Watch Your Posture During Pregnancy

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Watch Your Posture During Pregnancy

Incorrect sitting postures during pregnancy often cause pelvic or back pain. It is extremely necessary to maintain good postures while sitting, standing, lying down or bending. Wrong posture may increase your pain or may even harm your baby. Several hormonal changes occur in your body during pregnancy and as your baby grows inside, abdominal muscles get stretched. The muscles which keep your lower back in proper alignment are less able to contract which ultimately result in poor posture. All this prevent your body’s joint to function normally and it may cause back pain. Bending forward, twisting becomes harder for you as your back becomes stiff. Also pregnancy hormones oestrogen and relaxin affects pelvis which causes pelvic pain.

By keeping few things in mind you may avoid lower back pain and pelvic pain: pregnancy pillow

  1. Avoid Slouching:

When we sit at home we often slouch. During pregnancy, the spinal cord is already strained due to increased weight, slouching makes it worse as it does not keep your back straight.

  1. Avoid Crossing Legs:

While sitting do not cross your legs as it decreases blood circulation. Sit in a way that your knees are at level with your hips.

  1. Use Backrest:

When you are suffering from back pain does not sit on stool or low back chairs as it does not give your back proper rest. Always use back rest to keep your spinal cord straight while pregnancy.

  1. Avoid Hanging Your Legs While Sitting:

Pregnant women should not sit with their legs hanging in the air as it causes swelling in legs. It is due to increased blood flow.

  1. Watch Your Weight:

Weight gain in pregnancy is good, but it is not wise to be overweight. Try not to be overweight. Have a healthy, nutritionally balanced diet, do some pregnancy exercises, take a swim and walk regularly.

  1. Watch Your Footwear:

If you can avoid high heels it is safe and good for your baby and helps to reduce back pain also. Wear comfortable footwear.

  1. Do Not Lift Heavy Weights:

This is something about which, generally, all pregnant women are aware.

Along with sitting it is required to be careful about your postures while standing, lying down, lying on your side, lying on your back or during semi-reclined position. Also avoid sitting in one position for too long. You may use pillows while lying down to elevate your head or stack them under the knees if required to feel comfortable.

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