What Are ‘Heat Inducing Foods’? Do They Cause Miscarriage?

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Heat Inducing Foods cause miscarriage

For most women, the whole tenure of pregnancy can be a constant struggle between what they want to eat and what they should eat. While you are pregnant, it becomes very important for you to watch what you are eating. And most of the time there is a long list of food items like “heat-inducing foods” to avoid while you are pregnant.

Normally, eating certain types of ‘heat-inducing foods’ during your pregnancy can harm your baby and can even lead to miscarriage in some women. However, before following or ignoring that list of food items it is very important to understand what exactly these heat-inducing food are. Also, why their consumption during pregnancy is dangerous. pregnancy pillow

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What is Meant by ‘Heat Inducing Foods’?

From ancient times it is believed that each food item has its own set of properties. There are certain food items that have the quality of either acting as a heating or a cooling agent inside our body.

For example, asparagus and coconut are believed to keep you cool. Whereas ginger, artichoke, and papaya can induce heat inside our bodies. Normally heat inducing food items increase warmth in the body, they stimulate digestion and metabolism inside our body.

However, having too many ‘hot’ foods can interfere with our digestion and can generate negative effects on our bodies. As per Ayurveda, the ancient medicinal system the heat-inducing food has a dominance of Agni(fire) inside them. Therefore they help in the digestion and metabolism of the food.

Can Eating Heat Inducing Foods in Pregnancy Cause Miscarriage?

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There is no clear scientific data that can support or indicate that heat-inducing food items can cause miscarriage or premature labor in women. Yet, most of us would have heard a few cases, where consuming too many heat-inducing food items has caused premature labor in pregnant women.

Many pregnant women around the globe have shared their different experiences regarding the same. Some stories will tell you that eating heat-inducing food has caused no harmful effects. On the other hand, some stories tell its ill effects.

Actually, nobody is wrong, here what is worth observing is that eating any heat-inducing food item in higher quantity and on a regular basis can be harmful. If eaten in moderate quantities, they may not show any negative effects on our bodies.

You must have also heard that certain hot foods were consumed by women to naturally abort a pregnancy. Also, you would have been told to avoid papaya and pineapple during pregnancy, but these foods can only be harmful to you if you eat them un-ripe or rotten or the quantity is too high.

You can read about eating papaya during pregnancy here and eating pineapple during pregnancy here.

So What Should I Do? Should I Eat Hot Foods in Pregnancy?

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There is certainly no harm in making the right choice about what you can eat during pregnancy, especially as it will have a direct impact on you and your unborn baby. So it’s always advisable to eat these food items in moderate quantities.

The whole essence should be to get a wholesome, healthy meal every time you sit down at the eating table. You don’t have to necessarily avoid each and every nutritional heat-inducing food item just remember to eat them wisely. Try to avoid eating anything that is raw and heat-inducing as well.

However, avoiding them strictly during those nine months is your own personal choice. But, if in case you have a history of miscarriage, it’s best to avoid them during the first trimester of pregnancy.

Hot foods can overstimulate your digestive system. It can sometimes increase the bowel movements of your body which can further upset your already delicate system. This cycle can have an indirect harmful effect on your pregnancy.

Sadly miscarriages and premature births are quite common. And almost 10% to 15% percent of known pregnancies end up in miscarriage. Unfortunately, there are plenty of unscientific theories about miscarriage. Especially, theories related to your diet, so it’s important to make a wise decision.


1. Can I Have a Miscarriage if I Eat Heat Foods?

Yes, you can. Heat inducing foods trigger the uterus. It speeds the menstrual cycle.

2. Will Eating Papaya During Pregnancy Lead to an Abortion?

It might. If you have a piece or two it may not harm you. however, papaya is on the list of foods to avoid during pregnancy.

3. Can I Eat Pineapples During Pregnancy?

It is not advisable. It generates a lot of heat in the body. it might lead to a miscarriage.

4. If I Eat Heat Inducing Food by Mistake, Will it Harm my Fetus?

No, it most likely won’t. A one off incident won’t harm the baby. Regular consumption will only have side effects.

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