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D names for boys

Congratulations on your newborn baby boy. The journey of parenting has just begun and will carry on for the next 18 years. However, choosing a perfect name is a one-time affair that must be done with patience. Parents have different criteria for choosing the best name for their little one. While some rely on astronomy, others have preferences over particular alphabets, and some also look for regional names. In this article, we have mentioned in detail 500 D names for boys.

Children whose names start with D are generally considered to be very hardworking, intelligent, and logical. Among the listed names, you will have regional options to choose from. We have names listed under different sections like, Hindi, Gujarati, Kannada, Tamil, and Telugu. Parents can choose accordingly the meanings they want to imbibe in their little ones.

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D Letter Hindu Names For Boys

Names are not only the identity of an individual but also portrays the cultural significance one belongs from. Here, you will find 100 D letter Hindu names for boys to choose from. Along with the names the respective meanings are also mentioned.

SL No Name Meaning
1 Daakshi Golden; Son
2 Daakshit Lord Shiva
3 Daanesh Lord
4 Daarshik Perceiver
5 Daarun Strong; Power
6 Dabir Writer; Teacher
7 Dahak Powerful
8 Daipayan Island
9 Daitya A non Aryan
10 Daiva Godly
11 Daivansh Family
12 Daivat Divinity
13 Daivey Dearly loved
14 Daivik Divine
15 Daivit God’s gift
16 Daivya Heavenly
17 Daiwik By the Grace of God
18 Daksan Immediately
19 Daksh Capable
20 Dakshesh The Enlightened One
21 Daksheshwar Daksha
22 Dakshin Direction
23 Dakshinayan Sun
24 Dakshit Lord Shiva
25 Dakshya Honesty
26 Dal Indian spice
27 Dalajit Victorious army
28 Dalapathi The leader of a group
29 Dalbhya Belonging to wheels
30 Dalsher Brave
31 Daman Controls
32 Damodar Krishna
33 Damodara Epithet of Lord Krishna
34 Damodaran Lord Shiva
35 Damodharan Refers to God
36 Danapal Wealthy
37 Danaraj Lord of Wealth
38 Danasvi Fortune
39 Danavarsh Wealth
40 Danavendra Granter of boons
41 Danbir Charitable
42 Dandak A forest
43 Dandapani Yama
44 Danesh One who is learning
45 Dangamari Deeds
46 Danish To be smart
47 Danta Calm
48 Danuj Awesome
49 Danush One with a bow in hand
50 Danusha Bow in Hand
51 Danveer Generous
52 Danvir Charitable
53 Danvit Wealthy
54 Darshwana Pure of heart
55 Dasharathi Lord Rama
56 Dattatri God
57 Dayamay Full of mercy
58 Dayanidhi One who shows mercy
59 Dayanidhi Merciful
60 Dayasagara The compassionate one
61 Dayashankar Merciful; Another name for Lord Shiva
62 Deekshin Prepared
63 Deenabandhu Poor
64 Deenadayal Humble
65 Deepakraj Radiant
66 Deepansh Within
67 Dev God
68 Dev Kumar Son of god
69 Devadathan Gift of God
70 Devaditya God of The Sun
71 Devadyumna Glory of the god
72 Devajith Refers to the devas
73 Devamsh Part of God
74 Devanshu A Part of God
75 Devappa Father of the king
76 Devarishi Rishi among the gods
77 Devashish Blessing of God
78 Devayan One who serves the gods
79 Devdarsh Worshipper of gods
80 Devdatta Fate
81 Devdeep Worshipper of gods
82 Devnath Gods
83 Dhadhichi A sage in hinduism
84 Dhairye Courage
85 Dhananjay Refers to Wealth
86 Dhanapati Lord of the wealth
87 Dhanasekar Wealthy
88 Dhaneshwar God of wealth
89 Dhanith Kindness
90 Dhanpal Wealth
91 Dhanus A bow in hand
92 Dhanvantari Avatar of Vishnu
93 Dharanidhar Refers to the cosmic serpent
94 Dharma Chandra Moon of Dharma
95 Dharmadev Lord of law
96 Dharmadyaksa The king of Dharma
97 Dhitesh Success
98 Dhiya Light
99 Dhoni Means king
100 Dhrish Vision

Gujarati Name For Boy Starting From D

Gujarati Name For Boy Starting From D

For all those Gujarati parents, here we have mentioned 75 popular and unique Gujarati names for boys starting with D. The names are arranged in alphabetical order for easier referencing.

SL No Name Meaning
1 Darpan Mirror
2 Darshan Vision
3 Darshil Perfection
4 Darshit Display
5 Darun Means hard
6 Dasharat Lord Rama
7 Dattatreya Religion
8 Daxesh Lord Brahma
9 Dayaram Merciful
10 Deebak Lamp
11 Deep A lamp
12 Deepansh Part of Light
13 Deepit Lighted
14 Deepu Flame
15 Deva God
16 Devaansh Part of God
17 Devadatt Gift of the God
18 Devagya God
19 Deval Name of a saint
20 Devang Divine
21 Devank Godly
22 Devansh Part of God
23 Devarshi Teacher of the God
24 Devdas Servant of God
25 Devdath That which is god given
26 Deven King of Gods
27 Devendra King of Gods
28 Devik Divine
29 Devkumar Son of God
30 Devnarayan King
31 Devvrat Spiritual
32 Devyam A part of the divine
33 Devyansh Part of God
34 Dewal Divine
35 Dewesh King of Gods
36 Dhairya Patience
37 Dhaivik Good strength
38 Dhaksh God
39 Dhamu Lord Krishna
40 Dhanaji Rich
41 Dhanunjay Arjuna
42 Dharam Religion
43 Dharun Supporting
44 Dhaval Fair complexion
45 Dheer Gentle
46 Dhrit Contained; To be firm
47 Dhrumil The fortunate one
48 Dhrushil Charming
49 Dhruv Pole star
50 Dhruval A Star
51 Dhruvam The enduring sound
52 Dhruvin Great person
53 Dhwanit Voice
54 Dhyan Reflection
55 Dhyey Aim
56 Dikshit Initiated
57 Dilip King of the solar race
58 Dipak Lamp
59 Dipen Lord of the lamp
60 Dipesh Lord of light
61 Dishaan A compassionate person
62 Dishaan A thresher
63 Dishant Horizon
64 Divakar The Sun
65 Divyam Divine
66 Divyank Pant of light
67 Divyansh Part of the God
68 Divyesh The Sun
69 Dixit Full of joy
70 Dravid Wealthy
71 Drishit Signs
72 Druvil Patient
73 Durg Fort
74 Durgesh Lord of forts
75 Durvesh Shehnai

D Word Name For Boy In Hindi

D Letter Name For Boy In Hindi

Parents often prefer keeping their baby’s name in Hindi as it is a widely spoken language and can be remembered easily. They are also common and popular at all times. In the list below, you will find 100 D word names for boys in Hindi to choose from.

SL No Name Meaning
1 Daanveer Who Won Wealth
2 Dakshan Lord of Krishna; Lord of Dakshinamurthy
3 Dakshata Wealth
4 Darani World
5 Darsan Opportunity to see a holy person or diety
6 Darshak Spectator
7 Darshanam Lord’s Vision
8 Dass Loving
9 Daveen Beauty
10 Dayanand Trusted by Many
11 Deenan One who Knows
12 Deepa Darshan God
13 Deepan Lighting Up
14 Deepesh Lord of Light
15 Deeraj Patience
16 Deeran Achiever; Lord Shiva
17 Deevesh Lord Sun
18 Deivamani Blessed Gem
19 Deivan God
20 Deivigan Spiritual; Divine
21 Denish Happy; Joyful
22 Deshen World
23 Desikan Name of Lord Krishna
24 Dev-Balaji Lord Thirupathi; Lord Venkatesh
25 Devadarshan Related to the Gods
26 Devadas Follower of God
27 Devak Divine
28 Devakumar Son of God
29 Devanand Joy of God
30 Devanath Lord of the Gods; Another Name for Shiva Devansh
31 Devanathan God Perumal
32 Devanesan Pious
33 Devaraj King of the Gods
34 Devarajan King of Devas
35 Devaram Name of a Divine Scripture
36 Devavrath Bhishma
37 Deveesh Supreme God
38 Devendran Refers to God
39 Deventhiran Means God
40 Devish Chief of the Gods
41 Devjan Godly Person; Residence of Gods
42 Devraj King of Gods
43 Dhaiwik Strong
44 Dhamir Heart; Conscience
45 Dhana Money; Wealth
46 Dhananjay Lord Arjun; Lord Vishnu
47 Dhananjayan One who Wins the Wealth
48 Dhanapal A Rich Man
49 Dhanaraj One who Wins Wealth
50 Dhanarajan Objectives and Strategies to Make Money
51 Dhaneesh Good Little Boy
52 Dhanesh Lord of Wealth
53 Dhaneshwar Name of Lord Shiva; God of Wealth
54 Dhanish God
55 Dhanraj Who have Lots of Treasures; Refers to Lord Kuber
56 Dhanuj Awesome
57 DhanurVeda Lord Rama
58 Dharmaditya The name of Son of Dharma
59 Dharmakirti Fame of religion
60 Dharmaraj Famous for religious deeds
61 Dharmaveer Protector of religion
62 Dharmendra Refers to the King of religion
63 Dharmpal the protector of religion
64 Dharv Blessing
65 Dhawan White
66 Dheemant The intelligent one
67 Dheemat Wise Learned Prudent
68 Dheerkhabaahu One of the Kauravas
69 Dheeshithan Other name of Lord Murugan
70 Dhridhakarmaavu One of the Kauravas
71 Dhridharathaasraya One of the Kauravas
72 Dhrutik Lord Shiva
73 Dhruvish Name of a star
74 Dhruvit Happy
75 Dhul Soil
76 Dhumravarna Smoke Hued
77 Dhuruvan Star
78 Dhuti A straightforward person
79 Dhuvanth Creator
80 Dhuvin Comb
81 Dhuvith A star
82 Dhvanya Means Sound
83 Dibyendu Refers to the light of the Moon
84 Digesh Refers to directions
85 Dignesh Direction
86 Dilshith Mind
87 Disht Appointed
88 Divik Means god’s Rays
89 Dnyaneshwar Name of a saint
90 Doondi Epithet of Lord Shiva
91 Dravie Brave
92 Dridhakshathra One of the kauravas
93 Droneshwar Another name for Lord Shiva
94 Dugu Means Son
95 Duranjaya A heroic son
96 Durgadas Devotee of Goddess Durga
97 Durgadutt Servant of Goddess Durga
98 Duryodhana One of the kauravas
99 Dushasana One of the kauravas
100 Dushpradharsha One of the kauravas

D Letter Names For Boy In Telugu

D Letter Names For Boy In Telugu

Naming ceremony is considered to be a very big and happy event in Telugu culture. Parents often prefer keeping their baby boy names after gods and kings . Keeping in mind these factors, we have listed below 50 D letter names for boys in Telugu. 

SL No Name Meaning
1 Da Shin Peaceful Heart
2 Daaruk Charioteer of Krishna; Tree
3 Daeshim Great Mind
4 Daibai Big Plum
5 Daiden Great Transmission
6 Daido Means a way
7 Daiji Compassion
8 Daikaku Enlightenment
9 Daikan Great contemplation
10 Daiko Refer to the great light
11 Dainin Patience; Endurance
12 Daishin Truth
13 Dalbir Brave soldier
14 Daler Brave
15 Daljeet The conqueror of forces
16 Danan Giving
17 Danny God of my judge
18 Danyal Prophet
19 Dara Lord; God
20 Darioush Name of a king
21 Darsh Lord Krishna
22 Darshanbir Vision of exalted bravery
23 Darvesh Humble; religious; gentleman
24 Das Servant
25 Dasarath Father of Lord Rama
26 Datta One who is given; Donor
27 Daulat Means wealth
28 Davood Beloved One
29 Daya Kindness
30 Dayaakar Merciful
31 Dayal The Kind hearted one
32 Dayalu Compassionate
33 Dayamay Full of mercy; Kind
34 Dayananda One who is merciful
35 Deb Divinity
36 Debabrata Name of Bhisma
37 Debashish Benediction of god
38 Debendra Refers to the sky God
39 Debendranath Lord of the sky
40 Debjit One who has conquered Gods
41 Deenanath Lord of the poor
42 Deendayal Humble and merciful
43 Deenpal The protector of the helpless
44 Deepankar One who lights lamps
45 Deependra Lord of lights
46 Deepesh Lord of light
47 Deepinder God’s light
48 Deeptiman Lustrous
49 Denkatsu Activity Like Lightning
50 Devusum Blessings

D Letter Names For Boy In Kannada

D Letter Names For Boy In Kannada

In the era of modernization there are many parents who want to choose modern yet regional names that have strong meanings in their cultural background. Listed below are 75 D letter names for boy in Kannada. These names have a traditional and modern touch and parents can choose according to their preference.

SL No Name Meaning
1 Daanish Clever, Knowledge, Wisdom
2 Dabeet Warrior
3 Daha Blazing, Very Bright
4 Dahana A Rudra
5 Daitya A Non Aryan
6 Dharmesh Religion
7 Dhruvam A King of State A Star
8 Dhruvesh God
9 Dhwani Sound Voice
10 Dhyani One who does Contemplation
11 Dhyanil The Sound from Heaven
12 Dibakar Sun Ray of Light
13 Didar Appearance, Sight, View, Vision
14 Digambar Sky Clad Another Name for Siva.
15 Digant Endless Horizon No End Infinity
16 Dilawar Brave, Hearty, Daring, Bold
17 Dilip A King An Ancestor of Lord Rama
18 Dilshan Pride of Heart
19 Dinakar The Sun
20 Dinanath Protector Lord Shiva
21 Dinapati The Sun
22 Dinar Gold Coin Gold Unit of Coinage
23 Dindayal Kind to the Poor Humble Merciful
24 Dinendra The Sun Lord of the Day
25 Dinpal Sun
26 Dinu Part of Sun Kindness
27 Dipal Light
28 Dipam Light Lamp
29 Dipankar One who Lights Lamps
30 Dipanshu Ray of Light Sun
31 Dipanshu Related to God
32 Dipedra Lord of Light
33 Dipendra Sun Lord of Light
34 Dipendu Moon
35 Dipith lighted Brrighted
36 Diptanshu Sun, A Part of Light
37 Divam To Pure Pure
38 Divanesh Sun
39 Divanth Divine
40 Diveen One of the Holy Place
41 Divij Master of Direction
42 Divit Immortal Lord Shiva, Happy
43 Dnyandeep A Lamp of Knowledge
44 Dnyaneshwar Lord of Meditation
45 Doddaswamy Biggest of All
46 Doki A Place Near of Agra
47 Dokshith Skilled Lord Shiva
48 Drishyan Scenery Sight Seen Visible
49 Drusta Evidence
50 Druva A Star Name Son of God
51 Druvanth Creater Name of Star
52 Druvish Lord Vishnu
53 Druvith To Observe, Also the Name of Star
54 Dubesh Pleased by Gods
55 Dulal Loveable
56 Duraimurugan Lord Murugan
57 Durdhara Difficult to Withstand
58 Durga-Prasad Son of Goddess
59 Durja The Invincible
60 Durjay Difficult to Conquer
61 Durjaya Difficult to Conquer
62 Durlabh Sen Invincible by Army
63 Durmad The False Pride
64 Durmada False Pride; Illusion
65 Durugesh Lord of Forts
66 Durva Heavenly Grass
67 Dushyant Destroyer of Evil
68 Dushyanth Destroyer of Evil
69 Duvansh Part of Divine God
70 Dvaimatura One who has Two mothers
71 Dwijendra King of Brahmins
72 Dwijesh Lord Brahma
73 Dwithin Dual
74 Dyumna Glorious
75 Dyutit Illuminated Radiance

D Letter Names For Boy In Tamil

D Letter Names For Boy In Tamil

Often parents prefer keeping their baby boy names that match their cultural values. In this article we have mentioned 100 baby D letter names for baby boys in Tamil. They have been arranged in alphabetical order for easier referencing. You will find both traditional and modern names listed below.

SL No Name Meaning
1 Daiyanath Kind one
2 Dakshana Father of Goddess Parvati
3 Dakshayen Refers to prosperity
4 Dakshin Raj Refers to father of Goddess Amman
5 Darshan Paying Respect
6 Darsik A divine being 
7 Darsik Refer to worship
8 Dasharatham King of Ayodhya and father of Raman from Hindu epic Ramayanam
9 Daviden Powerful
10 Dayalan Kind one
11 Dayan Merciful
12 Dayananth Soft hearted person
13 Deepesh Lord of the Light
14 Deeresh New Beginnings
15 Deevishan Worshipper
16 Deivamani Blessed Gem
17 Deiveegan A religious person
18 Deiven The one who has a divine spirit
19 Deivendran A religious person
20 Devadarshan The ultimate worshipper
21 Devaneya Pious
22 Devanithin A godly person
23 Devapriyan Being affectionate
24 Devaranjan Celestial Spirit; King
25 Devarshan Freedom lover
26 Devin Devoted to God
27 Devindran King of Devas
28 Devusum Blessings
29 Devyan Lord
30 Dhakshan Father of Goddess Parvathy 
31 Dhaksheth Father of Goddess Amman
32 Dhakshin Refer to the father of Goddess Parvathy
33 Dhakshith Father of Goddess Parvathy
34 Dhaksik Father of Goddess Amman
35 Dhaksiv Father of Goddess Amman
36 Dhananjaya One who brings wealth
37 Dhananjayan Another name of Arjuna
38 Dhanavel Rich
39 Dhanush One with a bow in hand
40 Dhanvanth Wealthy
41 Dharanidharan King of World
42 Dharaniventhan King of the world
43 Dharasin Trustworthy
44 Dharesh Lord of Land
45 Dharineesh One who Rules the Earth
46 Dharish Radiant
47 Dharma Religious
48 Dharman Bearer of Dharma
49 Dharmeswar Lord of Righteousness
50 Dharmik A Name for Lord Ganesha
51 Dharmikan Devotion
52 Dharmodhar Lord Ganapathi
53 Dharshasan Talented
54 Dharshwan Refer to the appearance of God
55 Dharunith Earth
56 Dharushan Branch of a tree
57 Dhayan One who has sympathy for others
58 Dheeman Intelligent
59 Dheena King
60 Dheeraj Emperor; Brave
61 Dheeran Achiever
62 Dhesha-raj Winning of the World
63 Dhevan Godly
64 Dhibish A heavenly body
65 Dhija God Gift
66 Dhilan Son of the Waves
67 Dhinakaran Sun
68 Dhiraj Patience
69 Dhiren One who is Honest and brave
70 Dhishen The intelligent one
71 Dhiva Divine one
72 Dhivakar Sun
73 Dhiveen Pride
74 Dhivyan One who attracts powerful ideas
75 Dhruvesh The Star
76 Dhuvaarahan Refers to the sacred city in Hinduism
77 Dhyanesh Meditative
78 Dikshan Initiation
79 Dilakshan Wealthiest person
80 Dilan Faithful
81 Dileep King of the Solar Race
82 Dileepan God
83 Dilipan God
84 Dilipkumar Protector
85 Dina Lord of the Poor
86 Dinakar The Sun
87 Dinakaran Refers to the Sun
88 Dinamalar The Sun
89 Dinesh Day
90 Dishanth Skyline, Horizon
91 Divahar Refers to the Sun
92 Divanesh God
93 Divelish Powerful
94 Divish Refers to Divine
95 Divyadarshini Divinity
96 Divyan Heavenly
97 Durairaj Emperor
98 Durkesh Inspired from Goddess Durga
99 Duruvan A star
100 Dushyan Soul

Choosing a name with the letter D becomes easier if the attributes are kept in mind. It must be remembered that names are more than just identity and it helps in shaping a person’s personality and thus must be chosen carefully. We have listed 500 D names for boys for you to choose from.

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