Hypnobirthing – How Does it Work, Techniques and How to Practice

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Hypnobirthing - Benefits And How To Get Started

Childbirth is an overwhelming phase for every mother. She forgets all the pain endured once she holds her little bundle of joy in her hands. But, when it comes to going through the labor phase, it is natural to get anxious and worried. On top of that, it is not possible to anticipate happy and pain-free labor when opting for vaginal birth. But, to some extent, it is manageable with a few birthing techniques. Hypnobirthing is one such childbirth technique where a pregnant woman can sail through the labor in a state of tranquility. 

As the name suggests, hypnobirthing is a technique of lulling yourself into complete relaxation. Breathing techniques are adopted to relax and tone the body in preparation for child birthing. In other words, hypnobirthing is simply self-hypnosis. During labor, hypnobirthing alleviates pain and creates a calm environment for the birth of your baby.

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What is Hypnobirthing?

Most women are anxious and fear the advent of birthing. Hypnobirthing is a way of relaxing your body and mind before and during labor. This technique aims at keeping you in a calm cocoon to enhance natural birthing.

Meditated birthing keeps the mind relaxed and takes you through child birthing easily. It also prevents you from instinctively fighting against labor pain. You will be able to embrace the joy of birthing naturally.

How Does Hypnobirthing Work?

How does hypnobirthing work_

Hypnobirthing actually does not hypnotize you or keep you in a hypnotic state. You will be held in a deeply relaxed state where the mind separates itself from the pain and accepts labor contractions naturally as they come.

It helps you understand and deal with the spasms of pain in a positive way. There is an inhibition of adrenaline produced by fear and hypnobirthing contributes to producing oxytocin which allows muscle relaxation and reduction of pain awareness.

Dr. Rebecca Parker explains the fact that hypnosis alters higher centers in the central nervous system and relieves pain. Pregnant women take classes in hypnobirthing and understand or prepare themselves with the knowledge of what to expect during birthing.

Hypnobirthing Techniques to Try For Easy Labour

What are hypnobirthing techniques_

Hypnobirthing techniques disperse your focus on the eventual pain. The techniques involve

  • Breathing exercises
  • Meditation
  • Visualization

These methods are adapted in the months prior to pregnancy. Women in the family may take classes or courses wherein some programs have verbal affirmation recordings. This technique helps some women in creating an illusion in their minds to be in a place where they want to be, rather than where they actually are.

One woman imagined herself on a beautiful beach drenched with rhythmic waves when in truth she was in a hospital. It kept her in a place that was relaxed and safe and gave her the ability to cope with the birthing contractions.

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How to Practices Hypnobirthing?

The birthing experience is different for each person. It always helps if you have a partner to take you through your pregnancy and birthing. Let your partner be aware of the birthing techniques so you can breeze through your birthing with moral support and confidence. Please follow these hypnobirthing practical ways to make your birth better:

1. Knowledge

Gaining knowledge and learning more about pregnancy and labor keeps you prepared for your upcoming birthing. Reading books, talking to mothers, and watching videos or podcasts get you to focus on what your body is going through or capable of.

2. Ability to Visualize

The hypnobirthing visualization process includes imagining contractions, breathing and even holding your baby. Music helps you with more effective visualization. Imagine anything that relaxes and soothes you and focus on the love and joy of creating a miracle.

3. Constant Affirmations

A positive outlook on birthing and self-talk is all the affirmations you need to face your birthing. Cards with affirmations can be placed in prominent places where you can read them daily and hone them into your mind. Affirmations like, “I am brave”. I trust my body”. I will go through and accept all sensations of labor.

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4. Positivity

Using positive language is a technique that is very important in hypnobirthing. It changes your overall experience and keeps you calm. The way you think, feel, and utter words. Your partner too should exude positive vibes.

5. Meditation

Meditation reduces your fear during labor. Practicing different meditation methods keeps you in stillness and calmness which sets the tone around you to accept your birthing naturally. Awareness and mindfulness are pivotal in easy child birthing

6. Breathing

Oxygen is supplied efficiently to both the mother and the baby through simple breathing exercises. It helps you focus and reduce the stress surrounding the impending birthing process. Even during pregnancy, breathing techniques help you relax.

Benefits of Hypnobirthing

Benefits of hypnobirthing

Pregnancy entails women being on different emotions with the advent of birthing. Fear and anxiety are predominant and hypnobirthing is actually pain management or labor comfort. You will be preparing yourself way ahead of labor time and eliciting a completely calm response when required. It prevents a syndrome that makes labor more difficult than it actually is, according to Dr. Dick in his book “Childbirth without Fear”. This technique actually breaks the “Fear-Tension-Pain Syndrome”.

Those choosing this technique are known to have leaned toward naturopathy, yoga, yogic meditation, homeopathy, and yes, aromatherapy too. The idea behind this technique is to have one experience, less painful labor.

  • Hypnobirthing initiates an unmedicated birthing process
  • It benefits women with delivery periods being short and low rates of birth interventions
  • The techniques are used by women in medicated deliveries too, which enhances a calm approach to the process of childbirth.

A holistic approach to pregnancy and an aim at natural childbirth is the focal point or perhaps the benefit of hypnobirthing. You need to have an open mind about this technique which strengthens the mind to accept the birthing and be in a state of relaxation.

When and How to Get Started With Hypnobirthing?

Hypnobirthing also referred to as the Mongan Method, is actually pain management during childbirth. Training your mind and preparing yourselves way ahead of your childbirth. Women therein feel aware, calm, and in control.

When you decide to initiate hypnobirthing, ask your doctor to refer a trained practitioner or contact your birthing center to connect you with therapists. If plans for birthing are shared with the therapist together, you can prepare for your upcoming childbirth.

Here is how you can get started 

  • Trust your body and not give in to fear of labor
  • Learn the art of self-hypnosis before bedtime
  • Try to adopt controlled breathing and slow breathing during dilation
  • Try to use J breathing when you are pushing

J breathing is taking deep breaths and exhaling as if you are releasing your bowels. Blowing through your mouth and trying to imagine the breath traveling down your intestines and releasing

  • Imagine and set a calm environment during the labor
  • Keep away or avoid thoughts that are negative

Hypnobirthing classes can be taken after your scan in your 20th week of pregnancy. So if you are pregnant and wondering about stress management, this is the solution for you. The techniques walk you through your conception and childbirth in a calm and relaxed way.

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1. How Does Hypnobirthing Compare to Lamaze and Bradley’s Method?

Lamaze focuses on healthy birth practices. Bradley’s method embraces a confident and natural childbirth. Hypnobirthing bonds both Lamaze and Bradley’s method for an empowered experience of birthing.

2. When Can I Start With Hypnobirthing Classes?

Hypnobirthing is recommended any time after your 20-week scan. A common scene is noticing women walk into classes between 28 -32 weeks.

3. When Is It Late For Hypnobirthing?

It is never too late for hypnobirthing. You can always read books, like the popular one “Hypnobirthing: The Mongan Method by Marie Mongan” and there are online classes like” Hypnobabies Home-Study Course For Expectant Mothers”.

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