Top Activities For a 2 Month Old Baby – Benefits and Tips For Parents

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Activities For a 2 Month Old Baby

Babies grow quickly. By the time you digest the fact that they are out in the world, physically present and taking all your time and the space in your heart, weeks fly by. Before you can realize it, they are already two months old, moving, shaking, and making a lot of noise. Following some top activities for a 2 month old baby can also aid in their development.

A baby’s brain starts developing from a very young age. It is ready to learn and grasp everything you expose it to. It is crucial to introduce your two-month-old baby to toys and activities that can help improve their development. These activities need to focus on various aspects for overall development.

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What Activities Can You Expect From a 2 Month Old Baby?

First, let’s understand what activities a 2 month old baby is capable of doing. Knowing what to expect can help us come up with activities to help them along the right track.

Babies grow and change continuously. In 2 months, their upper body is stronger, they can hold up their head to an extent and respond better. They can comprehend light, sound, voices, and faces. Their vision is limited by distance but can start tracking moving objects.

Top 5 Fun and Engaging Activities For a 2 Month Old Baby

Activities are a fun way to teach your baby a lot of things. You can use toys and other simple items you find around your house, to engage them effectively. The brain can grasp faster and retain longer when you teach them through play and activities. It is important to come up with effective activities for the same reason.

Here are five activities you can do with your 2 month old baby

1. Talking to Your Baby

Talking to your baby

Babies learn and develop by what they see as well as hear. It depends on their exposure. When you talk to a baby, they keep observing the way your mouth moves, the sounds that come from it, and how your facial expressions change with it. It is very interesting and a lot of learning for the baby.

What You Will Need?

Yourself and a wide-awake baby who is in the mental capacity to observe.

Top Benefits of Talking to Your 2 Month Old Baby

Here are a few benefits of talking to your baby

Skill Development Benefits
Language Development Babies pick languages easily. They pick words that are repeatedly used around them.
Communication Skills It lays the foundation for communication skills as babies learn words, tones, and expressions.
Social and Emotional Development Learning to use words and expressions is an important part of emotional development and socializing skills.

Tips For Parents

  • Use a calm tone (nothing too loud or too soft).
  • Enunciate your words clearly so that the baby can understand over time.
  • Accompany your words with actions wherever possible.
  • Keep talking to them even if they show no response.

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2. Tummy Time

tummy time

Tummy time is when you let the baby lay on their stomach (tummy). Babies will hate it but will get comfortable with it eventually.

What You Will Need?

  • A comfortable bed/ mat
  • A safe place
  • A small pillow for the face
  • Toys to grab the baby’s attention

Top Benefits of Tummy Time For 2 Month Old Baby

Here are a few benefits of tummy time with the baby

Skill Development Benefits
Strengthens Upper Body As babies try to keep their faces from hitting the surface, their upper body gets stronger along with the back muscles and neck.
Improves Limb Movement When the baby tries to support themselves on their arms, it improves their limb movements and strength.

Tips For Parents

  • Use a small soft pillow to prevent their face from hitting the surface.
  • Keep talking or singing to them, to reassure them.
  • Start with a minute or two and slowly increase the time to 5 or 10 minutes.
  • It need not be one session, you can split the time into two or more sessions.

3. Cuddle Time

cuddle time -Activities For A 2 Month Old Baby

Who doesn’t like holding their baby close and squishing that tiny bundle? Holding your baby close for a few minutes will benefit both you and your baby.

What You Will Need?

Yourself and your baby

Top Benefits of Cuddle Time With a 2 Month Old Baby

Here are a few benefits of cuddle time with the baby

Skill Development Benefits
Creates a Secure Feeling Babies are used to a snug and cozy environment in the womb and are suddenly pulled out into the big open world. Cuddling them will make them feel secure and safe.
Develops Bond Physical touch is essential for developing a bond or connection in humans. As the baby learns your smell and touch, they get more attached to you.

Tips For Parents

  • Ensure both baby’s and your clothing are soft and free of any embellishments that can hurt the baby’s soft skin.
  • Hold the baby close but not too tight.
  • If the baby resists, then stop.

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4. Playtime With Wiggle Toys

playtime with wiggle toys

These are toys that can wiggle in your hands or wiggle their way on the ground. They mostly operate by key or on battery. It can be very entertaining for a baby to watch.

What You Will Need?

  • An awake baby
  • A safe and colorful wiggle toy

Top Benefits of Wiggle Toys For 2 Month Old Baby

Here are a few benefits of playing with wiggle toys for babies

Skill Development Benefits
Improves Vision Babies cannot see much distance after birth. It improves with time. A colorful toy will encourage the baby to focus and see, which in turn will improve the vision.
Develops Eye Tracking Babies will try to follow the moving toy with their eyes. It improves their eye-tracking ability and focuses.

Tips For Parents

  • Buy a colorful toy that is attractive to your baby.
  • Buy a small-sized toy your baby can hold and explore on their own.
  • The toy must be soft and smooth, to avoid hurting the baby.

5. Massaging a Baby

massaging a baby

A baby spends the first few months curled up in the womb. Once they are out, they get space to move and flex those limbs and muscles. A good massage every day will help them in multiple ways. Babies will enjoy it too. Not to mention, it can be very relaxing for the adult giving the massage too.

What You Will Need?

  • A well-fed and rested baby ( at least half an hour after a feed).
  • Baby oil or lotion (personal choice based on doctor recommendations).
  • Protecting Sheet (to prevent oil stains on the bed).
  • Good knowledge of massaging techniques and pressure.

Top Benefits of Massaging a 2 Month Old Baby

Here are a few benefits of massaging a baby

Skill Development Benefits
Releases Hormones Gentle deep pressure on various points in the body will help release hormones essential for growth and development.
Stimulates Nerves Steady pressure can stimulate the nerves and help in improving brain-body coordination. The brain will understand which h part of the body you are touching, whether it feels good or bad, and also help the baby respond accordingly.

Tips For Parents

  • Use gentle and delicate movements while massaging. Even a little pressure can be too much for their tender bodies.
  • Take time to learn from doctors and experts about pressure points and massaging techniques.
  • Hire a masseuse specializing in baby massages, if necessary.
  • Use baby-safe oil and other products.

Performing activities for and with the baby can benefit them in multiple ways. Following these top activities for a 2 month old baby can stimulate their growth, speed up development and also keep the baby calm and happy. Teaching through play and activities is one of the most effective ways of learning. It can stimulate and challenge the brain in many ways too. It is important to identify the right activities for the right age and to spend some time and effort on the same.

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