Top 500 Latest Baby Boy Names Starting With Y 

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baby boy names starts with YA baby’s arrival brings in a huge set of responsibilities for the parents. It is important for them to take care of the baby’s and the mother’s health as well. It is extremely important to feed the mother a wholesome nutritious meal so that the baby gets the right nutrients in the developing stage. In the olden times, babies were called by some nicknames with love but in the present times the birth certificate has to be prepared and the parents must keep the name ready for the baby. This is the reason parents start shortlisting a few names of both genders so that they can decide on one name when asked. In some cases, a single letter is decided, and the baby’s name is supposed to start from that. Letter Y is a rare one and so the babies’ names with them have uniqueness. You can find some exceptional baby boy names starting with Y here. 

As per numerology, Letter Y corresponds with number 1 Which is the symbol for Sun, power, and leadership. Therefore, babies who have names from Y have innate leadership traits in them. They always want to progress ahead and keep soaring to new and greater heights. Some such unique and latest baby boy names starting with Y across the globe are given in the table below.

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Top 500 Baby Boy Names Starting With Y 

Babies whose name begins with Y are not only unique and powerful but are even disciplined, courageous, dependable as well as meticulous. Most of the baby boy names starting with Y are the gift of God, Prophet, or exhibit these qualities. Let us have a look at the table below.

SL No Name Meaning
1 Yaachan  Request or prayer 
2 Yaadav  Name for Lord Krishna 
3 Yaadinder  One who remembers God 
4 Yaadrop  Devotee of God 
5 Yaadvendra  Leader of yaadavas
6 Yaadvesvara  Another name for Lord Krishna 
7 Yaagnik One who leads the prayers 
8 Yaaj A sage 
9 Yaaja  King of all 
10 Yaajak  Generous 
11 Yaakov  Supplanter 
12 Yaal He will ascend 
13 Yaamir  Moon 
14 Yaan  Gift of God 
15 Yaani Ripe 
16 Yaashiku  Gentle 
17 Yaashk  Exerting 
18 Yaashvan  Winner 
19 Yaasinth  Compassion 
20 Yaasoob  Ali’s Title 
21 Yaathith  First ray of the sun
22 Yaaz  Son of Kadir 
23 Yachak  One who requests 
24 Yachan  Sing 
25 Yachiel  God lives 
26 Yachim  Established by God 
27 Yacob  Substitute 
28 Yacov  God may protect 
29 Yadab  Lord Krishna 
30 Yadava  Supreme 
31 Yadawa  Another name for Lord Krishna 
32 Yadev  God of Lord
33 Yadhavan  Lord Krishna 
34 Yadhu  One who grants blessings 
35 Yadid  Beloved 
36 Yadiel  Beloved and friend 
37 Yadleen  One absorbed with God 
38 Yadnesh  Spirit of Happiness
39 Yadnya  Holy fire 
40 Yadnyesh  Lord of life
41 Yadokshaja  Name of Lord Vishnu 
42 Yadu Ancient King 
43 Yadukrishna  Lord Krishna 
44 Yadunandan  Krishna 
45 Yadunath  Lord Krishna 
46 Yaduraj  Lord Krishna 
47 Yadutam  Beloved and precious 
48 Yaduvir  Lord Krishna 
49 Yadvik Unique 
50 Yadvinder  A saint of God 
51 Yael God’s strength
52 Yafeu  Bold 
53 Yafi  Tall
54 Yagana  Unique 
55 Yaganeshwara  Fire 
56 Yaganidra  Meditation 
57 Yagappa  Lord Krishna 
58 Yagav  Bright 
59 Yagil  Celebrate 
60 Yagmur  Rain 
61 Yagna  Ceremonial rites of God 
62 Yagya  Sacrifice 
63 Yagyasen  Name of Long Drupad 
64 Yagyesh  Lord of the sacrificial fire 
65 Yahan World 
66 Yaheem  Like God 
67 Yahel  Shine 
68 Yahia  Merciful 
69 Yahir  God enlightens 
70 Yahto  Blue 
71 Yahu Strong 
72 Yahvi  Intelligent 
73 Yahyah Prophet’s name 
74 Yair Enlighten 
75 Yaj  Sage 
76 Yajah  Devotee
77 Yajak  Generous 
78 Yajan  Worship 
79 Yajaniy  To worship 
80 Yajas  Fame 
81 Yajat  Lord Shiva 
82 Yajata  Adorable 
83 Yajatra Adorable 
84 Yajin  Sacrifice 
85 Yajman  Guest 
86 Yajnaday  Risen from the sacred fire 
87 Yajnadhar  Lord Vishnu 
88 Yajnarup  Lord Krishna 
89 Yajnesh Lord Vishnu 
90 Yajnu  Pious 
91 Yajraj  Sage King 
92 Yaju  Veda 
93 Yajur  A vedic text 
94 Yajurv  Vedic worship 
95 Yajurva  Lord Vishnu 
96 Yajus  Sacrifice 
97 Yajvin  Religious 
98 Yakar  Precious 
99 Yakim  Established by God 
100 Yakimour  Lord Krishna 
101 Yakir  Respected 
102 Yakov  Supplanter 
103 Yaksa  Quick 
104 Yaksh  God’s representative 
105 Yaksha  Demi-god 
106 Yakshin  Alive 
107 Yakshit  One who exists forever 
108 Yakta  Unique 
109 Yakul  Careful 
110 Yakup Sensitive 
111 Yale  From the slopes 
112 Yalman Highest peak of a mountain 
113 Yalmaz  Sahabi Name 
114 Yam  Ocean 
115 Yama  God of death
116 Yamahil  Lord Vishnu 
117 Yamajit  Lord Vishnu 
118 Yamal  Twin
119 Yamam  Dove 
120 Yaman  Good tidings 
121 Yameem  Intended 
122 Yamesa  having Yama as King 
123 Yamin  Towards right 
124 Yamino Son of my old age 
125 Yamir  Moon 
126 Yamit  Restrained 
127 Yan  God’s grace 
128 Yana  God will answer
129 Yanay  He will answer 
130 Yancey  Englishmen
131 Yanchit Glorified 
132 Yandel  Love 
133 Yang  Pattern 
134 Yani  Good 
135 Yanik  God is gracious 
136 Yanis  Gift from God
137 Yanisha  One with high hopes 
138 Yanishev  Unique 
139 Yanisin  Ashamed 
140 Yaniv  He will be fruitful 
141 Yann God is gracious 
142 Yanni Gift of God 
143 Yannick  Pure Soul 
144 Yannis  Gift of God 
145 Yanny  God is gracious 
146 Yansh  One like God 
147 Yantar  Tool 
148 Yanton A form of Jonathan
149 Yantri  Guide 
150 Yantur  Guide 
151 Yanushan  God 
152 Yanushik Discipline 
153 Yanvarev  Wisdom and tolerance 
154 Yanvatra Overflowing energy 
155 Yanyusik Strength and determination 
156 Yanzhang  Compassion 
157 Yanziwar  Tolerance 
158 Yanzvhel  Freedom of Choice 
159 Yaphet  Handsome 
160 Yaqiz  Awake 
161 Yaqoob  Prophet 
162 Yaqoot  Precious Stone 
163 Yardane  Descendent 
164 Yardley  Forest of kindling 
165 Yared  He will descend 
166 Yarema  Spiritual 
167 Yaremka  Appointed by God 
168 Yareth  Freedom Loving 
169 Yarin  Understand 
170 Yarognev  Full of Life 
171 Yarom He will raise up 
172 Yaromir  Lover of Peace 
173 Yaron  He will sing 
174 Yaroq Friend 
175 Yarwood  Handsome Lord 
176 Yarzar  Mighty ruler
177 Yas  Child of the snow 
178 Yasa Born Leader 
179 Yasaar  Wealth 
180 Yasaskara  Victorious
181 Yasasshiku  Polite
182 Yaseen One of Muhammad’s name 
183 Yaser  Smooth 
184 Yash  Glory 
185 Yasha  Fame 
186 Yashal  Freshness
187 Yashameet  Fame 
188 Yashann God 
189 Yashas  Fame 
190 Yashaskaram  Bestower of fortune 
191 Yashasva Full of fame
192 Yashdev  God of glory 
193 Yashesh  Fame 
194 Yashil  Success
195 Yashir  Wealthy 
196 Yashit Famous
197 Yashjeet  Glorious victory 
198 Yashjot  Glorious Light 
199 Yashkaran  Fame 
200 Yashke  Good 
201 Yashminder  Lord of Fame 
202 Yashmit  Famed 
203 Yashnoor  Beauty of Glory 
204 Yashodev  Lord of Fame 
205 Yashodhan  Rich in Fame 
206 Yashodhar  Famous 
207 Yashovar  Glorious 
208 Yashovarman Glorious
209 Yashovat  Possessing Glory and Flame 
210 Yashpal  Successful
211 Yashraj  King of fame 
212 Yashu Peace 
213 Yashus  Glory 
214 Yashvardhan  Full of Glory 
215 Yashvasin  Lord Ganesha 
216 Yashveer  Brave 
217 Yashvin  Winner of fame 
218 Yashvir  Brave and Glorious 
219 Yashwant  Glorious man 
220 Yasiel  Whom God made 
221 Yasin Rich
222 Yasinth  Glorious 
223 Yasinthan  God’s Name 
224 Yaskit  Made forever 
225 Yasnil  Shiv 
226 Yasobhrat  Possessing fame 
227 Yasoob  King of Honey 
228 Yasothan  Arrogant 
229 Yassar  Wealth 
230 Yassen  God
231 Yasser  Wealthy and prosperous
232 Yassine  A wealthy man 
233 Yasti  Slim 
234 Yasuo Peaceful One 
235 Yatamkara  Conqueror 
236 Yatan  Devotee of God 
237 Yatavan Lord Vishnu 
238 Yateendra Sanyasi
239 Yates  Guard 
240 Yatesh  Lord of devotees 
241 Yatharth  Unchanged and original 
242 Yathavan  Lord Vishnu 
243 Yatheesh  Leader or expert 
244 Yathi Sage
245 Yati Devoted
246 Yatin  Ascetic
247 Yatinath  Incarnation of Shiva 
248 Yatindra  Lord Indra 
249 Yatiraj  King of meditators
250 Yatisa  Lord of Ascetics 
251 Yatish  Lord of devotees 
252 Yatiyasa  Silver 
253 Yatkrta  Governed 
254 Yatnesh  God of efforts 
255 Yatnik  Making efforts 
256 Yatrik  Journey 
257 Yatushan  God Murugan 
258 Yaudhavir Lord Krishna 
259 Yauva  Teenager 
260 Yav  Innundator 
261 Yavar  Augmented by glory 
262 Yavatkar  Lord Indra 
263 Yavin  Understanding 
264 Yavishth Youngest 
265 Yavistha  Last born 
266 Yavna  Swift 
267 Yavor  Maple Tree 
268 Yavuz Adventurous 
269 Yaw  Born on Thursday 
270 Yawar  Assistant 
271 Yaxha  Green Water 
272 Yayati  Name of a sage 
273 Yayin  Lord Shiva 
274 Yazan  Old Arabic Name 
275 Yazdan  Kind and merciful 
276 Yazeed  God will increase 
277 Ye  Bright 
278 Yechudit  Naughty 
279 Yedhant Brightness
280 Yedhu  Lord Krishna 
281 Yedidah  Beloved of God 
282 Yeeshai  Rich Gift 
283 Yefet  Affluent 
284 Yegharaj  The only king 
285 Yehoash  Gift from God
286 Yehonadov  Gift from God
287 Yehor  Farmer 
288 Yehoyakim  God will establish 
289 Yehuda  Exalt 
290 Yekath  Best of World 
291 Yekshit  Finisher 
292 Yekusiel  Faith in God 
293 Yeluri  Lord Shiva 
294 Yener  Optimistic 
295 Yeo  Mildness
296 Yeoman  Attendant 
297 Yerappa  Red Man 
298 Yeraz Dream 
299 Yered Descent 
300 Yerik  Appointed by God 
301 Yerman  God like intelligent 
302 Yerucham  Beloved by God 
303 Yervant  Ruler
304 Yesdhani  Divine 
305 Yesh  Intelligence 
306 Yeshaya  God is salvation
307 Yeshe  Full of wisdom
308 Yeshonath  Famous 
309 Yeshoshua God is salvation
310 Yeshwant  One who has achieved glory 
311 Yestin Just 
312 Yeswin  Successful 
313 Yev  Life 
314 Yeva  Alive 
315 Yevgeny  Well-born 
316 Yevhen  Noble 
317 Yevheny  Noble 
318 Ygor  Farmer 
319 Yianni  God is merciful 
320 Yiannis God is gracious 
321 Yiaschar Reward will come 
322 Yiftach  God will open 
323 Yigal  God will liberate 
324 Yigol  Shall be redeemed 
325 Yindi  Sunlight 
326 Yirgit  Brave 
327 Yirmiyahu  God has uplifted 
328 Yisachar  Reward 
329 Yishai  Gift from God
330 Yitro  Abundance 
331 Yitzchak  Laughter 
332 Ymir  Mythical Giant 
333 Ynez  Pure 
334 Yngve  Master 
335 Yoan  God is gracious 
336 Yoau  God saves 
337 Yoav  God is father 
338 Yochan  Thought 
339 Yodhin  Warrior 
340 Yodrak  Beloved 
341 Yoel  The Lord is God 
342 Yog Name of Lord Vishnu and Shiva 
343 Yogaansh  One who is capable 
344 Yogadeva  Lord of Yoga 
345 Yogadevan  Lord of Yoga 
346 Yogadhipa  The lord of meditation 
347 Yogaji  One who does Yoga 
348 Yoganand  Delighted with meditation
349 Yoganath  Good Activity 
350 Yoganidra  Meditation 
351 Yogaraj  Healthy and lovable lucky person 
352 Yogdeep  Mysterious 
353 Yogeen  God of Lord Shiva and Yoga 
354 Yogendra  Lord of yoga 
355 Yogesa  Another name for Shiva 
356 Yogesh  God of Yoga 
357 Yogeshwaran  Loose 
358 Yogi  Yoga practitioner
359 Yoginampati  Lord of the Yogis 
360 Yogine  Saint 
361 Yogini  Lover of yogas 
362 Yogiraj  Lord Shiva 
363 Yogisa  Lord Krishna 
364 Yogisai  Devotee
365 Yogish  God of Yoga 
366 Yogit  Planner 
367 Yogya  Perfect 
368 Yohan  Merciful 
369 Yohanan God is gracious 
370 Yohay  God Lives 
371 Yoichi  Masculine First son 
372 Yoite  Evening Rain 
373 Yojak  Another name for Agni 
374 Yojit  Planner 
375 Yoki  My God will establish 
376 Yoko  Good 
377 Yokum  My God will establish 
378 Yoli  Lord of God 
379 Yomtov  Good day 
380 Yon  Clever 
381 Yonatan  Given by God 
382 Yonendra  Master of Yoga 
383 Yong  Brave 
384 Yongnian  Eternal Years 
385 Yongrui  Forever Lucky 
386 Yongsun Goodness
387 Yoomee  Star 
388 Yoon  Journey 
389 Yoonus  Prophet’s name 
390 Yoram  Exalted by God 
391 Yoran  Singing 
392 Yorath Worthy Lord 
393 Yorgo  Farmer 
394 Yori  Trust 
395 Yorick  Earth worker 
396 York  Boar estate 
397 Yosef  Raised by God 
398 Yosefu  God will add 
399 Yoshan  Young 
400 Yoshi Best
401 Yoshimi Rejoice in beauty 
402 Yoshino  Respectful 
403 Yoshith Young, Quiet 
404 Yosi God will add 
405 Yosohn  Perfection
406 Yosu  God is my salvation
407 Yotak  A constellation
408 Yotam  God is perfect 
409 Yotu  Purifying 
410 You  Friend 
411 Youksel  High 
412 Youri  My light 
413 Yoval Stream  or Brook
414 Yoyi A form of George 
415 Yrishi  Surprising 
416 Ysandro  Man’s Liberator 
417 Yuda  God be praised 
418 Yudan  One who will be judged 
419 Yudha  Warrior 
420 Yudhajit  Victor in war 
421 Yudhav  Lord Krishna 
422 Yudhjeet  Victorious in war 
423 Yudhma  Hero 
424 Yudishan  One will be judged 
425 Yudishthir  Eldest pandava brother 
426 Yudit  Natkhat 
427 Yue  Moon 
428 Yug  Era 
429 Yuga Lord Murugan 
430 Yugal  Couple 
431 Yugan  Lord Murugan 
432 Yuganatar  Ever lasting 
433 Yugandhar  Lord Vishnu and Lord Krishna 
434 Yugank  End of an era 
435 Yugant Ever lasting 
436 Yugantar  Difference between eras 
437 Yugap Best of Era 
438 Yugav  One who is aggressive to find success
439 Yugesh  King of eras 
440 Yugin  One who practices yoga 
441 Yugith  Goddess Lakshmi 
442 Yugla  Name of a Lake 
443 Yugo  Fusion
444 Yuhaanis  Interested 
445 Yuhandhar  Lord Vishnu 
446 Yuj Concentrate 
447 Yamansoy  Adventurous 
448 Yuji Courageous 
449 Yujya  Capable 
450 Yuki  Happiness
451 Yukio  Gets what he wants 
452 Yukithan  Courageous 
453 Yukt  Precious 
454 Yuktimat  Ingenious 
455 Yul  Born at Christmas 
456 Yuma  Son of the chief 
457 Yumit  Joyousness 
458 Yun  Born in the clouds 
459 Yunay  Lord Hanuman 
460 Yunna  Someone special 
461 Yunus  Peaceful One 
462 Yunxu  Cloudy Emptiness
463 Yupaksa  The eye of Victory 
464 Yure  Farmer 
465 Yurem Exalted by God 
466 Yuri  The lord is my light 
467 Yurik  Farmer 
468 Yurochka  Farmer 
469 Yushan  Mountain 
470 Yusheng  Daring 
471 Yushi  Popular 
472 Yushua  God Rescues 
473 Yusr  Convenience 
474 Yusri  Comfort 
475 Yusu Son of Abhimanyu 
476 Yusuf  Prophet 
477 Yutajit  Victorious
478 Yuthinesh  Lord of Life 
479 Yutish  Charming 
480 Yuudai  Great hero 
481 Yuuta  Excellent 
482 Yuv Young
483 Yuvaan  Lord Shiva 
484 Yuval  Stream 
485 Yuvan  Lord Shiva 
486 Yuvanav  Youth 
487 Yuvansh  Young Generation
488 Yuvanth  Lord 
489 Yuvaraj  Prince 
490 Yuvasamrat  A young warrior 
491 Yuvein  Youthful 
492 Yuven  Prince 
493 Yuvin  Leader 
494 Yuvrajbir  Brave Prince 
495 Yuya  Perpetual 
496 Yuyutsu  Eager to fight 
497 Yves  Archer 
498 Yvet Archer 
499 Yvon  Archer 
500 Ywain  Born to Nobility 

Personality Traits of Babies Whose Name Starts With Letter Y 

personality traits

Just like every alphabet corresponds to a particular number in numerology, so does Y. This alphabet corresponds to power, courage and leadership and represents number 1. As per Astrology, Y also represents Scorpio and hence some peculiar qualities are innate in the babies with Y as their first letter in the name. Some such qualities are given as under. They

  • Have an introverted personality 
  • Have a greater sense of responsibility and understanding 
  • Can read between the lines and can even read faces so hard to hide the truth from them.
  • Are very hardworking and ambitious.
  • Are born leaders.
  • Become successful due to their hard work and efforts.
  • Make ideal mentors, coaches, and guides. 
  • Are extremely caring towards the near and dear ones.
  • Are food lovers.
  • Want to move ahead in life and so cannot sit idle.

Thus, baby boy names starting with Y are rare to find but there are some names that are beautiful and have deep meanings. Since Y babies are leaders by their innate personality, they are also tough to manage as kids as they try to boss others around. So, parents must be ready for the battle and also teach them to be resilient.

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