Vermicelli (Semiya) During Pregnancy – Is it Safe?

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Vermicelli During Pregnancy

Vermicelli, also known as semiya, is a common food item in India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. It can be used both as a dessert and a savory item. Vermicelli itself has no taste and is a good taste absorber. So you can cook it with anything you want, and it will meld with the flavors remarkably. But should you try vermicelli during pregnancy?

Vermicelli looks exactly like noodles but is much thinner and is often called rice noodles or rice sticks. It isn’t harmful like your regular noodles. You can eat vermicelli during any stage of your pregnancy. Here we will discuss the nutritional value and benefits of vermicelli or semiya during pregnancy.

It is used in various Indian dishes like kheer, upma, falooda, and payasam. Some of the top brands available in India are Bambino, MTR, 24 Mantra, Aashirvaad, Manna Rice Sevai, and Aachi. Lets have a look at how you can translate Vermicelli in other Indian languages.

  • Telugu – Semya (సేమియా)
  • Malayalam – Seyemiyoo(സെയ്മിയു)
  • Kannada – Shavige(ಶ್ಯಾವಿಗೆ)
  • Bengali – Shemai(শেমাই)
  • Hindi – Seviyan(सेवइयां)
  • Marathi – Shevaya(शेवया)
  • Odia – Simei(ସିମି)
  • Gujarati – Sev(સેવ)

In This Article


1. Are Vermicelli Noodles Good for Pregnancy?

Yes, vermicelli is good for pregnancy. You can have it as a snack or as a wholesome meal at any time you prefer.

2. Is Vermicelli Healthier Than Rice?

Rice Vermicelli is equivalent to, if not better than, rice. Refined wheat vermicelli/maida vermicelli is less healthy as it contains gluten.

3. What is Vermicelli Made of?

Vermicelli or semiya is mainly made out of either rice flour or refined wheat/maida. But in recent times, millet vermicelli is also gaining popularity.

4. How to Choose Good Vermicelli During Pregnancy?

You need to check the nutritional chart at the back of the vermicelli packet. If it has all the necessary nutrients and is organically produced, then it is good for you.

Vermicelli and its Nutritional Values

Vermicelli is typically made from refined wheat or maida and rice flour. So it has all the goodness of rice or wheat, and can make you feel full for a long time. Here are some nutrients you can get out of vermicelli:

Nutrients Quantity
Calories 190
Total Fat 0.3 g
Saturated Fat 0 g
Polyunsaturated Fat 0 g
Monounsaturated Fat 0.1 g
Sodium 33 mg
Potassium 7 mg
Fiber 1.8 g
Carbohydrates 42 g
Calcium 0.5% of the daily value
Iron 1.4% of the daily value


List of Top 10 Health Benefits of Having Vermicelli During Pregnancy

vermicelli upma with vegetables

Vermicelli carries many health benefits which can be reaped during pregnancy. Following are 10 incredible health benefits of including semiya in your pregnancy diet.

1. Vermicelli is Gluten-Free

Vermicelli can be an excellent substitute for bread. Wheat contains gluten. In fact, this gluten is the substance responsible for making wheat sticky.

Often, gluten gets a bad rap and is associated with weight gain and allergic reactions in some people. So instead of having a regular noodle full of gluten, you can try rice noodles or semiya as it is gluten-free.

With semiya, you can get your daily requirements of carbohydrates without worrying about consuming unhealthy gluten.
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2. Keeps Your Digestive System Healthy

If you are suffering from digestive issues such as heartburn, acidity, gas, or constipation during pregnancy then vermicelli can be a saviour for you. Vermicelli contains a sufficient amount of fiber that can make your digestive system good.

Vermicelli both as a savory dish or a dessert can satiate your appetite and at the same time prevent bloating-related problems during pregnancy. When pregnant, you must eat every 2 to 3 hours to avoid bloating. So as a filling meal, you can try vermicelli.

3. Low in Sodium

During pregnancy, you should check your daily sodium intake. You must avoid foods high in sodium such as chips, salty snacks, and biscuits. Sodium can increase your blood pressure and complicate your childbirth.

High sodium intake is also not good for your heart. So to avoid such salty snacks cravings, you can try semiya. It has very low sodium content in comparison to your salty snacks.

4. Balances Your Fat and Cholesterol

Vermicelli is typically made out of rice flour and water and contains zero fat and cholesterol. Thus, it is very good for your heart. If you stay healthy during your pregnancy, then your baby will also develop healthily.

5. Makes Your Bones Strong

Semiya contains a good amount of calcium, a much-needed nutrient during pregnancy. Calcium makes your bones strong and flexible and prepares you for the complicated process of bearing a child and childbirth.

Calcium intake reduces and prevents osteoporosis. It also makes your baby’s bones strong and healthy from within. So, instead of eating pasta or regular noodles, try rice noodles or semiya as a healthier alternative.

6. Helps With Blood Circulation

Vermicelli is an excellent source of iron, a vital nutrient essential during this period. Iron ensures smooth blood circulation through your and your baby’s body. It also helps in capturing oxygen in the blood and delivering it to every corner of your body in the form of oxyhaemoglobin.

Iron-rich food ensures that your baby gets enough oxygen-rich blood in the womb, hence adding vermicelli to your pregnancy diet is vital.

7. Eliminates Harmful Toxins

Carbohydrates play a vital role in removing body wastes, toxins, and other non-required elements from our body. Since vermicelli is rich in carbs, it removes harmful toxins from within and keeps you healthy.

8. Prevents Diabetes

During pregnancy, many women develop susceptibility to diabetes. This usually happens due to hormonal imbalance. To avoid the risk of diabetes, you must avoid foods that increase your blood sugar levels.

Rice noodles or vermicelli are low on the glycemic index (GI). The lower the GI, the lesser are your chances of increased blood sugar levels. For this reason, you must add this noodle to your diet. It allows you to satisfy your hunger without the worry of increased blood sugar levels.

9. Saves You From Being Overweight

Gaining weight is good and needed during pregnancy. But gaining too much weight can cause complications during childbirth.

To maintain a healthy weight you can try having vermicelli. Rice vermicelli has zero fat. The calories turn into energy without creating any fat stacking. Moreover, you will feel full for a long time and can easily avoid unhealthy food cravings.

10. Good Source of Minerals

Rice noodles are a good source of manganese and phosphorus. Manganese helps to regulate blood sugar and reduce inflammation. Phosphorus helps your kidney filter waste efficiently. In addition, it also helps in the formation and strengthening of bones, and teeth.

Just two ounces of rice vermicelli contain 14% and 9% of your daily requirement of manganese and phosphorus. Besides, semiya also contains selenium, an antioxidant that helps lower the risk of heart diseases, cancer, and other chronic diseases.

Side Effects of Consuming Vermicelli During Pregnancy

pregnant women Having high pressure

There are no such harmful side effects of consuming vermicelli. But, excessive consumption of anything can be harmful. When planning a pregnancy diet, you must include all food groups in a balanced manner

Rice vermicelli is mainly composed of carbohydrates and is a good substitute for rice or breads. Having only carbs will not satisfy all of your nutritional requirements. Here are some other factors you need to keep in mind:

1. Vermicelli is an Incomplete Source of Protein and Vitamins

Rice or wheat vermicelli lacks the necessary amino acids. It can offer only 3 grams of protein per 2 ounces. But, the intake of protein and vitamins during pregnancy is vital, which vermicelli cannot provide. So the solution is using vegetables in your savory dish with vermicelli.

You can add some fresh grated cheese on the top for the protein component. You can fry it using ghee or butter for added sources of protein and fat during pregnancy.
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2. Avoid Salty Vermicelli

The vermicelli we use in desserts does not contain salt. But vermicelli used for savory dishes can have some amount of salt in them. Taking more than 2 grams of salt per day can cause potential risks during pregnancy such as high pressure, hypertension, or even preeclampsia. So check the nutritional chart on the packaging before buying vermicelli from the store.

3. Can Contain Pesticides

Vermicelli can contain some amount of pesticides, and pesticides are not good for you and your baby’s health. For safety, always choose organically produced vermicelli from the market.

Vermicelli is an excellent substitute for rice and wheat. Including vegetables like beans, carrots, spinach, spring onions, or broccoli enhances plant-based protein and vitamins. Also buy organic vermicelli to avoid pesticides.
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