of the letters in any name as per numerology can even indicate all obstacles and successes that the baby will have in life. A few other traits are:

  • There exists a relationship between numbers and letters as per numerology.
  • Every number has its unique features and characteristics.
  • The first letter of a baby’s name is the most effective and powerful one. 
  • Letter O has strong and positive vibrations.
  • Naming the baby with O offers an inner strength that makes the baby brave as well as courageous.
  • They have a strong determination and can easily reach their goals.
  • They are worthy of being trusted and creating a balance in life.

Thus, a beautiful beginning for the baby can be done by choosing a name that highlights the positive traits. Name is for life, and it even influences the baby so deep and thorough research must be done before deciding on one. Numerology and astrology give a different insight as well so parents can even get a better understanding by referring to these.

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