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Top Ten Tips To Take Care Of Your Baby’s Delicate Skin this Winter

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Baby skin care
As a parent, maintaining your baby’s super silky and smooth skin in winters can be a challenging job. Babies are super sensitive and their skin requires a lot of protection against changing weather. Winters can be especially tough on the delicateness. You will have to employ the best care for the tiny one because your baby’s skin can get affected by the dry winter air. Even the heating equipment like heaters and blowers used in winters can be detrimental to your munchkin’s skin. Look into the various tips below for an all-round protection against the coldness spell of winter, and keep the baby’s skin smooth and soft. The only way to enjoy winter is to stay warm! This applies ever the more for the baby.

Top 10 Tips To Take Care Of Your Baby’s Delicate Skin This Winter
    1. Baby oil massage:This is totally mandatory for all babies. The oil massage actually supplies nutrients to the skin besides the protective layer on the surface. All you have to do is find a good baby oil. Traditional products like almond oil are good, but avoid using anything based on petroleum products. They lead to skin rashes almost always. Many organic alternatives are available nowadays. In fact, mustard and olive oil from your kitchen are great for the winter massage. Massages with these oils will make your baby’s skin soft and protect it from dryness
    2. Take care of temperature changes: Always help your baby to acclimatize with the temperature change. A sudden fluctuation can disrupt the immunity and lead to a viral issue. Don’t let it happen! So, when you are giving your baby a warm water bath, make sure that windows in the bathroom are closed not to allow gushes of cold air. Also, take extra care when you are going in or out of the home in winter. The baby should not be too hot or too cold

Baby Care In Winters

    1. Bathing the baby: You do not have to bathe your baby every day. Every alternate day or once in 2 days should be just enough! Make sure that the water is at a temperature your baby likes. It should not be a little too warm or a little too cold. You can give your baby a sponge bath if something has been spilled, be careful with the folds of the skin. Keep the bathing time short and sweet
    2. The right nutrition: Make sure that your baby has the right nutrition. If you are breastfeeding, there can be totally nothing better than that elixir! However, you can also include certain foods that create warmth from inside. If your baby is on solids, make her nice and hot idlis
      . Obviously, you cannot cook spicy foods for the baby!

Keep the diet amounts moderate A little warm milk can be amazing. Besides, the nutrition also strengthens your baby’s immunity from inside. You can add fruit pulps to your baby’s diet if his digestive system can adjust them, that is, if solids have been introduced to the baby. Fruits are rich in water, vitamins, minerals, etc.

  • Try aromatherapy products: Aromatherapy products are made from flower extracts. They have unique fragrances and offer very deep natural protection for the baby. However, you should be very careful in using these as even a little more than the right amount can cause dizziness! When you are buying, check the concentration of the extract in the solution. It should not be more than 1 -2 % typically


Baby Skin Care


  • Dressing the baby in winters: Just bundling your baby in a lot of warm clothes is not necessarily a good idea. It can sometimes lead to sweating which can further cause skin irritation and other problems. When the cold is not that severe, you can always dress the toddler in a few layers of thin clothing. Keep a note on the weather to decide the clothes. Also, make sure to have the comforter, the mittens, and the woolen head wear on all times. Cover the baby’s feet with soft fabric shoe. Ensure that the baby has a layer of thin clothing before you dress him up in woolens. Make sure that the baby’s clothes are disinfected and clean. Germs leading to skin rashes can also travel through the hands of the parent. You should be careful to wash hands every time and very surely before you feed your baby
  • Protect from chapped lips: Winters bring along lots of dryness, and because babies are mostly drooling, licking or dripping, it can lead to having chapped and dry lips. To keep your babies lips soft, you can apply a thin layer of a natural lip balm or a petroleum jelly, in consultation with the pediatrician. You will also need to protect your baby’s cheeks from getting dry and red


Skin Care For Baby


  • Careful with the blanket: Blanket covers keep your baby’s skin warm when he sleeps. When you are putting over the blanket, make sure that it is tucked properly, safely, and cozily. Do not ever put it over the baby’s face! Be careful. Also, it may be unnecessary to put the blanket and have your baby wear winter clothes as well. That can get too warm unless you live in a very chilly place
  • Honey nutrition: Your little honey would definitely benefit if you include honey in your diet. Honey has a wonderful warming quality from the inside. It’s taste is smashing and is the favorite of every toddler! It is also very nutritious, however honey should not be given to infants under the age of 1. Read more about it here
  • Give Chavanprash: The Chavanprash is a traditional Ayurvedic concoction made of as many as forty nine herbs. It has been used in India since ages! Nowadays, several major brands produce it with all the goodness in palatable flavors because pure chavanprash is bitter. It strengthens immunity and has a warming effect from inside. Definitely, it is also great for skin health


Cold weather can be harsh, so a good balance of care and attention is a must to protect your baby. We would suggest you to be sure about the products you use for the baby, or run them through your pediatrician. Have a great winter season ahead.
Baby in winters

Treating Common Winter Skin Changes

Wintery, icy and cold breeze can be particularly harsh on your baby’s thin and delicate skin. Keeping your baby indoors would be the best idea, but when it comes to your little one, you cannot be sure to restrain his movements outside. Here are some tips to tackle common winter woes:

  1. Chapped lips and skin: Reddish, pinkish, parched lips and skin can be an eyesore for every parent. Winter robs the skin off moisture, and leaves behind dry and red skin. You should use hypoallergic moisturizer lotion, cream, or ointment at least twice a day to keep the ill effects of the chilly weather at bay. Special baby care lips are also available. Make sure that you opt for non-chemical based and fragrance free products
  2. Frostbites: People living in areas where it snows would know that frostbites can be particularly irritating. It makes the skin look whitish or yellow-greyish, and as infants lose body heat faster than we do, their fingers, toes, ears, nose and cheeks are more prone to getting them. Frostbites can only be treated by keeping your baby warm, so snuggle a lot, and if possible, see a doctor soon. Keep your baby covered in mittens and hoods
  3. Heat rash: Overheating your baby can cause heat rashes, and is pretty common in winters. Clogging of the sweat glands due to overdressing results in red, itchy eruptions on the skin. To avoid this, it is suggested that you dress your baby in many layers, and chose breathable fabric. To get relief from itchiness, and use a 1 % hydrocortisone lotion or cream
  4. Eczema: Eczema can strike particularly hard during winters, and if you notice any signs of it on your baby, you should tackle it heads on. Moisturize your baby’s skin atleast twice a day apart from the moisturizing your baby after baths. Apply the ointments while the skin is still moist to that greasy feeling
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