Top 8 Best Cloth Books For Babies in First Year

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Aparna Hari

 Cloth Books For Babies

Reading is an important habit to cultivate. When you expose your baby to the art of reading at a very young age, they benefit in multiple ways. Apart from hearing new stories and words, it helps improve your baby’s concentration, focus, vocabulary, cognition, and even logical thinking abilities.

Are you a parent who is keen on introducing books to your baby from the start? If you are, then you might be looking for some interesting and safe ways to do this with very young babies. paper cute, damaged books and soggy pages with print faded out need not be a worry, if you give your baby a cloth book.

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Are Cloth Books Good For Babies?

Cloth books as the name suggests are made from fabric rather than paper. The texture is softer and safer for a baby’s tender hands. These books can be equally or more interactive than regular paper books and this is something babies will love.

Babies love to explore everything by touch and taste. As various senses develop, they put them to use, to understand the world around them. When it is a paper book, there is a risk of babies ingesting paper, digesting the ink, or even suffering paper cute. With cloth books, all these risks are involved, without compromising on the benefits books have to offer.

When Should You Introduce Cloth Books to Your Baby?

A baby’s senses start developing around 3-6 months of age. You can introduce your baby to cloth books anytime after they turn 3 months old or even around 6 months of age. Older babies will explore and interact more with such books than smaller babies.

Top 5 Benefits of Cloth Books For Babies

benefits of cloth books for babies

Some of the benefits of giving your baby a cloth book are

1. Safe For Your Baby

Fabric does not cut or hurt like paper. You don’t have to worry about sharp edges, paper cuts, or paper edges poking your baby’s eyes.

2. Last Long

Fabric does not tear like paper. The book will last long despite your baby’s attempts to tear or crumple the pages, chew on the book or even drop it in water.

3. Easy to Clean

Have you ever successfully removed dirt or food stains from paper pages? Babies can dirty almost anything around them. If your baby were to spill food, you can always wash off at least most of it from the cloth book.

4. Help With Sensorial Development

Touching and feeling different textures and exploring the cloth books gives your baby a sensorial experience. If the pages can make crinkling or rustling sounds, babies will like them more.

5. Double Up as  Cuddle Toys

Cloth books can also double up as cuddle toys that your baby can either sleep with or carry around. Dropping them will not hurt or create any noise.

List of Top 8 Best Cloth Books For Babies in First Year

Here are the top 8 cloth books you can introduce to your baby and watch them do more than just “read” with them.

1. Tumama Soft Cloth Book For Babies

Tumama Soft Cloth Book For Babies

(Image Source)


  • A pack of four books, this set is just perfect for very young babies. The books are all black and white in color, with big and bold illustrations.
  • The patterns used are simple and clear, to help a baby understand what the image is.
  • The books come with rattles to entertain the baby and clips to hang the book from. You can hang these books from the crib or even the car seat, to effectively and innovatively occupy your baby.

Skill Development

These books work on your baby’s overall cognitive development.

  • The simple shapes and black and white pages help a baby to understand and perceive the images better. It help to improve their vision and focus. It also strengthen the optical nerves.
  • The textures stimulate their sense of touch.

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2. Babybibi Cloth Book For Babies

Babybibi Cloth Book For Babies

(Image Source)


  • An age-appropriate book for moms designed by a mom herself.
  • The ergonomic design of the book on fabric is just perfect for tiny hands to explore.
  • These books can also be used during bath time, making them multi-purpose books, which babies are sure to love.
  • Your baby can learn basics like the names of fruits, vegetables, colors, numbers, shapes, and a lot more.

Skill Development

This books work with your baby’s sensorial development.

  • The textures along with various color combinations can help stimulate your baby’s brain and give them a sensorial experience (visual and touch).

3. Teytoy My First Soft Book

Teytoy My First Soft Book

(Image Source)


  • A baby’s safety is more important than when they start reading or even learning new words.
  • These books that are made from fabric and that are non-toxic are very safe for those tiny hands to explore.
  • The crinkled cloth books offer a whole new sensorial experience that babies cannot derive by playing with soft toys or even their own clothes.

Skill Development

These books work on your baby’s audio recognition skills.

  • The crinkled texture encourages a baby to crush the page and understand how it uncrumples and what sounds it makes.
  • As babies handle these books, they tend to pay close attention to the sounds and ruffling, thus improving their listening skills.

4. To Be Ready For Life Premium Soft Baby Book

To Be Ready For Life Premium Soft Baby Book

(Image Source)


  • An interactive cloth book about animals that allow your baby to explore different textures, put their fingers through holes, pretend to play, and do more, anywhere and anytime.
  • Each page highlights an animal and tells the baby how they can what the animal or insect is doing on that particular page.
  • Babies can learn about these creatures too.

Skill Development

These books help your baby work on their sensorial and motor skills

  • Babies will try to bend and put their fingers through the holes.
  • They can touch and understand different textures on different pages.

5. Top Bright Soft Cloth Book For Babies

Top Bright Soft Cloth Book For Babies

(Image Source)


  • This is a set of six books, about fruits, vehicles, animals, and more. These are simple topics that a baby must learn about.
  • The bright illustrations on the soft material with the names of the images will keep the baby engrossed in the book until the end and make them revisit the book multiple times.
  • Babies can even use these books in the bath.

Skill Development

These books help your baby work on their vocabulary and motor skills.

  • Babies can learn the names of the images and play with the book anytime.
  • They can crush the pages, flip them, and even chew on them to explore the book fully.

6. Tencoz Baby Cloth Books

Tencoz Baby Cloth Books(Image Source)


  • A pack of 8 educational books made from soft non-toxic material that is safe for a baby to explore with both their hands and mouth.
  • The bright illustrations, lightweight book, and the names of the images in bold text are just apt for a small baby.

Skill Development

These books help your baby work on their sensorial and vocabulary skills.

  • The bold illustrations with names on the soft material allow the baby to learn, touch and explore the pages without hurting themselves.

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7. Bebe Mondo Fish Soft Cloth Book

Bebe Mondo Fish Soft Cloth Book(Image Source)


  • A very interactive book with bright and interesting illustrations that is sure to grab the attention of not just little babies but much older babies as well.
  • The book encourages the reader to count and find things on the page.
  • The sea creatures are made with crinkle paper, elastic legs, and more, for your baby to play with.

Skill Development

These books help your baby work on their sensorial development.

  • The baby gets to touch, feel, and explore various textures in the book, crush the paper, pull the legs and even look at themselves in the mirror.
  • The book helps to stimulate various senses which are essential to meet many milestones as your baby grows.

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8. Sunen Baby Soft Book Cloth Book

Sunen Baby Soft Book Cloth Book(Image Source)


  • A fabric book perfect for encouraging your baby to touch, feel, explore and understand the various textures in the book.
  • This is a crinkle book, meaning the pages make a crinkling sound when crushed, unlike regular fabric.
  • Babies love to crush things and study the difference in texture and sound.
  • The book is about an owl and beautifully illustrates what she does in a full day.

Skill Development

These books help your baby work on their sensorial and reading skills.

  • The book is kids friendly in terms of the material and language used.
  • The illustrations will capture the baby’s interest and encourage them to turn over the page.
  • The crinkle material and multiple protruding tabs will give your baby a sensorial experience while exploring the book.

Cloth books can be a great investment when you have very young babies who still can’t turn the pages or lift books. Cloth books will not hurt your baby even if they drop them on themselves. There are many options to explore when it comes to cloth books for babies.


1. Do Cloth Books Help in Sensorial Development in Babies?

Yes, when babies touch, feel, and explore the texture of the pages and the illustrations in them, they are developing their sense of touch and understanding different textures in their own way.

2. Are Cloth Books Better Than Paper Books For Babies?

Both types of books have their own advantages to offer. Cloth books help in sensorial development without the risk of paper cuts, or the expense of torn pages. Paper books can contain a lot more information and bright illustrations without taking up much space.

3. Why Are Cloth Books Beneficial For Babies?

Cloth books with various interactive parts and extensions help the baby develop cognitively. It enables them to explore and understand multiple textures and things while improving their vocabulary.

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