Top 13 Postpartum C-Section Essentials

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postpartum c-section essentials

C-Section is a surgical procedure executed to bring your newborn into this world. You may need to get ready with a list of C-Section essentials if you are going to have a planned C-Section. Also, going for a C- Section can be a choice, and other than that there are many reasons why doctors may prefer a C-Section for you. 

If the head of the baby is large or the mother’s pelvis is not too strong to deliver an average-sized baby. Baby’s presentation, health conditions, previous cases of C-section delivery, expecting multiples, labor is not progressing, irregular heart rate of the baby during labor, etc. C-section delivery involves more risk than vaginal delivery but doctors go for it when there is no option. Hence, aftercare is very crucial for post-C-section delivery.

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What is a C-Section?

As the name suggests, C-section delivery is a surgical procedure to deliver a baby by making an incision on the abdomen and uterus. Doctors prefer C-Section when vaginal delivery is risky or the health of the mother or baby is at risk.

List of Top 13 Postpartum C-Section Essentials

new mom after c-section

Here are a few essentials you may require post-C-Section delivery

1. Nursing Pillows

After delivery, the first thing that comes to mind is about breastfeeding your little bundle of joy. How do you do that if you have an incision that’s bothering you? That’s where nursing pillows come to your rescue. Nursing pillows are essential for comfortable breastfeeding after a C-section. Pillows should be comfortable so that you can prop up your baby away from the incision and feed him/her.

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2. Maternity Underwear (Bras and Panties)

It is important to wear convenient innerwear that easily help to breastfeed your baby. Maternity bras are helpful in breastfeeding. Carry comfortable cotton panties with you that will not sign into your incision.

3. Breast Pump

A breast pump is important to carry as the baby may find it difficult to latch on immediately after the C-section delivery. In that case, you can pump your milk and feed your baby.

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4. Laxative and Stool Softener For Constipation

A surgery bound to affect your bowel movement. You will face constipation post-C-section delivery, and you may need to take laxatives for a few days after the delivery. It is important to check with your doctor about taking medicines for constipation as it would otherwise irritate the incision.

5. Painkillers

Make sure you have pain relief with you before a C-section delivery. Not just for your incision site but for your uterus too. The uterus continues to cramp even if you go through a C-section until it shrinks back to its original size. Take medicines as prescribed by your doctor. It is better to treat the pain before it gets worse.

6. Soothing Pain Balms

Research says that olive cream can be effective in healing pain after C-section delivery. Ask your doctor for the best suggestions on soothing pain balms after C-Section delivery. 

7. Approved Massage Oils

Massage is very important after C-section delivery as you need to take care of yourself along with your baby. Generally, mustard oil, and coconut oil and safe to use but you should check with your doctor before using any of these oils.

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8. Doctor-Approved Scar Treatment Creams

There are some creams for scar treatment recommended by doctors. You may not need them immediately after the surgery, but ensure to mark them as one of the essentials post-C-Section. 

9. Postpartum Belts and Binders

These help to hold weakened muscles around your belly during postpartum. They also help to reduce postpartum pain and heals incision. It also aids with back support and shrinks the uterus down to size. It also strengthens pelvic floor muscles.

10. Maternity Pads

As soon as you deliver a baby there will be a heavy flow of blood. So it is better to have a pile of maternity pads along. It is equally important for vaginal delivery as well. The most important thing to remember is maternity pads when you think of postpartum essentials.

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11. Comfortable Clothes

Clothes are a must for your stay in the hospital and a going-home outfit should be there with you. Most importantly you should have comfortable clothes with you to wear post-C-Section delivery so that it won’t dig into your incision.

12. A Journal

Childbirth is a miracle in itself. Be it vaginal or a c-section, you have birthed a tiny human being and that’s not an easy thing to do. In case you feel like documenting your experience there should be a journal or a book with you. Do not forget to include it in your essentials post-C-section delivery.

13. Toiletries

You can carry a few personal items like a brush, paste, lip moisturizer, body butter, soap or body wash, comb, etc. Some hospitals provide some items like soap, shampoo, and lotion, but you might prefer to carry your own. 

Precautions When Choosing Postpartum C-Section Essentials

c-section essentials checklist

Before you choose anything, you must ensure to talk and get the right information from your doctors and people who were already been through the situation. Here are a few things you need to consider before choosing C-Section essentials post delivery

1. Take The Doctor’s Advice

It is important to check with your doctor about the medicine you need to carry in advance. Though most of the hospitals have their affiliated pharmacies. But you can have some basics with you or download the pharmacy app and order medical supplies.

2. Choose Branded And Organic Products

Go for branded and organic products in whatever you buy as essential after C-section delivery and don’t just buy any product that is on the cheaper side.

3. Talk to Other Moms

Communicate with those who previously had an experience with C-section delivery. They will be able to give you a better idea about what to use and what to avoid.

C-sections are often done for the safety of your baby. Sometimes it goes planned but sometimes it is unplanned. Take as much rest as possible after the surgery and seek others’ help to recover.


1. What Items Do You Need After C-Section Delivery?

Here are a few major things you may need post-C-section delivery

  • Nursing Pillows
  • Maternity underwears
  • Massage oil
  • Doctor’s approved balms and oil
  • Painkillers
  • Maternity pads
  • Laxatives or stool softeners for constipation
  • Postpartum belts and binders
  • Toiletries
  • Clothes
  • Journal or book

2. How Many Maternity Pads Are Needed After the C-Section?

You should purchase three to four packs of maternity pads before delivery. Carry two packs when you leave for the hospital, with you. You’ll need to pack a good number of pads in your hospital bag because you will bleed heavily post-natal immediately after your baby is born and you may need to change your pad every hour or two.

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