Top 8 Popular Lullaby Songs for Babies

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Singing the little ones to a good night’s sleep is not everyone’s cup of tea. The child may not understand the meaning of the words in a lullaby, but they surely recognize and appreciate the universal vocabulary composed of many melodies, rhythms and the love hidden in them. So, if you’re a parent and are tired of experimenting with all the old songs and are planning to lull your little one to sleep tonight, peek a boo into these top 8 Baby Lullaby Sleeping Songs.

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These are the most famous cradle songs, made exclusively for the parent in you. Just hum one of these slightly into the ears of your little one and you’ll soothe them to sleep in no time. Popular Lullaby Songs for Babies are

1. The Moon Lullaby – By Amy Robins-

Wilson This cradle song is known for its ‘old is gold’ charm. Your baby will be the next genius and understand every word that you utter. The best part is that this is a sensational song that will make you and your baby’s day a memorable one. Also, this song will surely create a deeper and meaningful bond with your child. Your baby’s whole world will shine and rock into amazing melodies of the song.
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2. Lullaby – By Dixie Chicks

There are nights when you just can’t stop adoring the love of your life, your toddler. When you can’t just stop but be in awe of the pretty replica of yours and you want to shower your love. We’ve got a lullaby for that too. Taken fron the album “Taking the Long Way”, sung by renowned artist Dixie Chicks, will surely make you fall over and over again for your baby and the singer as well because this lullaby song for babies is a gem. Owing to this excellent Baby Lullaby Sleeping Song, you will get a pretty moment indeed.
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3. All Thing Bright And Beautiful

“All Things Bright and Beautiful” is an Anglican hymn. There is an inspirational story and meaning behind one of the most popular hymns. Your little one will surely love the tune and soothing lyrics of this amazing melodious song. When you sing your hearts out on the tunes of this simple cradle song, the child will certainly look at you in awe. You may also end up feeling what a wonder you are when the very next moment you’ll see your little one has already fallen asleep. Cheers to the lyrics and your voice!
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4. Lullaby – Goodnight My Angel – By Billy Joel

When your baby is not in a mood of sleeping at night, this cute cradle song will definitely put your little one to a very good night’s sleep. This song is from the album “River Of Dreams”, written by Billy Joel. Joel wrote this as a lullaby for his 7-year-old daughter Alexa Ray. He was inspired when his daughter asks him “Where do we go when we die?” After writing the song he got the idea to turn the song into a lullaby – a song that would easily drift the baby to sleep into the River of Dreams. Know the best thing about it? You can improvise in any way you wish to! No need to learning a sweet lullaby just goes with the flow and finds your baby sleeping peacefully in a span of a few minutes.
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5. Jack’s lullaby

It is one of the most soothing and relaxing songs. This song was composed for the Film Curious George (2006) We know that your baby means the world to you and is the sunshine of your life. But how will that ray of hope get to know the songs that play in your mind? Being an original composition, it is very soothing. Sing this Baby Lullaby Sleeping Song and watch your baby fall asleep at peace slowly. Start singing “When you’re so lonely lying in bed night’s closed its eyes”
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6. The Itsy-Bitsy Spider Lullaby

Well! Did you ever think this storytelling lullaby can also sprinkle the sleep magic? This love song or say lullaby song’s lyrics are made for you and your very own baby! When you feel that the moon and stars and the whole world are keeping an eye on eye-candy and soul-food, sing this to your baby and lull him to a peaceful sleep full of sweet dreams and keep all the chaos away from the delicate lovely human.
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7. Over The Rainbow – Judy Garland

Over the rainbow seems to be coming as a legacy in the world of Baby Lullaby Sleeping Songs and promises that it surely will lull your baby to sleep when another Lullaby’s fail to do so. Add this melodious piece to your lullaby songs list right now and sing this melody into your baby’s ears today and watch him sleeping peacefully as you complete other tasks.
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8. La Cucaracha Baby Sleep Song

What if your babies are bored with all those old lullaby songs you sing for them? Try this really beautiful song that instantly puts your baby in a good mood. It is known for being one of the bests in Baby Lullaby Sleeping Songs and enjoys a good night’s sleep with your child.
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Wrapping up
Parenting certainly is not an easy task; there are times when you might feel helpless when the child might not feel like sleeping even after many efforts from you. But then, here we are with these baby songs/lullabies, filtered through many layers of parenting surveys. These will surely lull your child to sleep when your words and gestures fail to make them fall asleep. Lullabies are not mere baby music. Parents are actually interacting and bonding with them musically while humming lullaby to them.  These hit lullabies are the evergreen choice of every smart parent. Be one of them; go lull your little one baby to sleep right now. Have a good night’s sleep.


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