Dosa During Pregnancy – Is it Safe to Eat and Top Benefits

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Dosa During Pregnancy

Pregnancy diet normally doesn’t require any special changes. It’s important to ensure a variety of food to get a good balance of nutrients. While you’ll be taking supplements for vitamins and minerals as advised by the doctor, it’s good to be mindful about eating nutritious food. There are certain food items which are a strict no-no during pregnancy. Is dosa one of them? Can you eat dosa during pregnancy?

Fermented foods are rich in natural probiotics that help maintain the good bacteria in our gut. This is essential anyways, but also very important during pregnancy to boost the immune system. Dosa is a perfect example of a fermented food. But, how safe is it to consume dosa during pregnancy? Will it have any side effects? Let’s find out.

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Is it Safe to Have Dosa During Pregnancy?

Eating fermented food, made with filtered water and in hygienic kitchens, is not only safe but also encouraged during pregnancy. Dosa is one of the most popular breakfast and snack options. When eating out as well, dosa is a safe option as it is entirely cooked. 

However, one can give the chutney a miss, as it is usually uncooked and can go bad more quickly when left outside at room temperature. So, yes it is safe to eat dosa during pregnancy, but only homemade, or from a clean and hygienic eating joint.

Amazing Top 4 Benefits of Having Dosa During Pregnancy

Benefits of having dosa during pregnancy

Eating dosa during pregnancy can be really good for the health of the pregnant woman. Some benefits of eating dosa while pregnant are-

1. Good Source of Protein And Fiber 

Dosa is typically made by fermenting cereal and pulses. This combination also makes it a great source of protein. The rice used in making dosa is usually parboiled rice, which is a thick rice variety higher in fiber as well. 

2. Fermentation Leads to More Nutrients 

All these things in a dosa, only makes it even more nutritious for one to have during pregnancy. Fermentation leads to a greater number of nutrients in the food. The microflora in fermented food is like enzymes and it helps the body retain the nutrients. This supports the blood to deliver nutrients to the baby. 

3. Aids in Undoing The Damage Caused by Sugar

Fermented food also helps process the excess sugar in the body and reduces the damage caused to the body due to sugar. This is very helpful during pregnancy.  

4. Improves Digestion

Fermented food like dosa helps in boosting digestion by strengthening the gut. 

Are There Any Risks Associated With Dosa During Pregnancy?

Making daosa

If pre-pregnancy, dosa was a part of your diet, chances are that you can still eat it. For diabetes patients, usually there is guidance on anything with cereal, and therefore women with diabetes who are pregnant, should ask their doctors. 

Also, since body immunity is low during pregnancy, it is better to avoid eating from a roadside vendor. The quality of water, ingredients, and oil these vendors use is questionable. Even the freshness of the batter they use for making dosa is doubtful. So, it’s better to stick to homemade dosa during pregnancy or eat from a clean and hygienic place.

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When is the Best Time to Have Dosa?

Dosa is a great breakfast food or an evening snack. And, with sambar and chutney, it also makes for a scrumptious meal. Eat dosa, but in moderation, as during pregnancy, one is advised to take extra care of digestion. 

It is also better to avoid having dosa too late in the night to avoid any digestive upset. Dosa may cause gas issues in some people. However, everyone’s body is different and during pregnancy how you plan your meal should be done based on how your body is doing, in discussion with your doctor. 

Fermented foods like dosa are healthy and a good source of nutrition. It makes for a tasty snack or a wholesome meal option as well. If you want to eat dosa during pregnancy, feel free to do so. Make it at home, add some veggies to up the nutrient value and enjoy the dosa. Pregnancy is the best time to give into cravings without feeling guilty. Eat healthy and enjoy!

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1. Can a Pregnant Woman Eat Masala Dosa?

Masala dosa is a safe food to eat during pregnancy. However, if you have been asked to avoid too much of carbohydrates or watch your sugar, then it’s best to eat in moderation. Masala dosa can also cause gas and acidity if it’s too spicy, which can cause discomfort for some pregnant women. 

2. Is Rava Dosa Good For Pregnancy?

Rava dosa is a safe food and a tasty one. However one should eat it in moderation during pregnancy to avoid unwanted gas or acidity issues. 

3. Can You Have Dosa Everyday During Pregnancy?

Dosa is a fermented food rich in fiber, protein, and good energy. It’s also flavorful and can satiate the taste buds with its tangy, salty flavor. However, just like everything, one should eat dosa in moderation. During pregnancy a variety in the diet is very important to ensure a mix of nutrients.  

4. Can Dosa Cause Gas?

Dosa is made from fermented batter made up of rice and pulses. It is also rich in good bacteria which is intended to strengthen the gut, but too much of dosa can also cause gas or acidity in some people. Dosa is made using oil and is often eaten with spicy sambar and chutney, both of which are harder to digest. 

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